Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james - list of chapters.

Previous chapters to - The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james.

Chapter One – My Awakening

Chapter Two – My Resolutions

Chapter Three – Acceptance

Chapter Four – A Very Good Plan - Part One 

Chapter Five – A Very Good Plan – Part two

Chapter Six - Beginnings - Part One

Chapter Seven - Beginnings - Part Two

Chapter Eight - The Game is On – Part One

Chapter Nine - The Game is On - Part Two

Chapter Ten - First Steps

Chapter Eleven - The Talk - Part  One

Chapter Twelve - The Talk - Part Two

Chapter Thirteen - Date Night - Part One

Chapter Fourteen - Date Night - Part Two

Chapter Fifteen - Date Night - Part Three 

Chapter Sixteen - Date Night - Part Four

Chapter Seventeen - Date Night - Part Five

Chapter Eighteen - Alana 

Chapter Nineteen - Alana - Part Two

Chapter Twenty - To Be Decided 


  1. I love your stories when will there be updates

    1. Within the next month Newbie, and I'm glad that you like my stories.


  2. Great. Thanks. I enjoy your stories so much

  3. So I was wondering? I think I want to be a cuck but right now it's just a fantasy. I'm scared to open up and look for a right partner. Any advice where to look

  4. As you say, you need to find the right partner. The trouble is she won't have a sign on her back saying 'Potential Adulteress', so I guess it all comes down to how she perceives your manliness after you become paired up. In very, very few cases does the husband make the running in a cuckold relationship, usually it is the lady who decides to 'play away'.

    In some cases, husbands and Wives come to an agreement that their marriage needs to take a different direction, often because of his inadequacy and their cuckold relationship takes off.

    So! Where to look? Just get out there and start looking for a lady who you like and if she wants to have an open marriage - good. And if she is a nice faithful girl who thinks the sun shines out of your arse - even better

    1. Ok thanks for the advice. I'm with a girl now and she loves me and I her. We are physical but I can't stop thinking about how great it would be to be the submissive and cater to her and a black masters every need. I just don't know how to go about bringing it up. Also, the thought of her being taken care of in bed better than I could do is tantalizing for me. I just am scared that is I suggest it she would not be interested but turned off and want to leave me

  5. I suppose I should have explained myself better with my first inquiry. I should have asked how do I bring it up in hopes that I have found the right girl

    1. There are clues Newbie but until you see them do nothing, unless you want to lose her. If she smiles at male strangers, talks about attractive men in a positive way, is a little dismissive of the night you just had together but the biggest one of all is if her her face goes soft when she talks about another man. These are all clues and to list them all would take most of this page; and even if you do see such clues there is no guarantee that she would want to cuckold you.
      My advice is to wait until one night she says that you are just not doing 'it' for her and then gently broach the subject of whether she would want to date another man and then judge her reaction. Time and patience is the key and just don't go at it like bull in a china shop, you never know what you might break.

  6. i cannot wait for the next chapter!