How Would You React - All the Chapters

How would you react - All the Chapters

Your Wife met Charles.

Watching your Wife seduced - [Seduction]

Mounted her like a whore on the beach [Deep Inside Her]

Bedded her in your hotel room as you watched - [In Your Bed].

Your new Master made you clean his semen from her - [The Good Cuckold]. 

More cleaning and pleasuring Master's magnificent cock - [Cleaning Her]. 

You showed total devotion to Master - [Showing Devotion]. 

Your Wife prepared you for a penis cage and you showed total devotion to Master - [Preparation]. 

You clean Master and you learn why you are a cuckold - [Lascivious Cuckold]

"Now you really are a cuckold,"

Your tiny penis is caged and you venture out to lunch and then the pool - [Caged Cuckold.]

You parade your little caged penis around the pool - and enjoy it - [Graduation Parade]

You join in the mating as a servant - [harder - faster]

You show Master your devotion and wear your collar - [collared]

Oh how you like to be feminized, and then you win your cucky's prize - [Sweet Cheeks

Used like a pillow then saved by 'Master MC' [Drowning in Passion

Cucky's Swimming Trunks

Fun in the shower and then a new friend [Matters In Hand]

Naked fun and a nice swim with 'Master MC' [An End In Sight]

The joy of serving a real man [Privilege to Serve

Graham parades and is then selected. Your Mistress has her say. [Graham's Day]

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