Thursday, 11 July 2019

Cucky Texts

Will you be joining us in bed tonight.
Txt: Hi Dear. I’m having to work late again tonight. Has Deven turned up to look after you.
Txt: Here’s here with me now. As you can see from my picture.
Txt: Thank heavens for that. I take it that he will be spending the night.
Txt: Of course he will. Will you be joining us in bed tonight after you get home.
Txt: Looking forward to it My Love.
Txt: Then make sure that you shower first and then put your little willy cage on before you get into bed.
Txt: You can count on it Dear.
Txt: Good for you cucky.


  1. Your a sick piece of shit. Your lifestyle has done nothing but made my head worse than it has ever been

    1. Hi Newbie,
      I'm sorry that my site is not to your taste. Maybe others would help your self worth etc. There is another site that I could recommend that tends to address the matter of being a cuckold and that is -

      Best regards,


  2. At the end of the day.....I feel worse about myself than I could ever imagine. Thought i.would get some relief from your site....just gave me a greater sense of lesser self worth