Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Daily cuckold - “Just checking! That’s all!”

Do you think that you may have left 
anything behind when you left your 
Lover’s apartment.

“Er Luv! How quickly did you dress when you left Big Sean this morning?”
“Well I knew that you were outside in the car waiting so I threw a few things together and left pretty quickly.”
“Did he mind that you were leaving in a hurry.”
“No not at all. He knew that we were going to see the sights so he was cool about it really. Besides, I shall be seeing him again tonight.”
“Talking of sights. Do you think that you may have left anything behind when you left your Lover’s apartment to meet your faithful little hubby.”
“If you mean my knickers cucky boy. No! I didn’t leave them behind. I’m dressed exactly the same as when I went out last night to be with him.”
“Just checking! That’s all!”

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