Thursday, 12 July 2018

Daily cuckold - Cuckold’s Covenant

it’s only right that hubby 
soothes and cools her pussy
After a long afternoon with her Lover, it’s only right that hubby soothes and cools her pussy in the time honoured fashion of so many weaker men over the ages. It is in the covenant between a cuckold and his Wife for him to provide relief and delight after the exertions of Love have left his lady needing cleaning and calming. But what is not generally appreciated is that this aspect  of cuckoldry, although at first sight seems to be a one sided avenue of pleasure, is enjoyed by both cucky and Mistress. And long may it be so!


  1. I is a great joy to eat her out and she has sex with her boy friend.

    1. Presumably after she has had sex with her Boyfriend.