Saturday, 13 January 2018

My cuckolld Shorts

The joys of cuckoldry can take many forms, so please enjoy my offerings below of just a few:

“I have been cuckolding you now for nearly six
months haven’t I Darling and in all that time you
have accepted that I need a better and bigger
man than you.  I want you to look at me now
 and can you see how tight this bra is on me;
it didn’t used to be that way. 

Can you recall how it used to be a really comfortable
fit; there is a reason that now my breasts are growing. 
My poor humiliated Cucky I have some news you are
not going to like.  Or maybe you will.“

This happy Cuckold is not only showing ‘how to taste’,
but is also demonstrating to his Wife his total submission
especially after she has spent a long afternoon in her Lover’s
bed.  The fact that her Lover’s seed is now on his tongue does
not deter him, because this is what defines a true Cuckold.

There are many acts of love and
tenderness between a Cuckold and
his Wife, and this is one of the most
beautiful.  All us Cucks take pleasure
in our humiliation as she enjoys the
pleasures of a real man while we
remain effectively emasculated.

Cucky Text: Wouldn’t you just know it Dear; my new Lover
has got a mirror over his bed.  I took this just as he was having
me for the first time but he’s been fucking me solid ever since
so I didn’t get time to take some more.  Don’t forget to put the
cat out and have a good day at work.  I shall be spending much
of it with him inside me but you knew that already.  Bye Cucky!

Someone once said - "There is no better thing
for a girl than a BBC"

And i say, that there is no better vision in her
cuckold's mind than imagining the ring he gave
her at their wedding is now touching her Lover’s
huge cock. 

 This is a True Cuckold’s dream come true.

Cucky Text
- 'Hi Gerry, this is me and your Missus
in our Hotel.  We have already fucked once and we are
about to do it again.  I can tell you my friend that she is
truly wonderful in bed and lays on her back whenever I
snap my fingers.  I’m hoping that by tomorrow morning
that pretty tattoo on her arse will be almost worn away. 
Its great that you are such an understanding cuckold.


  1. I do like to put a few scenarios together now and again. Glad you think it is 'hot x 100.'