Friday, 13 October 2017

Such is the life of a cuckold

My Wife is another man’s Girlfriend.

She tried to hide her affair with Delon but she just couldn’t help herself. She pretended that she couldn’t see my tears or hear my weeping but I knew that she knew that I knew. There was no terrible confrontation between us, it was just something that went from being an occasional ‘night out with the girls’, to ‘he’s just an acquaintance from work’, to ‘I’m so sorry, I shall never do it again’, to ‘he does things to me that you cannot dream of’ and then finally ‘I belong to him now.’

So that is where we are today. My Wife is another man’s Girlfriend and I, as her weak husband, have the pleasure of watching her prettying herself up for him, dressing in underwear that I know excites him to great heights of animal passion. So when she’s ready, her stockings are straight and her breasts are free under her little black dress she will leave me at home to look after the kids so she can enjoy a night in her Lover’s bed.

Such is the life of a cuckold - like me.


  1. in time, it would be fine to watch, to assist, to serve, to clean

    1. Hi mysster,
      Agreed, and all good things come to those who wait (but hopefully not too long.