Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Daily cuckold - I’m taking the Mercedes.

"Who are you meeting this time?”

“I’m taking the Mercedes,” she said as she left.
"Who are you meeting this time?” i asked.
“A new guy. Someone from work. I shall probably be late.”
“It’s that big black man you were talking to when i picked you up from work isn’t it,” i said.
“Yes! What of it,” she replied aggressively.
“Oh nothing Dear! It’s just that i asked him to take you out,” i replied.
“Good,” she said, “then you will know that he has a taste for doing other men’s Wives in the back of their car.
“i know Dear! That’s why i asked him. I’m quite proud of my Merc and of you. It’s what us cuckolds get off on.”

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