Thursday, 14 September 2017

Daily cuckold - Bugger off cucky!

“Did you go bra-less tonight for a reason Dear?”

“Did you go bra-less tonight for a reason Dear?”
“Well I thought that big Black Guy who was flirting with me on the beach might be in the bar tonight?”
“Yes it was pretty humiliating. You and him arranging a date while me, your poor husband, looked on. i felt so small.”
“That’s why I wanted a date with him; you being so ‘small’ and everything. But never mind, it looks as though he’s not going to show up.”
“Oh i think he will My Love!”
“You do?”
“i do! Especially as i told him that you had cuckolded me many times before.”
“Oh thank you Sweety. And he’s just arrived. So bugger off cucky. I’ll take it from here.”
“I think it’s more a case of he will take you from here My Darling.”

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