Saturday, 5 August 2017

My cuckold Shorts

I offer these little vignettes of just how a cuckold's life can be when her Lover is a powerful Black Man.

Lovely interracial pregnancy…a sign of the times

- and its a sign that every cuckold will know and understand. 
A better man than him has seeded his wife and that is the way 
it should be for a beautiful woman such as her and a cuckold 
such as me.

Sharing an interracial “French Kiss!”
‘Tongue Tennis’ is always a good game to play before 
the serious business of 'Potting the Black’.  He knows 
it, she knows it and so does her cuckolded  husband 
who waits outside the bedroom door until he has 
 finished with her.

Black penis always satisfies the white woman!
And nobody knows that better than her cuckold 
when she comes home the next day ravaged, seeded 
and very very happy after a long night in her 
Black Lover’s bed.

Tasting cuckold's Wife!
Her Lover likes to taste her and she loves it when he tastes her.  
And her cuckold always enjoys the total humiliation of tasting 
both her and his juices after her Lover has spent his seed deep 
within sweet young body.

Hard wired.
This Lady’s Husband knows that her left nipple is hard wired to her automatic 
‘leg opening’ reaction, and that is why he told her new Lover just that.  
Not that he needed to, because he had already found that out for himself 
- on their first date.

cuckold's duty

Its at moments like these when a cuckold should offer his assistance and 
 hold his wife legs just to make it easier and more pleasurable for her and 
her Lover.

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