Thursday, 3 August 2017

Daily cuckold - Secret from whom?

"That’s not a secret, but something else is.”

“What secret my Love?”

“Us! You know! You and me! Our affair. Your husband being cuckolded by us?”

“Oh that. Don’t worry abut that. Michael knows that we’ve been seeing each other. That’s not a secret, but something else is.”

“Oh! What’s that.”

“I’ve missed my last two periods - and guess who Daddy is going to be.”


  1. Ever since my wife started cheating on me a few months ago, I can not
    explain why, I find I am increasingly attracted to her, in fact she is just utterly irresistible. Now even more, as her belly grows I can not contain my expanding lust for her.

    She is completely aware of the influence all of this has on me and is
    becoming more practiced at using it to her own advantage. She flaunts her growing belly and her swelling breast in front of me, especially when I try to keep her from going out at night with her mischievous friends.

    She knows it will only be a matter of just a few minutes after she leaves before I loose my resistance and allow my mind and hands to wander
    intoxicated and completely consumed with lust for her naughty behavior and her new body.

    Her beautiful newly shaped body is bringing me to an new level of self awareness and is beginning to release my previously deeply held but
    suppressed knowledge that it is her behavior and flaunted infidelity that captivates me. She knows it. She knew it well before I did. How did she know this about me? Has she always known it?

    Lately she speaks to me in ultra-soft, inviting and even mind bending romantic tones, encouraging a growing confidence in my ability to
    understand us better, to let my mind and heart take control as I listen
    to her. She ever so sweetly describes her unbelievably beautiful changing body, all while leaving unsaid any confession, admission of nor details of her now physically obvious infidelity.

    She knows the more I listen, each and every time, I am deepening my
    willingness for my complete acceptance, approval, intoxication and
    intensified euphoria for her personal indulgences and continued adultery.

  2. I wrote the previous comment forgetting to leave my anonymous signature "FH" The comment is really where we are now. But I wanted to allow you access to our beginning. Please feel free to copy paste and share it completely:

    1. Hi FH,
      Having read your story in 'Swinging Heaven' and your post above I strongly sense that you strongly desired to be cuckolded and put everything in your Wife's path to enable it to happen. You knew that your 'friend' was seducing her at every opportunity and you were basically arranging dates between them, and now as her tummy swells with his child you find her even more desirable than ever.
      If I have misunderstood your situation I apologize, but in my view you are now a true cuckold - welcome to the club FH.