Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Daily cuckold - It sends a clear message

"He will know exactly what it is
you want from him.”
“That is why i bought it for you My Love. When you meet him tonight at the party, he will know exactly what it is you want from him.”
“And are you Okay with all of your friends and workmates being there and seeing your Wife dressed in this way?”
“No! Not at all! i bought that dress to send out more than just the one message.”
“And what is that Honey?”
“That i encourage my Wife to date other men. That i know that other men bed her. And that i am a cuckold. So, if they didn’t know before, they know now.”
“Oh they already know Darling. I’ve dated and been bedded by most of them anyway - cucky.”


  1. I almost passed out when my wife walked into her company party.
    Before she reached me her boss leaned in close and told me I needed to know something.
    “You know, the moment your wife starts wearing those see-through clothes in public, is the moment she
    is telling us all that she wants to appear available to other men.
    “And now you have no option but to accept it.
    “It is now simply a fact of life.”

    1. It's interesting that her Boss should put it in such a way. Is he telling you that she is now his own Girlfriend do you think?