Thursday, 17 August 2017

Daily cuckold - You will never be the sissy you want to be.

"Don’t hide in the corner cucky."

“Don’t hide in the corner cucky - come over here.”
“Mistress, do i have to. i think that is more to your taste than mine. i’d rather watch.”
“Get over here. You will never be the sissy you want to be if you don’t.”
“What’s the rush. Is there something you’re not telling me?”
“You are going to be needed more and more to pleasure Master as I get bigger and bigger. So you may as well get some practice in now”
“Well okay Dear. But there might have been a more civilized way to tell me that your Lover has put you ‘up the duff’.”

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Daily cuckold - I think cucky might like it.

"Let’s invite him up and watch us.”

“Is that your husband down there - watching?”

“You bet he is. He’s been following me all afternoon. He knows I have a Boyfriend but he doesn’t know who he is or where he lives.”

“Well he knows now. I just wonder how things are going to be in the office on Monday now he’s discovered that his own Boss is his Wife’s Lover.

“Maybe he will go into denial.”

“Well let’s make sure he knows you’re my Mistress. Let’s invite him up and watch us.”

“Do you know something Master. I think cucky might like it.”

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Daily cuckold - His seed has been inside her.

Her perfection is such a joy to behold.

Sometimes your Wife’s beauty can just take your breath away. Her perfection is such a joy to behold but, as a cuckold you know that you are not the only one who appreciates her loveliness. Another sees your prize in the same way that you do and appreciates it even more now that he has even more access to her lovely body than you do.

This is what it means to be a cuckold. Sharing the pleasures of your Wife’s beauty, with another man. And in the sure knowledge of that man’s manhood and his seed has been inside her.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Daily Cuckold - Are you serious?

"I am going on a date with him tonight."
“Are you serious? Did you really just say that you liked seeing me making out with that Black Guy last night at the club.”
“i went to the toilet and when i came back into the room you were dancing pretty close to him. And he had his hand on your arse”
“And you did nothing. You just sat at our table and watched. Did it give you a little ‘stiffy’?”
“i was rock hard Dear. i think that i have found out something about myself.”
“I think you have too. But you will know for definite tomorrow. I am going on a date with him tonight, and if it goes well, we shall both discover something about ourselves.”
“i’ve got hard again. I think i have made my discovery already Dear.”

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Cuckold Conversation

It is one thing to be a husband with an adulterous Wife and quite another to be an enthusiastic cuckold. The chap in the conversation below clearly likes to ask the questions and to hear his Wife's humiliating answers.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Cuckold Counsellor - Jen's Wisdom

Jen's Wisdom

Previous Cuckold Counsellor reports:

Cuckold Counsellor - Previous Chapters

"Whatever is the matter Derek?" said Jennifer, my Wife, as I opened the front  door to our house in Bromley, "you look upset. What has happened?"

"I have just seen something that nearly broke my heart Jen," I replied as I hung my coat up on the hook in the hall, "and I am going to need your good sense and advice before I make the decision that I am going to make."

Her response came at the same time as she wrapped her gentle and loving arms around me. "Of course," she said, "but what has upset you so much?"

She kept her arms around me as we walked into the kitchen where she released me from her hold and set about making me a cup of tea. "She lifted her arms to him," I said, "and he ignored her. It was so upsetting, I'm afraid that I just couldn't stay there and ........."

"Wait a minute Derek. Wind back. Whose arms and who ignored who?" said Jen as she brought me the cup and sat opposite me at the kitchen table.

I am a soft hearted man and I knew that there were tears in my eyes as I recounted how Melanie and Nathaniel's baby girl Julie had smiled and held out her arms to Mel's husband Jonathan as he had fixed her milk that night. Although he was gentle and efficient, there was no spark in him - he was going through the motions and it had upset me more than I thought possible. "If it had been me Jen, I would have been playing with her like I used to with ours." I said, "Do you remember how I used to blow raspberries on their tummies?"

"Yes Dear," replied Jen with a tolerant smile, "and it used to take me hours to settle them down again."

Our eyes met and our memories became as one for a second before she brought us both back to the subject in hand. "So? Do you think this trip down memory lane is relevant? Isn't it the whole point of this thing you are doing?"

"In one respect only," I replied, "I have much less time than I thought. And suddenly it's serious and personal."

"Well get on with it then Derek!'" she commented briskly, "Now! Dominic's coming over this evening and I need to get ready, so can you help me get ready please? We're going over to Croydon to see Amar, Jane and Timothy and then coming back here for the night. Oh yes! Don't forget to put your little cage on, because you're coming in to join us later."

Jane is married to Tim and the two of them are as happy as a cuckold couple could be. Amar, as you have probably guessed, is Jane's West Indian Lover and although a little younger than Jen and I, they had produced three lovely coffee coloured children between them. So with so much in common with Jen, Dom and me it would be normal for them to be friends - like minded people will always find each other they say.

Jen was in the shower by the time we continued our conversation. "I think he's desperate. I told him to strip naked and he complied, with just a token objection."

"Really?" Jens voice came from over the noise of the water, "That's very interesting. What does he look like?"

"Skinny! Nerdy! Beardy!" I replied distractedly. But, having mentioned it, I couldn't get the vision of his skinny body and  little penis out of my head, 'There is something wrong with this picture,' I thought to myself, 'just what the fuck is it?'

"So! He's a beardy, is he," came Jen's voice from the shower, "that will have come off."

"You think?"

"Definitely," she responded, "ring him later and tell him he must shave it off. My guess is that he has grown it to look more manly."

I was reaching for my own penis cage where I keep it at the back of the small mirrored cupboard; with my mind still on his penis, I only half heard what Jen had said. Looking down at my own well-shaven pubic area, I offered up the small metal cage to the end of my own little 'pink prawn' when I had a Eureka moment.

"His face is hairy but his willy isn't." I shouted to a startled Jen, "I bet that he wears one of these things." Brandishing my cage in front of me I made sure that she knew what I was talking about.

"His face might be hairy but his willy isn't."

"Maybe," she replied, "but there must be more to him than this?"

"Well! He's a clever bugger and he's set up some cameras in the bedroom to record their ......."

"What?" Jen had stopped washing herself and was looking incredulously at me. "You didn't think to mention that. It's kind of important don't you think?"

"I was getting around to it," I said in defence as I closed the cage loop under my balls and over the top of my penis, "I guess I should have mentioned it."

I slid the cage over my penis and busied myself getting it comfortable and locked for the night in preparation for Dom and Jen's night in the bedroom.  "He's put a server in the garage and can access it from anywhere in the world. And he has recorded every one of her 'couplings' would you believe - catalogued and dated - all very efficient!"

"Ah!"she said as she stepped naked from the shower - checking, I noticed, that my cage was now secured and locked, "He's a watcher then!"

We continued to prepare Jen for her date and chatted happily together in the way that we have done over the many years of my cuckoldry. It was like a much loved ballet as we both moved in simpatico together - the beautiful adulteress and her naked and caged cuckold; both doing what they loved most together.

Jen stopped for a moment and turned to look down at me as I fastened one of her stockings to her suspenders. "It seems to me," she said thoughtfully, "that our little Jonathan doesn't know what he wants and Melanie has been very selfish. He's struggling with it all and he has had very little help."

"Your point is?" I asked as I stood to admire the view of a pretty round arse framed in black suspenders and thong panties. 'Dom will appreciate my efforts,' I thought.

Jen moved away from me to slide her red dress over her body. "He has to fully immerse himself in his way of life. From what you tell me he has disassociated himself from it all, being content to just observe." I nodded at this comment while at the same time enjoying the view of her final adjustments.

 ... enjoying the view of her final adjustments.

"Find out if he wears a cover to his penis," she continued, "and do it tonight when you ring him."

I knew why she wanted this information but I wanted to hear the reason, "Yes! But why?"

"If the answer is yes, then he's been waiting for someone like you, or us even, for ages. He wants to be understood and appreciated. He wants to 'come out' as a cuckold."

"I know what you are suggesting Jen," I replied, "but doing it is another thing."

"You have taken on a huge responsibility and the stakes are high . You have to break him or that little family will break instead."

"You mean that we have to make him want to be a cuckold, don't you." I said with a sinking feeling.

"If that is what it takes D," Jen replied as she left the bedroom.

Down the stairs she went, her lovely arse rotating with each step. "Phone him now Derek! We need to know tonight!"

'We? I thought it was my responsibility.'

The front door closed and off she went in her little Nissan to Dartford to pick up Dominic.

I was still naked when I picked up the bedroom phone to ring Jonahan. "I have something very personal to ask you Jon. Are you alone?"

"And what you did earlier wasn't personal?" he replied scathingly after confirming that Mel and Nat were still out.

"I know," I replied, mindful of his negative attitude, "but I noticed earlier that you have shaved the area around your little penis. Is there a reason for that?" He was silent for at least ten seconds. All he really had to say was something anodyne about sweating or something similar, but he didn't - and because he didn't I knew that he was a 'wearer'.

"Jonathan! Are you still there?"

"Erm! Er!"

I had my answer but I needed to shake him up, "Is it a clear plastic? Or is it pink? Black? Metal? What type of penis restraint do you wear Jonathan."

"You Bastard Derek Grant!" He said loudly down the phone - but he didn't hang up. 'Interesting that!'

My voice was calm. "I wear a little steel cage on mine Jon. Pretty much all the time I am in the house. And especially so when I join Jen and Dom in the bedroom to do be an attentive husband. IWe call it my 'cucky stuff'" The telephone remained silent for another ten, long, seconds.

"CB Six Thousand. Plastic." came the quiet voice down the line.


"Is that the 'S' model. For really 'small' men like you," I asked, knowing that I was goading him.

"That's right Derek. The CB Six Thousand S - for men with a tiny early-spurting willy like mine. Are you happy now?"

"Okay mate," I said to calm him down, "I know this is hard for you, and please understand I am not meaning to upset or anger you." He was silent again, so I continued, "I want you to tell me when you wear it?"

"When I watch Mel and Nat together." he said.

"On your laptop?"

"You already know the answer to that," he replied testily.

"Well that's it for now Jon. But I am now going to ask you to do something that you probably unwilling to do." The phone stayed silent again, so I continued. "Cuckolds, generally speaking don't have shaggy beards." I lied, "Yours has to come off. I understand that you have probably grown it to look older than you are, but it has to come off. You need to have a have a clean shaven face - as well as 'down there'. Think of it as a first step on your journey."

"I guess so. I've had this beard since Rob first started banging Mel. But if you say so."

'Banging Mel? That's interesting. Is he becoming disaffected? I hope not.'

'Banging Mel? That's interesting.'

"We shall talk again Jon. I promise! But until then, do as I have asked you please, and do tell Melanie how you thought our evening went tonight. G'Night."

He sounded a little more relaxed as he said goodnight and I settled down to wait for Jen and Dom.

Twenty minute later the phone rang - it was Mel and her voice seemed on edge, "What have you been doing to my husband Derek? When Nat and me arrived home just now he was upstairs cutting off his beard."

"The program has started Mel. First simple steps." I replied.

"So you know what his problem is?" she asked. 

'It's more than just him sweetheart,' I thought to myself. "I have a good idea but I need to confirm a few things first. That's why I want to talk to Nat a s a p. Can you arrange a meeting between the two of us please?" She readily concurred and confirmed that she would phone me the next day.

"And Mel," I said as the conversation came to an end, "I'm sorry if you liked that beard of his. But there is a reason behind it."

"Don't be Derek," she replied firmly, "I've hated the damn thing since he first grew it. He doesn't know how to look after it and he thinks it makes him look more intellectual."

I decided to plant a seed of an idea in her head. "Or more manly?"

"Yes! I ....... suppose ........ so." Her voice became distant as she pondered what I had said, and I smiled to myself as I heard the penny drop from fifteen miles away.

"Goodnight Mel!"

"Goodnight Derek. You clever Sod!"

Jen texted me an hour later to tell me that her and Dom would be home about midnight so I waited up for their return. At about a quarter to one the car pulled onto the drive and they came in the front door laughing and flirting as usual. I had previously prepared the bedroom for them by pulling down the sheets and followed the Lovers up the stairs ready to do my aforementioned 'cucky stuff'.

Being involved sexually with the lovemaking between my Wife and her Lovers had been a part of my life in the early days of being a cuckold, but when the kids had come along and day to day reality had taken over in our marriage, my hot, wet and sticky participation had reduced until I had no longer joined her in the bedroom with her Lovers. That is until July last year after Dom had mentioned that he felt guilty about keeping Jen all to herself [click here to read].

So there I was, standing naked in the bedroom, undressing my Wife for another man taking care to let my hands gently caress those two lovely arse cheeks of hers as I did so. Closely followed by undressing her Lover for her, making sure, as I pulled his under shorts down, that his big dark manhood brushed gently down the side of my face. It was going to be that kind of night and we all knew that I was content to do my cuckold 'duty' yet again.

Dominic was his usual powerful self and it wasn't too long before Jen was experiencing those long and lovely slow strokes that we all know drive her crazy. I helped by holding her hand and whispering in her ear as usual, but it was some time before Dom released his seed deep into a gratefully pleasured Jennifer.

It was my turn to get involved and without ceremony I manoeuvered my body down the bed and set about my soothing obligation on Jen's pussy. Over the intervening years I had forgotten just how emotionally humiliating it was to clean another man's semen from his own Wife's labia and vagina, but last year I had rediscovered the wonderful erotic sensation that the seasoned cuckold feels when he demeans himself in that way. With her groin now clean, I turned my attention to Dom's big dark rod, and once again I felt that sexual kick of serving the bigger man with my lips, tongue and gently stroking hand.

With his manhood now fully erect I moved aside and then held it so the glans was resting gently at Jen's labia lips; then, like all good servants, I moved out of the way to allow Dom to re-enter Jen's portal of pleasure. And the wonderful dance of love continued at a pace of their choosing; they were in heaven and so was I.

"I hear that you are doing a bit of counselling Derek," It was Dom after the third, or was it the fourth, time of their lovemaking and we were resting in the afterglow of sexual pleasure. I was exhausted and wanting to sleep but I told him the story of Mel, Nat and Jon nonetheless.

"How did they meet," he asked while stifling a yawn as Jen snuggled under his arm.

"Jon arranged it. All of it," I replied, "He got Nat's number and made sure she rung him."

Jen suddenly sat bolt upright in the bed, causing her lovely breasts to bounce deliciously, "Why didn't you tell me this before Derek?"

"I thought I did," I replied.

"No you did not," she said sternly, "and did you ring him again like I said?"

"Yes I did. And he does. He has a plastic one that he wears when Nat and her are in bed." I answered.

"Then you know what this means don't you?" I nodded but I didn't  really. In these matters my Jen is always way ahead of me.

"His coolness towards Julie is his last bastion of his manly authority." she said in her best Sherlock Holmes voice.

"Yes Jen! So what does that mean?" I asked in my own immitation of Dr Watson.

"He probably feels that if he succumbs to any feelings of patriarchal affection, then he will have lost any last vestige of being a man; or his perception of what a man should be." she said as if thinking aloud.

"And your diagnosis?" I couldn't wait to hear what she had to say next.

Jen paused to gather her thoughts. She then looked down at my own cage and spoke as if sudden enlightenment had come to her. "We have to convince him to take the last step and embrace a new idea of himself. We have to totally 'unman' Jonathan."

"What do you mean?" I asked incredulously.

"Everything. The total package. Just like you Derek, but even more so. And you are going to show him the way."

"Just like you Derek; but even more so."

She was right of course, but would he want to. Somehow I knew, if it was put to him in the right way, that he would embrace it all - maybe. And pivotal to this was not me or Mel, but Nat, who I knew had accepted his Lady's husband into the bedroom many times; And I knew because that husband had been me. 

So there was only one answer that, as always, my Wife expected to hear.

"Yes Dear!"

Friday, 11 August 2017

Daily Cuckold - The happier the marriage

training the cuckold

Every adulteress knows that training the cuckold always makes for a happier marriage. And the more training and practice the cuckold receives, the happier the marriage.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Daily Cuckold - There’s no suppose about it cucky

"Kenzo and me would like to be left alone now.”
“I have left the kids round Rachel’s. Have you two got everything you need?”
“Yes thank you Dear. Kenzo and me would like to be left alone now.”
“Of course my Love. Would you like me to stay outside the door?”
“Just to make sure that you and your Lover are not disturbed.”
“You just want to listen to him having his way with your Wife. Don’t you!”
“That too, i suppose.”
“There’s no suppose about it cucky. Just stay quiet that’s all”
“Oh thank you my Love! Thank you Master!”

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Daily Cuckold - “Do you need my special attention?"

"I’m knackered and my puss is as sore as hell.”

“Are you Okay Dear? i’ve been listening to you and Gerome going at it all night. You look pretty tired and i guess you are a bit sore too. Am i right?”
“You’re right Derek. I’m knackered and my puss is as sore as hell.”
“Do you need my special attention Jen? i’m happy to if you want.”
“If you’ve got your little cage on - then yes! Let me just finish my ciggy and you can get started.”
“i shall just undress and wait for you here.”
“Oh thanks cucky. What would I do without you.”
“Probably everything you are doing now My Love.”

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Daily Cuckold - Why the pillow?

“Watching my Wife kiss her Lover
is always a special moment for me."
“Watching my Wife kiss her Lover is always a special moment for me. Seeing the eager way in which she presses her body to his and the gentle loving way their lips meet reminds me what i am - a submissive husband who understands his duty is to stand by when the better man comes to call.”
“I see! But why the pillow Martin?”
“To lift my Wife’s pretty arse off the floor while Onye has her.”
“That’s very considerate of you. Is it for her comfort?”
“Not really. It’s for maximum penetration. They’re making a baby together.”

Monday, 7 August 2017

Daily cuckold - It is the natural order

a weak little husband has no choice
but to show his total commitment.

When his Wife has a handsome Black Lover a weak little husband has no choice but to show his total commitment to his her. He knows he is loved but he also understands that he needs to show his lack of own lack of manliness in the most fundamental way. Hence, he will be content for his tiny penis to be caged and locked away as a symbol of his status.

For many cuckolds this, at first, can cause angst and worry but after just a little while he will accept his unmanning. Eventually they becomes so used to his manly diminution that he will feel naked and uncomfortable without his little restraint .

So longing to be ‘loved locked and owned’ is the natural order for cuckolds. And long may it be so.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

In Our Imagination

As a cuckold of more years than i care to remember, i often look at a perfectly normal photograph and imagine the message being put across by the people within the picture. So in this case, in my imagination I see a beautiful Wife telling her new Lover that her husband has agreed to wear his penis restraint permanently. So now they can start making a baby with cuckold's full knowledge.

What do you see in yours fellow cuckolds.

"He has agreed My Love!"

Saturday, 5 August 2017

My cuckold Shorts

I offer these little vignettes of just how a cuckold's life can be when her Lover is a powerful Black Man.

Lovely interracial pregnancy…a sign of the times

- and its a sign that every cuckold will know and understand. 
A better man than him has seeded his wife and that is the way 
it should be for a beautiful woman such as her and a cuckold 
such as me.

Sharing an interracial “French Kiss!”
‘Tongue Tennis’ is always a good game to play before 
the serious business of 'Potting the Black’.  He knows 
it, she knows it and so does her cuckolded  husband 
who waits outside the bedroom door until he has 
 finished with her.

Black penis always satisfies the white woman!
And nobody knows that better than her cuckold 
when she comes home the next day ravaged, seeded 
and very very happy after a long night in her 
Black Lover’s bed.

Tasting cuckold's Wife!
Her Lover likes to taste her and she loves it when he tastes her.  
And her cuckold always enjoys the total humiliation of tasting 
both her and his juices after her Lover has spent his seed deep 
within sweet young body.

Hard wired.
This Lady’s Husband knows that her left nipple is hard wired to her automatic 
‘leg opening’ reaction, and that is why he told her new Lover just that.  
Not that he needed to, because he had already found that out for himself 
- on their first date.

cuckold's duty

Its at moments like these when a cuckold should offer his assistance and 
 hold his wife legs just to make it easier and more pleasurable for her and 
her Lover.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Daily cuckold - She is pretty and very mischievous

 it is something a man like me just has to put up with.

My Rachel has always been a very mischievous little Wife. I have always known just what she is and, although my friends advised me not to marry her, I knew exactly what my married life would be like. And I have not been disappointed.

Her latest Bull is a piece of beefcake called Roger who thinks nothing of taking her upstairs to our bedroom and spearing my young Wife with his big rod whether i am in the house or not.

And Rachel? She always like to make me feel humiliated and taunts me mercilessly when she is on the bed with him.

And me? The hubby? Well it is something a man like me just has to put up with. So if you don’t mind I shall just tighten up these handcuffs around the arm of the chair and take my medicine like a man. Or if not a man, a cuckold.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Daily cuckold - Secret from whom?

"That’s not a secret, but something else is.”

“What secret my Love?”

“Us! You know! You and me! Our affair. Your husband being cuckolded by us?”

“Oh that. Don’t worry abut that. Michael knows that we’ve been seeing each other. That’s not a secret, but something else is.”

“Oh! What’s that.”

“I’ve missed my last two periods - and guess who Daddy is going to be.”

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Daily cuckold - It sends a clear message

"He will know exactly what it is
you want from him.”
“That is why i bought it for you My Love. When you meet him tonight at the party, he will know exactly what it is you want from him.”
“And are you Okay with all of your friends and workmates being there and seeing your Wife dressed in this way?”
“No! Not at all! i bought that dress to send out more than just the one message.”
“And what is that Honey?”
“That i encourage my Wife to date other men. That i know that other men bed her. And that i am a cuckold. So, if they didn’t know before, they know now.”
“Oh they already know Darling. I’ve dated and been bedded by most of them anyway - cucky.”