Thursday, 31 August 2017

Daily Cuckold - Are you fully naked under that dress?

“I ask it because I care my Darling!”
“Are you fully naked under that dress Dear? Do you think Jamal will appreciate you giving him easy access to your beautiful body?”
“You know he will, because he always does. And you always ask me that same question when I go in there to spend the night with him.”
“I ask it because I care my Darling!”
“You ask it because it turns you on to talk to your Wife just before she climbs into bed with her handsome Black Lover and opens her legs for him.”
“That too. It’s what a cuckold such as me likes to do.”

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Daily Cuckold - You already have the key

"Who is this one for - dare i ask?”
"Why. i have been good and locked myself away like you told me to. i am your cuckold so i don’t want to let it out anyway. i like my willy being restrained like this.”
“I know all that Dear, but I need the key and must have it. Now!!!”
“But you already have a key. Who is this one for - dare i ask?”
“Okay. I shall come clean. Shandrell, my Lover, wants to be sure that only his seed fills my vagina. So now you know. We are making a baby!”
“Why didn’t you say so. Here - catch.”

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Daily Cuckold - He wants me again tonight

“Get involved? How?"
“He wants me again tonight. He said that maybe this time you would like to join us.”
“Banging another man’s Wife while her hubby watches. That’s a bit extreme isn’t it?”
“Watching or joining in. I think he’s relaxed about what you do. He just thinks that you might like to see us together and get involved.”
“Get involved? How?”
“Oh I don’t know. Lick his semen from my pussy. Felate his big dark cock. Something like that.”
“That’s disgusting!”
“Yes! And will you come?”
“Okay. Why not. It has been a few years since i did this sort of cuckold thing with my first Wife.”

Monday, 28 August 2017

Daily cuckold - I can’t put it any plainer than that.

“So you want to go on a date with another man."
“I’ve been thinking about that conversation we had the other night.”
“Yes Dear. The one just after we had made love?”
“If you want to call it that. But yes - that conversation.”
“So you want to go on a date with another man. And leave me, your husband, at home. Can i ask why?”
“It’s a matter of needs. I need more than you can provide. I need a real man to make a fuss of me and seduce me, and I need a vigorous Lover to fuck me hard and long all night. There! I can’t put it any plainer than that.”
“i see. And when this man does all those things to you i will be a cuckold. i will put a little cage on my tiny penis and make it my duty to lick your Lover’s semen from your pussy. And i can’t put it any plainer than that.”
“It’s a deal then cuckface!”

Sunday, 27 August 2017

A cuckold's life

When a total stranger tells you that your Wife is with her Lover, whatever the circumstances, how do you feel? Humiliated or elated - or something else?

Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter Seventeen - Date Night - Part Five

Warning - this chapter depicts sexual contact between men.

How many times that night had I dropped my head down to Elaine's sticky labia and with my ever more experienced tongue soothed any discomfort and scooped 'Master Jackson's' seed into my mouth? I had also lost count of the times his warm and salty cream had slid down my throat and much to my surprise I had not been repulsed by it; it just seemed to be the normal thing for a cuckolded husband to do.

I was being used as a sex slave by my Wife and her Black Lover and I knew that I was being debased, demeaned and humiliated; but that was the whole point of me attending their lovemaking. I knew it, tolerated it and, although it would be a stretch of the imagination to say that I was enjoying it, I accepted that by degrading my manliness my journey into becoming a true cuckold would be that much easier to travel.

Jackson, was an experienced stud and knowledgeable in these matters, and it was through his careful controlling of the situation that the path had been less tortuous than it may have been. Elaine was clearly and deeply in love with him and now readily called him 'Master' not only when together but also in front of me; she had also encouraged me to call him 'Master' but so far I had declined. I knew that the moment I did so that I would subsume all pretensions of free will and manly control over my life and my Wife; I also knew that, should I wish to give myself over to my new life as a 'true cuckold', then that would be the moment I call him 'Master'. Nevertheless, I knew that day was not far away - it was only a short matter of time that my emotional conflict would be resolved in 'Master's' favour.

So there I lay contemplating my future, next to a quietly snoring Jackson and a gently sleeping well-fucked Wife. The bed was a King size but it was still a cramp for me as the two sated and sticky lovers (it was still a hot night in spite of the rain) took up much of the bed with their outstretched limbs. 

How did I get to this situation? The story to this point (Chapters One to Sixteen) can be viewed by accessing the 'Previous Chapters' page [click here to view].

I snoozed for a while in that hot bedroom until I woke again with a slight headache. 'Christ it's warm in here,' I thought as I regained my senses and realised the reason for the high temperature, 'I need to get the window open.'

Climbing naked from the bed I tottered over to the window that faced over next doors garden. Having released the sash cord from its tie, I pulled up the lower half of the window up by approximately two feet and then felt the welcome Easterly breeze coming up from the Thames and blowing over the South London Borough of Blackheath. The breath of air felt quite delicious on my body, especially so as it cooled down my small penis that was now locked up for the night in a plastic restraint (no cuckold half measures for me). 

I stood looking out over the gardens for at least a twenty minutes, enjoying the cool and the solitude when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye - it was a flickering light in next door's garden. The light extinguished and was immediately replaced by the red pointed glow of a lighted cigarette.

Almost at the same time a very familiar noise started to emanate from the open window opposite. It was the noise of a lady being sexually pleasured and by the tone of her voice I knew it was my neighbour's Wife Sheila, 'Jacks doing the business. Good on him!' I thought, 'But who is that having a ciggy down there?' I knew that their lodger Mr Obinga didn't smoke so I was perplexed.

I felt Elaine's warmth behind me even before she wrapped her arms around my neck and placed her head on my shoulder, "Don't let that breeze blow you thingy off Dear," she said, laughing softly at my expense. That she had called me 'Dear' was unusual because over the preceding two days Jackson had starting to refer to me as 'cuckold james' or 'cj' for short, and it was a name that had seemed to stick; in fact they were both calling me cj now as a matter of routine.

"There is someone in Jack's garden," I said without responding to her jibe about my small penis, "Should I call the police?" I asked.

"That'll be Jack," replied Elaine softly, "he always goes down to his shed for a smoke when Sheila's entertaining.

"Entertaining? Who would she be entertaining at this time of night," realisation struck me that Elaine, or 'Mistress' as I now call her in the interests of subordination, was talking about Sheila having sex with another man.

"Who do you think cj?" She asked, "Who lives in that house as well as Jack and Sheila?"

"Mr Obinga?" I asked, even though I knew the answer beforehand.

"Henry Obinga has been Sheila's Master for the last ten years cj," she said quietly. "Didn't you know that you had a 'Black Owned' couple living next door to you?"

"Didn't you know that you had a 'Black Owned' 

couple living next door to you?"

I stepped away from her and looked in her eyes which were now reflecting the golden glow of the orange street lights of London. "And how do you know that Mistress?"

"Surely you haven't missed all the clues cj," she replied as if in disbelief, "if Jack had the word 'cuckold' stamped on his forehead it couldn't be plainer. Watch them all together. Who stands closest to Sheila?" I shrugged. "And who does she ease her body against when they are together at a party?" she continued.

"I've never noticed," I replied, "but that's very astute of you to deduce all that from just observing them. That's very clever, I must say."

I could see Elaine's smile even in the low orange light. "Yes I am clever," she replied smugly, "But Sheila also told me about it when she came around one morning for coffee when you were laid up after your fight with Nathaniel."

"So you have known about them for all this time and not said a word?"

She answered my question with another, "Well, why would I? It's none of our business. And anyway, they're not so unusual. There are couples just like us all up and down this road. We live in South London Dear; the biggest centre of interracial loving outside of the United States."

I stood open mouthed at this revelation. I knew that there were plenty of White Girls with Black Lovers in my area, but put this way to me it still shook me; but Elaine hadn't finished.

"I see I have surprised you cj," she continued, "so I guess that you don't know about Gwen and Charlie next door."

Again - open mouthed, I just remained quiet in that warm room and listened to yet another revelation.

"They're 'Party Slavers'," she said simply as if she was describing a couple of Rotarians.

"What on earth?" I said incredulously, and then compounded my naivety by saying that I didn't have a clue what she was talking about. "Gwen and Charlie are a very respectable couple." I said to my naked Wife in that dark warm bedroom, "She arranges the flowers in the church every week."

 "She arranges the flowers in the church every week."

 "Yes Dear," she replied with some amusement, "and on Friday nights she gets her chains and fishnets on and offers herself to the highest bidding Black Stud for the night. The two of them have been going to 'White Slave' parties for years."

"But they are so quiet and such a nice couple," I commented weakly. It had been a shock to find out that the pleasant couple next door had such exotic sexual tastes.

I felt Elaine's cool hand fold softly around my balls and my little penis restraint, "Now shut the window cj and come back to bed," she said, gently tugging me back to bed.

A thought struck me. I only had half of the information about Gwen and Charlie. "What does Charlie do when Gwen is 'offering herself' like a whore." I asked.

"The same Dear! The same!"

And with that disturbing reply, I decided not to ask any more questions but followed her meekly back to bed and lay down beside her.

"Hi you two," came the quiet but manly voice from the other side of the bed, "did you enjoy your little chat about your neighbours?" 

"Yes Master!" Elaine replied as she rolled sideways and snuggled her arse into his groin, "I think our little cuckold is less naive than he used to be. Aren't you cj."

"Yes Mistress," I replied while noting that she had raised her upper leg and hooked it backwards over his.

In the half light of that room I watched as Elaine reached down between her legs and felt for Jackson's hardening cock. Dark and thick it looked again like a piece of black power cable as she rubbed it against her labia lips. Within moments it was stiff, and with an adroitness that comes with much practice Elaine moved her pelvis slightly so that the bulbous glans disappeared into her vagina. 'It's three o'clock in the morning and they are fucking again,' I thought, 'no wonder the randy bitch has got the 'hots' for him.' 

Those happy noises of a woman enjoying a large solid cock moving inside her soon started to emanate from Elaine's lips as he slowly pushed in and out of her vagina. "Don't just be a spectator cj," said Jackson from over the top of her head, "show her how much you care. And do that thing of yours again."

"Yes Mast....," I replied, nearly calling him the name that I had said that I would not, "of course!" And with that reply I lay alongside Elaine, fastened my lips onto her left breast and settled my right hand down onto her flat tummy. As I pushed onto her waist, I could again just make out the undulations within caused by his large cock; but she clearly wanted something else. Her cool fingers interlaced with my own and, with the palm of her hand pressed down onto the back of my own hand, with gentle pressure she manouevred my hand down to her mound once again. It was evident to me that she wanted her clitoris in contact with his cock again, but this time her hand stayed in position on top of my own.

For a few minutes (it could have been hours for all I knew) she kept the pressure on her clitoris with my hand but I noticed that imperceptibly her fingers that were interlaced with my own were exerting a strong grip. 

"Let's take another step cj," she whispered in the dark as her hand kept its grip on my own. I noticed that Master Jackson had stopped thrusting into Elaine and had buried his manhood deep within her - and very suddenly there was a deathly silence in the bedroom.

Slowly, without relinquishing her hold, Elaine eased my hand further down away from her clitoris and onto his balls. I started to shake in response to the immensity of the step I had taken, because my hand was in contact with Master Jackson's testicles. "Feel him cj," she whispered in my ear, "Feel what you are lacking. Pay homage to a real man and understand why he is inside me - and why you are not."

The wrinkled skin was warm and the balls felt hard under my touch but I said nothing as my hand froze in a sexual contact that was alien to me. "Explore him cj," she continued softly above my head, "he has been waiting for this moment. No that's wrong - we have been waiting for this moment and now is the time for you to show us both just how a good cuckold can be." 

Elaine released my hand and moved hers away as she softly reminded me that it was my duty to serve them both as had been agreed, "Relish serving him as you have done for me cj. Take his power in your hand just as you have taken his seed on your tongue and learn to enjoy serving our Master."

I did just as I was told, but tears came into my eyes as I realised that I was being used as a sexual object yet again, "I'm not a homo Mistress. I have never done anything like this in my life before," I said quietly. But I didn't move my hand away until I felt Master Jackson, who had remained very quiet throughout, start to move his manhood slowly inside her again.

Elaine's cool hand grabbed mine again and put it back on her mound as he took leisurely strokes as if he had all the time in the world; he continued to pleasure Elaine like the Master Lover that he was for approximately ten minutes. And then he stopped again.

I knew what was going to happen, before I felt Elaine's movement I knew that the same process was to be repeated - and I was not mistaken, but this time she did not speak. Elaine just held my hand gently this time and moved it around his sizeable testicles; more used to it now I calmed down and began to wonder why I was not kicking and screaming in indignation. But I knew the answer to this even as I asked it of myself; I had long accepted that I would be a 'serving cuckold' and this was only part of the training. I had secretly known that a day like this would come and here it was. 

"You ain't no homo cj," said Jackson quietly, once again double guessing my thoughts, "but you're beginning to learn what it is to be a really good cuckold." And with that Elaine moved my hand away and Master Jackson continued his leisurely fucking of my Wife.

Another ten minutes or so passed and he stopped again. "The Rule of Three cj," said Elaine quietly, "it's up to you."

The room was silent with expectation except for the sound of breathing from Master Jackson, Elaine and myself - it was my decision.

But there was no decision to be made; I already knew what I was to do. So as my hand moved away from Elaine's mound and moved imperceptibly down to make contact Jackson's ball sack I heard a soft sigh and quiet indistinguishable words from both of them. Gently I held the dark pouch of manliness  and moved his balls slowly, experiencing their hardness under the soft skin. I no longer felt emotional because I knew that a test had been placed before me, and I had passed it with credit. Is this what the rest of my life will be like?' I wondered.

"That was nicely done cj," said Master Jackson as he recommenced his moving in and out of Elaine. For my part I just lay there next to them both with my hand resting on her thigh as they made love, which meant that each time he pushed fully into her his testicles made gentle contact with the fingers and palm of my hand. I didn't know if this was what they had in mind but there were no complaints from either of the Lovers, so I just stayed put - learning a new 'cuckold' skill; for this is how I saw my role in that bed, that night - learning just what my place should be. And to my amazement, I was starting to enjoy my role of 'body slave' to my Wife's Black Master.

Neither spoke again as he powered his manhood repeatedly into Elaine, however in my confused state I only became eventually aware that Elaine had put her free hand behind my head which she subsequently eased onto her soft round breast. I was being welcomed into some sort of fold - I sensed that I was now being included and it felt good.

The slow movements of Master Jackson's body gradually increased over a period of a few minutes and it was becoming clear that their 'completion' was near. His rod moved faster and faster inside her and the movements of her young body mirrored this motion in her desire to achieve the full orgasm she craved. Manfully I kept my hand in the same position and ensured that his ball sack struck my hand each time and as the minutes and then seconds passed, I could feel the change in his big heavy sack of semen. His balls felt harder under my fingers and my hand and I could feel enough to know that this big man was about to ejaculate into my Wife. And although my own little penis was quietly locked away, I was pretty close too.

With a final thrust that rocked the bed, he buried his pole deep into Elaine and made the loud groan that I now knew was the sound he makes when he cums. Elaine moaned aloud as she orgasmed, and at the same time, I did what was now expected of me. I eased my hands onto his balls as he shot his seed into his (my?) Woman, I could feel the shuddering movement of his erupting cock transmitted through his groin and the tightness of his testes now in their throw of orgasm. 

"Oh Master," Elaine said eventually after we had all rolled apart and the two Lovers lay on their backs, spent from their pleasures, "that was wonderful. Whatever got into you?"

He didn't answer at once, but eventually raised himself off the bed and then gently eased her lags apart. Looking over at me, and without a word, he nodded down towards Elaine's crotch; I knew what my duty should be and obeyed instantly. As the first scoop of Master Jackson's warm semen slid down my throat I heard him speak at last to the now softly purring Elaine.

"You can thank our little servant here," he said looking down at me licking Elaine's swollen labia, "and I think our training regime for cj will not take as long as we had thought. I know now that he wants to be Mastered by me. It's just a matter of time, education and attitude until his capitulation."

"You can thank our little servant here." 

'Maybe!' I thought to myself as I consumed yet another slurp of the salty ejaculate that had oozed from my Wife's pussy, 'But not tonight Master!'

Friday, 25 August 2017

Daily cuckold - What are you two doing here?

“You invited us round Martin."
“What are you two doing here? Why are you both standing there naked with my equally naked Wife. And oh yes Jim! Please remove your hand from Angela’s arse.”
“You invited us round Martin. You told us to come round and have our way with her, and she said it was a good idea.”
“I don’t remember saying that.”
“Yes you did. You said to come round tonight and ‘poke her’.
“I said Poker. We’ll play bleeding Poker.”
“Oh sorry mate! What shall we do now then!”
“If you can all wait a minute, i’ll have a quick shower and come and join you.”

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Daily cuckold - So what are we waiting for?

"....there is the chance of course that
they will all want to fuck me rigid ......"
“Oh Timothy! I have been looking at all those other men over there.”
“Yes my Angel. So have i. Should we go across and introduce ourselves?”
“It’s a little daring for naked white married couple to introduce themselves to all those Black Men don’t you think?”
“Well it’s only neighborly. As they are fellow campers it is the right thing to do.”
“And there is the chance of course that they will all want to fuck me rigid one after the other and then make you blow their big beautiful cocks.”
“Yes! There is that chance Dear. So what are we waiting for?”

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Daily cuckold - Oh Gemma!

... it would be such an honour to be your cuckold.
Oh Gemma! How beautiful you are. Who among us would not want to prepare you for dates with well hung Lovers and then welcome you home in the morning after a night in his bed.

Just the very thought of it makes me shiver with pleasure at the prospect of such humiliation. Without any doubt, it would be such an honour to be your cuckold.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Daily cuckold - Such is the joy of a cuckold

Like millions of cuckolds through thousands of years.
When i was a young man, my first girlfriend used to cheat on me with big Black Studs, and even then i knew my place. Like millions of cuckolds through thousands of years of history, ‘small’ men like me have acquiesced to the way of life and the accepted just what we are.

Acceptance soon turns to enduring - enduring becomes normality - and then normality will quickly become enjoying. That is the way it is for most cuckolds. Seeing her go off into the night with another man. Knowing that another will invade her with his penis and then planting his seed within her. Such is the joy of a cuckold.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Daily cuckold - So he’s a cuckold!

"What more does your husband need to
understand that you’re my Mistress now.”

“I can’t believe it. He watched us meet up in the Reception. He watched me get the key from the desk. And he watched us get in the elevator. What more does your husband need to understand that you’re my Mistress now.”

“Oh he knows what we are up to alright. He gets off on it. That’s why he followed me here.”

“So he’s a cuckold? So what’s he going to do for the rest of the night while we are having a nice time?”

“Nothing my Love! He will still be there waiting by Reception when we come down in the morning.”

“A super cuck then!"

Sunday, 20 August 2017

In Our Imagination

In my imagination I see a husband being told for the first time that his Wife has been 'playing away'. He now realises that he is a cuckold and will be so for the rest of his life, and already he is getting used to the idea.

"He's so much better than you Dear - in 'every' way."

What do you see in your imagination fellow cuckolds?

Saturday, 19 August 2017

It Would Be An Honour To Be cuckolded By Wives Such As These

Oh to be a husband with a beautiful Wife! Knowing that she is shared by another is an exciting prospect, but when she looks like these lovelies below it can be so intoxicating for a cuckold.

Such clear eyed beauty will never be without 

Lovers, as her cuckold knows only too well.

As she looks out of the window, eagerly
awaiting her new Black Master her cuckold
can appreciate just what her new
Lover will use for his pleasure.

Just one slight adjustment before 

she goes off into the night to 
be with him.

Such beauty! Such innocence! 

Her hubby knows that it 
won't be long before he is 
a cuckold, once she realises 
just how 'small' he is.

There will only ever be one 

ending to her love affair 
with a handsome well-hung 
Black Stud. Her white 
cuckold knows it, she 
knows it, all of his friends 
and workmates know it and 
the whole world now knows 
it. It's called 'exquisite 
humiliation' and cucky loves it.

Now his Wife Mabel has come 
the influence of another, 
far more 
exotic, man than 
 cuckold Sidney 
changes her Black 
Master has 
made to her 
improved her beyond 

Sidney is such a proud cucky 
boy now. 

Friday, 18 August 2017

Daily cuckold - What do you think?

But what do i think?
“I know that you don’t have a problem with me being humiliated, embarrassed and demeaned as a man because everyone knows you have locked my little penis in a cage. But what do i think? Have you asked yourself that?”
“No not really. But seeing that you are in such a rebellious mood, what do you think?”
“Thank you Princess. I love it!”

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Daily cuckold - You will never be the sissy you want to be.

"Don’t hide in the corner cucky."

“Don’t hide in the corner cucky - come over here.”
“Mistress, do i have to. i think that is more to your taste than mine. i’d rather watch.”
“Get over here. You will never be the sissy you want to be if you don’t.”
“What’s the rush. Is there something you’re not telling me?”
“You are going to be needed more and more to pleasure Master as I get bigger and bigger. So you may as well get some practice in now”
“Well okay Dear. But there might have been a more civilized way to tell me that your Lover has put you ‘up the duff’.”

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Daily cuckold - I think cucky might like it.

"Let’s invite him up and watch us.”

“Is that your husband down there - watching?”

“You bet he is. He’s been following me all afternoon. He knows I have a Boyfriend but he doesn’t know who he is or where he lives.”

“Well he knows now. I just wonder how things are going to be in the office on Monday now he’s discovered that his own Boss is his Wife’s Lover.

“Maybe he will go into denial.”

“Well let’s make sure he knows you’re my Mistress. Let’s invite him up and watch us.”

“Do you know something Master. I think cucky might like it.”

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Daily cuckold - His seed has been inside her.

Her perfection is such a joy to behold.

Sometimes your Wife’s beauty can just take your breath away. Her perfection is such a joy to behold but, as a cuckold you know that you are not the only one who appreciates her loveliness. Another sees your prize in the same way that you do and appreciates it even more now that he has even more access to her lovely body than you do.

This is what it means to be a cuckold. Sharing the pleasures of your Wife’s beauty, with another man. And in the sure knowledge of that man’s manhood and his seed has been inside her.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Daily Cuckold - Are you serious?

"I am going on a date with him tonight."
“Are you serious? Did you really just say that you liked seeing me making out with that Black Guy last night at the club.”
“i went to the toilet and when i came back into the room you were dancing pretty close to him. And he had his hand on your arse”
“And you did nothing. You just sat at our table and watched. Did it give you a little ‘stiffy’?”
“i was rock hard Dear. i think that i have found out something about myself.”
“I think you have too. But you will know for definite tomorrow. I am going on a date with him tonight, and if it goes well, we shall both discover something about ourselves.”
“i’ve got hard again. I think i have made my discovery already Dear.”

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Cuckold Conversation

It is one thing to be a husband with an adulterous Wife and quite another to be an enthusiastic cuckold. The chap in the conversation below clearly likes to ask the questions and to hear his Wife's humiliating answers.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Cuckold Counsellor - Jen's Wisdom

Jen's Wisdom

Previous Cuckold Counsellor reports:

Cuckold Counsellor - Previous Chapters

"Whatever is the matter Derek?" said Jennifer, my Wife, as I opened the front  door to our house in Bromley, "you look upset. What has happened?"

"I have just seen something that nearly broke my heart Jen," I replied as I hung my coat up on the hook in the hall, "and I am going to need your good sense and advice before I make the decision that I am going to make."

Her response came at the same time as she wrapped her gentle and loving arms around me. "Of course," she said, "but what has upset you so much?"

She kept her arms around me as we walked into the kitchen where she released me from her hold and set about making me a cup of tea. "She lifted her arms to him," I said, "and he ignored her. It was so upsetting, I'm afraid that I just couldn't stay there and ........."

"Wait a minute Derek. Wind back. Whose arms and who ignored who?" said Jen as she brought me the cup and sat opposite me at the kitchen table.

I am a soft hearted man and I knew that there were tears in my eyes as I recounted how Melanie and Nathaniel's baby girl Julie had smiled and held out her arms to Mel's husband Jonathan as he had fixed her milk that night. Although he was gentle and efficient, there was no spark in him - he was going through the motions and it had upset me more than I thought possible. "If it had been me Jen, I would have been playing with her like I used to with ours." I said, "Do you remember how I used to blow raspberries on their tummies?"

"Yes Dear," replied Jen with a tolerant smile, "and it used to take me hours to settle them down again."

Our eyes met and our memories became as one for a second before she brought us both back to the subject in hand. "So? Do you think this trip down memory lane is relevant? Isn't it the whole point of this thing you are doing?"

"In one respect only," I replied, "I have much less time than I thought. And suddenly it's serious and personal."

"Well get on with it then Derek!'" she commented briskly, "Now! Dominic's coming over this evening and I need to get ready, so can you help me get ready please? We're going over to Croydon to see Amar, Jane and Timothy and then coming back here for the night. Oh yes! Don't forget to put your little cage on, because you're coming in to join us later."

Jane is married to Tim and the two of them are as happy as a cuckold couple could be. Amar, as you have probably guessed, is Jane's West Indian Lover and although a little younger than Jen and I, they had produced three lovely coffee coloured children between them. So with so much in common with Jen, Dom and me it would be normal for them to be friends - like minded people will always find each other they say.

Jen was in the shower by the time we continued our conversation. "I think he's desperate. I told him to strip naked and he complied, with just a token objection."

"Really?" Jens voice came from over the noise of the water, "That's very interesting. What does he look like?"

"Skinny! Nerdy! Beardy!" I replied distractedly. But, having mentioned it, I couldn't get the vision of his skinny body and  little penis out of my head, 'There is something wrong with this picture,' I thought to myself, 'just what the fuck is it?'

"So! He's a beardy, is he," came Jen's voice from the shower, "that will have come off."

"You think?"

"Definitely," she responded, "ring him later and tell him he must shave it off. My guess is that he has grown it to look more manly."

I was reaching for my own penis cage where I keep it at the back of the small mirrored cupboard; with my mind still on his penis, I only half heard what Jen had said. Looking down at my own well-shaven pubic area, I offered up the small metal cage to the end of my own little 'pink prawn' when I had a Eureka moment.

"His face is hairy but his willy isn't." I shouted to a startled Jen, "I bet that he wears one of these things." Brandishing my cage in front of me I made sure that she knew what I was talking about.

"His face might be hairy but his willy isn't."

"Maybe," she replied, "but there must be more to him than this?"

"Well! He's a clever bugger and he's set up some cameras in the bedroom to record their ......."

"What?" Jen had stopped washing herself and was looking incredulously at me. "You didn't think to mention that. It's kind of important don't you think?"

"I was getting around to it," I said in defence as I closed the cage loop under my balls and over the top of my penis, "I guess I should have mentioned it."

I slid the cage over my penis and busied myself getting it comfortable and locked for the night in preparation for Dom and Jen's night in the bedroom.  "He's put a server in the garage and can access it from anywhere in the world. And he has recorded every one of her 'couplings' would you believe - catalogued and dated - all very efficient!"

"Ah!"she said as she stepped naked from the shower - checking, I noticed, that my cage was now secured and locked, "He's a watcher then!"

We continued to prepare Jen for her date and chatted happily together in the way that we have done over the many years of my cuckoldry. It was like a much loved ballet as we both moved in simpatico together - the beautiful adulteress and her naked and caged cuckold; both doing what they loved most together.

Jen stopped for a moment and turned to look down at me as I fastened one of her stockings to her suspenders. "It seems to me," she said thoughtfully, "that our little Jonathan doesn't know what he wants and Melanie has been very selfish. He's struggling with it all and he has had very little help."

"Your point is?" I asked as I stood to admire the view of a pretty round arse framed in black suspenders and thong panties. 'Dom will appreciate my efforts,' I thought.

Jen moved away from me to slide her red dress over her body. "He has to fully immerse himself in his way of life. From what you tell me he has disassociated himself from it all, being content to just observe." I nodded at this comment while at the same time enjoying the view of her final adjustments.

 ... enjoying the view of her final adjustments.

"Find out if he wears a cover to his penis," she continued, "and do it tonight when you ring him."

I knew why she wanted this information but I wanted to hear the reason, "Yes! But why?"

"If the answer is yes, then he's been waiting for someone like you, or us even, for ages. He wants to be understood and appreciated. He wants to 'come out' as a cuckold."

"I know what you are suggesting Jen," I replied, "but doing it is another thing."

"You have taken on a huge responsibility and the stakes are high . You have to break him or that little family will break instead."

"You mean that we have to make him want to be a cuckold, don't you." I said with a sinking feeling.

"If that is what it takes D," Jen replied as she left the bedroom.

Down the stairs she went, her lovely arse rotating with each step. "Phone him now Derek! We need to know tonight!"

'We? I thought it was my responsibility.'

The front door closed and off she went in her little Nissan to Dartford to pick up Dominic.

I was still naked when I picked up the bedroom phone to ring Jonahan. "I have something very personal to ask you Jon. Are you alone?"

"And what you did earlier wasn't personal?" he replied scathingly after confirming that Mel and Nat were still out.

"I know," I replied, mindful of his negative attitude, "but I noticed earlier that you have shaved the area around your little penis. Is there a reason for that?" He was silent for at least ten seconds. All he really had to say was something anodyne about sweating or something similar, but he didn't - and because he didn't I knew that he was a 'wearer'.

"Jonathan! Are you still there?"

"Erm! Er!"

I had my answer but I needed to shake him up, "Is it a clear plastic? Or is it pink? Black? Metal? What type of penis restraint do you wear Jonathan."

"You Bastard Derek Grant!" He said loudly down the phone - but he didn't hang up. 'Interesting that!'

My voice was calm. "I wear a little steel cage on mine Jon. Pretty much all the time I am in the house. And especially so when I join Jen and Dom in the bedroom to do be an attentive husband. IWe call it my 'cucky stuff'" The telephone remained silent for another ten, long, seconds.

"CB Six Thousand. Plastic." came the quiet voice down the line.


"Is that the 'S' model. For really 'small' men like you," I asked, knowing that I was goading him.

"That's right Derek. The CB Six Thousand S - for men with a tiny early-spurting willy like mine. Are you happy now?"

"Okay mate," I said to calm him down, "I know this is hard for you, and please understand I am not meaning to upset or anger you." He was silent again, so I continued, "I want you to tell me when you wear it?"

"When I watch Mel and Nat together." he said.

"On your laptop?"

"You already know the answer to that," he replied testily.

"Well that's it for now Jon. But I am now going to ask you to do something that you probably unwilling to do." The phone stayed silent again, so I continued. "Cuckolds, generally speaking don't have shaggy beards." I lied, "Yours has to come off. I understand that you have probably grown it to look older than you are, but it has to come off. You need to have a have a clean shaven face - as well as 'down there'. Think of it as a first step on your journey."

"I guess so. I've had this beard since Rob first started banging Mel. But if you say so."

'Banging Mel? That's interesting. Is he becoming disaffected? I hope not.'

'Banging Mel? That's interesting.'

"We shall talk again Jon. I promise! But until then, do as I have asked you please, and do tell Melanie how you thought our evening went tonight. G'Night."

He sounded a little more relaxed as he said goodnight and I settled down to wait for Jen and Dom.

Twenty minute later the phone rang - it was Mel and her voice seemed on edge, "What have you been doing to my husband Derek? When Nat and me arrived home just now he was upstairs cutting off his beard."

"The program has started Mel. First simple steps." I replied.

"So you know what his problem is?" she asked. 

'It's more than just him sweetheart,' I thought to myself. "I have a good idea but I need to confirm a few things first. That's why I want to talk to Nat a s a p. Can you arrange a meeting between the two of us please?" She readily concurred and confirmed that she would phone me the next day.

"And Mel," I said as the conversation came to an end, "I'm sorry if you liked that beard of his. But there is a reason behind it."

"Don't be Derek," she replied firmly, "I've hated the damn thing since he first grew it. He doesn't know how to look after it and he thinks it makes him look more intellectual."

I decided to plant a seed of an idea in her head. "Or more manly?"

"Yes! I ....... suppose ........ so." Her voice became distant as she pondered what I had said, and I smiled to myself as I heard the penny drop from fifteen miles away.

"Goodnight Mel!"

"Goodnight Derek. You clever Sod!"

Jen texted me an hour later to tell me that her and Dom would be home about midnight so I waited up for their return. At about a quarter to one the car pulled onto the drive and they came in the front door laughing and flirting as usual. I had previously prepared the bedroom for them by pulling down the sheets and followed the Lovers up the stairs ready to do my aforementioned 'cucky stuff'.

Being involved sexually with the lovemaking between my Wife and her Lovers had been a part of my life in the early days of being a cuckold, but when the kids had come along and day to day reality had taken over in our marriage, my hot, wet and sticky participation had reduced until I had no longer joined her in the bedroom with her Lovers. That is until July last year after Dom had mentioned that he felt guilty about keeping Jen all to herself [click here to read].

So there I was, standing naked in the bedroom, undressing my Wife for another man taking care to let my hands gently caress those two lovely arse cheeks of hers as I did so. Closely followed by undressing her Lover for her, making sure, as I pulled his under shorts down, that his big dark manhood brushed gently down the side of my face. It was going to be that kind of night and we all knew that I was content to do my cuckold 'duty' yet again.

Dominic was his usual powerful self and it wasn't too long before Jen was experiencing those long and lovely slow strokes that we all know drive her crazy. I helped by holding her hand and whispering in her ear as usual, but it was some time before Dom released his seed deep into a gratefully pleasured Jennifer.

It was my turn to get involved and without ceremony I manoeuvered my body down the bed and set about my soothing obligation on Jen's pussy. Over the intervening years I had forgotten just how emotionally humiliating it was to clean another man's semen from his own Wife's labia and vagina, but last year I had rediscovered the wonderful erotic sensation that the seasoned cuckold feels when he demeans himself in that way. With her groin now clean, I turned my attention to Dom's big dark rod, and once again I felt that sexual kick of serving the bigger man with my lips, tongue and gently stroking hand.

With his manhood now fully erect I moved aside and then held it so the glans was resting gently at Jen's labia lips; then, like all good servants, I moved out of the way to allow Dom to re-enter Jen's portal of pleasure. And the wonderful dance of love continued at a pace of their choosing; they were in heaven and so was I.

"I hear that you are doing a bit of counselling Derek," It was Dom after the third, or was it the fourth, time of their lovemaking and we were resting in the afterglow of sexual pleasure. I was exhausted and wanting to sleep but I told him the story of Mel, Nat and Jon nonetheless.

"How did they meet," he asked while stifling a yawn as Jen snuggled under his arm.

"Jon arranged it. All of it," I replied, "He got Nat's number and made sure she rung him."

Jen suddenly sat bolt upright in the bed, causing her lovely breasts to bounce deliciously, "Why didn't you tell me this before Derek?"

"I thought I did," I replied.

"No you did not," she said sternly, "and did you ring him again like I said?"

"Yes I did. And he does. He has a plastic one that he wears when Nat and her are in bed." I answered.

"Then you know what this means don't you?" I nodded but I didn't  really. In these matters my Jen is always way ahead of me.

"His coolness towards Julie is his last bastion of his manly authority." she said in her best Sherlock Holmes voice.

"Yes Jen! So what does that mean?" I asked in my own immitation of Dr Watson.

"He probably feels that if he succumbs to any feelings of patriarchal affection, then he will have lost any last vestige of being a man; or his perception of what a man should be." she said as if thinking aloud.

"And your diagnosis?" I couldn't wait to hear what she had to say next.

Jen paused to gather her thoughts. She then looked down at my own cage and spoke as if sudden enlightenment had come to her. "We have to convince him to take the last step and embrace a new idea of himself. We have to totally 'unman' Jonathan."

"What do you mean?" I asked incredulously.

"Everything. The total package. Just like you Derek, but even more so. And you are going to show him the way."

"Just like you Derek; but even more so."

She was right of course, but would he want to. Somehow I knew, if it was put to him in the right way, that he would embrace it all - maybe. And pivotal to this was not me or Mel, but Nat, who I knew had accepted his Lady's husband into the bedroom many times; And I knew because that husband had been me. 

So there was only one answer that, as always, my Wife expected to hear.

"Yes Dear!"