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The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter Sixteen - Date Night - Part Four

'How did this happen?' I thought to myself as I knelt quietly beside the bed, 'Within just a few days I have been turned from a happily married man to a cuckold kneeling by my Wife as she is penetrated by her Lover's big, dark manhood.'

We had travelled down to the South Coast of England on the Sunday when Elaine, my Wife, had disappeared with a big handsome Black Man under a beach Watch Tower where they had made love. At that moment I knew that I was a cuckold and the only question was how to cope with my emotions and my new status.

In what had been the strangest and most emotional few days of my life I had forced myself to face my sense of manliness, or its lack of. On that Sunday night and the following two nights I had allowed myself to be used by my Wife as a vessel of pleasure and to cap it all, I had invited Jackson to our house for a barbecue on the Wednesday. Last night in fact.

I had bought a restraint for my small penis and had excused myself from the meal in order to play a game with them which had spectacularly failed. They knew of my intentions in advance. 'Clever Buggers!' So that night, after a soaking from the torrential rain over London I had spent the night in the small bedroom listening to my Wife and her Lover having noisy wonderful sex.

I was being carefully manoeuvred into sexual subjugation. I knew that for every incident and small progress I made that I was moving slowly and inexorably into total cuckoldry. I now called my Wife 'Mistress' and I was close to acknowledging Jackson as my 'Master'.

To cap it all, Elaine had informed me that my best friend Alan, his Wife Madeleine and her Black Lover were going to undergo a form of 'marriage'. A polyamouric marriage she said; whatever that is I would find out on Sunday because we were invited.

I had started by convincing myself that I was being this compliant in order not to lose Elaine who, for all of her indiscretions, was a woman I loved beyond measure. Now I was not so sure. What were my motives?  What was driving me in this direction?

All of this is chronicled in Chapters One to Fifteen of my story so far which has led me up to the point of kneeling naked beside the bed as Jackson entered Elaine with his large black rod.

The sound of Elaine's loud and joyful, "Oooooh," brought me back out of my introspection and back into the here and now of watching my Wife making love with her (our?) Master. The date night, I knew, was just entering its second phase of my initiation. And I was starting to understand why I was not outraged, hurt or rejecting the whole cuckold scenario - I was beginning to accept it. Enjoy it even.

As if on queue, I felt my small pink penis begin to fill up its plastic cage in response to the picture I saw before me. My 'little feller' was growing, whereas Jackson's was now hard, thick, long and hidden from sight inside Elaine's young body; that is until he pulled it out like a shiny black cable only to reinsert immediately. "Oooh!" went Elaine. "Aaaah!" went Jackson. "Oh Christ alive!" went I. Then the whole joyful process repeated itself again, and then again, and again. He was fucking her with long slow strokes.

"cj. Give me your hand." Elaine's voice was quiet and breathless as she looked sideways at me with a loving gentle smile.

"Sorry Elaine! Did you just ask me to give you my hand?"

Her reply did not come immediately as the first ripple of an orgasm of the night took her attention momentarily. "Jus gimme," she mumbled and grabbed my hand and pulled it onto her right breast that was quivering from Jackson's thrusting.

"Jus gimme!"

Such was the force of her pull I ended up bending over the side of the bed with my feet on the floor, my head face down on the bottom sheet and one of my scattered rose petals stuck in my left nostril. 'This is dignified!' I thought to myself, 'Who said romance is dead.'

For a few minutes minutes I lay bent over the bed with my hand on Elaine's breast as Jackson powered his big manhood into her. Looking at the side of her head I could see beads of perspiration building up on her forehead - it was a warm night and the heat, both physical and emotional, was building to a kind of crescendo.

"Get on the bed cuckold. And see to your Wife's needs." Jackson had stopped momentarily and had looked down at me as I lay prone, "She needs a ....... little tenderness from ......... her little ....... cucky. Don't ........ you think?" He said while recommencing his thrusts into her young body.

"Yes Mast... Jackson." I replied as I swung my legs up onto the bed to lie on my side next to Elaine, or 'Mistress' as I was now referring to her.

"Good boy cj!" He said without breaking his rhythm, "Now pay our Lady some well deserved attention."

Gently I stroked her right breast and then her left while enjoying the rhythmic motion underneath my hands. "Is that nice for you Mistress?" I asked quietly in her right ear, "Am I doing it right? Am I doing well?"

"Mmm .... mmm," came the reply from the woman I love, "Very nice thank you cj. Now kiss me." She said turning her head towards me.

Gently, I lifted my hand from her jiggling breasts and placed it softly on her cheek as my lips met hers. Our tongues entwined in delicious 'french kiss' and I was immediately made aware that it had been just a few minutes since her pretty mouth had engulfed the head of Jackson's cock. The salty taste of his seminal fluid was still on her tongue and she was sharing it with me, just as she had done with his semen in the shower room that morning. 'Did she know? Or care that I was tasting her Lover's pre-ejaculate fluid?' Somehow I knew the answers to both questions.

The salty taste of his seminal fluid was still on her tongue.

It was a curious moment. I was making sweet and tender love to Mistress while another man, a better man, had taken my place between her open legs. I was being humiliated and used and if I had been really serious about my sense of manhood, I should have got off the bed and left the room. But I did not - of course!

As we kissed, I could feel her excitement rise with each stroke of Master's long, thick cock. Little noises came from her throat as small orgasms coursed through her body; noises I might add, that I had rarely heard her make with me.

With each thrust Elaine drew further and further into herself.

With each thrust Elaine drew further and further into herself and appeared to me to be entering into a little world of her own. She removed her lips from mine and turning her head she looked up at the real man who was now deep inside her; giving her so much pleasure. For my part, I understood this natural refocusing from the 'little helper' to her Master, so I decide to go exploring - just like all good cuckolds should.

Easing myself down the bed, my head became level with the coral pink nipples that were now standing up so fetchingly from her lovely round breasts. I immediately felt her right hand at the back of my head guiding me (more like pushing insistently really) onto her lovely little teats. The years of practice took over as my expert tongue and mouth gently sucked, licked and generally made love to her nipples. And in response I was delighted to hear a soft moan in my left ear as my ministrations took their happy effect.

'Master' briefly took a little time from his sexual onslaught to look down upon my efforts and was clearly pleased. "You're a natural cuckold cj. Do you know that?"

I felt pleased, and a little aroused, to know that this large and sophisticated Black Master felt that my endeavours were worth comment. I felt that it was time to demonstrate further my acceptance of his ascendancy over me. "Thank you Master Jackson," I replied.

"Hmmm!" was his satisfied reply and with that short answer he began his build up to maintain his lovemaking of 'Mistress'.

Encouraged by this I felt that it would be okay for my hand to explore further down Elaine's body. Keeping my lips on her nipple I stroked her flat stomach moving further down to just above her mound. 

They say (whoever 'they' are) that a mans penis that is moving inside a woman's womb, should not be felt on the outside of her body. But the person who said that did not take into account the size of Jackson's cock. Under my hand I could feel the movement of the glans of his massive penis through Elaine's flat tummy. My hand, albeit through Elaine's body, was in contact with his sexual organ and from feeling relatively confident and at ease, I was suddenly confronted by the assumptions of my own sexuality. 'You have to accept it! You're no longer a man - you are a cuckold!' I thought.

"You seem to be spreading your wings cj."

I didn't feel the need to reply to Master's comment but continued to kiss and suck Elaine's nipples and experience the feeling of his manhood under my hand. I didn't know it then, but I had made a major emotional and sexual leap in my journey as a cuckold.

The pace increased gradually until even me, in my own little disconnected way, could feel that the two were approaching their climax. Master was about to erupt his seed into my Wife and I was there lying beside her, being a part of it, involved, connected ( well - perhaps not too connected).

Elaine was now in another world. A noisy, screaming, heavily breathing wreck who could feel her final orgasm approaching. Master - sorry Jackson - was making low growling noises that came from deep within his chest. The Silver Back Alpha was mating and there was nothing in this world that would hold him back. And nothing did.

I was thrown around that bed like a canoe in a hurricane and found myself holding onto Elaine for dear life but did they notice? Did they hell! I was peripheral to their lust and they cared not one little bit. 'So much for being involved and connected.'

For a reason I can no longer remember, I decided to push my hand further down over her mound and push down towards Master's plunging member. This effectively eased the tip of my Wife's clitoris onto the shaft of Master's manhood. The reaction was immediate - she screamed in ecstasy.

"Hey cj! What the hell .... are you doing? You are .... driving us both crazy," cried Master between thrusts.

"Oh God I'm sorry," you replied in some alarm as you snatched your hand away.

"Don't stop cuck! Put it back! That was something I've never felt that before. Jesus! Where did you learn that trick?"

Again I didn't answer but put my hand back where it had been, only to be greeted by Elaine's moaning as she approached her final orgasm. Master too was nearing his eruption, evidenced by the loud groans emitting from his throat and the violent thrusting of his big penis. And me? I was holding on for dear life.

All pretence of sophistication and worldliness were gone. My two bed fellows were wild animals in their violent mating and I was there for the ride. 'They will finish soon surely.'

As if on cue, Master arched his back and roared like a lion. Elaine, my Wife, screamed in ecstatic orgasm. And I, the cuckolded husband being used like a sex toy, could feel his large member under my hand pulsing and spurting inside her womb as his seed poured deep inside her.

His orgasm seemed to go on forever as did Elaine's. Little mewling noises emanating from her throat told me that her climax was yet to subside. Slowly I removed my hand from her mound and lifted my head from her breasts to look down upon her. Her hair was tousled, her lipstick was smudged, her eyes were closed and her breasts were heaving with passion - she had never looked so beautiful. 'There is something about a recently well fucked woman,' you thought fleetingly, 'that is so desirable.'

I stayed quiet and humble as my Mistress and my Master (it was increasingly easier to acknowledge his ascendancy over me now) came down from their passion and returned to the world of the living. Master, now laying on top of Elaine was the first to speak.

"cj! I think you are more than ready." His voice muffled by Elaine's hair.

"For what Master Jackson?"

"What happens next." 

I said nothing but waited patiently for him continue.

Slowly he raised himself up from Elaine on his elbows, his cock still inside her, and turned his head to look at me. "You remember the cuckold's rule?" 

"Do you mean the 'Rule of Three Attempts'?" I asked.

"Exactly cj. This is your first time - right here and right now. Are you ready?" He said as he started to ease his now softening penis from Elaine. "When I'm out, you get down there and soothe those tender lips of hers. You got that?" I nodded in acknowledgement. "Any questions?"

"None," I replied, easing myself down the bed so my face was close to Master's cock."

"Don't let any go to waste cj. And make sure she's nice and clean for the next round."

"Don't let any go to waste cj."

The large helmet shaped glans moved past my face and close to my tongue as I eased my lips gently onto Elaines labia. The aroma of semen immediately entered my nose and within seconds the salty taste of Master's ball cream hit my tongue. Not for the first time was I being treated to the flavour of my Wife's Lover's essence. And not for the first time that night my little penis filled.

I knew that I was pleasing Mistress by the way she came round from her post coital torpor. From a sleepy happily-fucked young beauty lying naked with her handsome Black Lover, she was transported almost immediately into a squirming wreck as my tongue moved expertly between clitoris, labia and vagina. As she writhed in pleasure I supped at her salty well so as to consume Master's ejaculated fluid that entered my mouth and down my throat. I was greedily devouring another man's sticky warm semen and after an initial feeling of total perversion and humiliation I was starting to enjoy my depravity. 'Am I gay or is this just what is expected of  a cuckold.'

"Good boy cj." Said Jackson over the noise of Elaine's moaning, "You a do realise that doing this don't necessarily make you Poof. Don't you? It's what is required of a true cuckold."

'Oh shit. He's at it again - reading my bloody mind again!' I thought. 

"Thank you for telling me Mast.... Jackson." I replied after swallowing a particularly large portion of his cum. "I'm perfectly comfortable in my skin"

"Well you're in your skin alright cj," he said, chortling in that loud West Indian way of his.  

'Ha bloody ha!'

Ultimately the well dried up and it was time to roll away and make way for Jackson, who had been enjoying Elaine's gentle loving hands on his big rod. It was back to its proper mating size and strength, so I was now redundant.

"Get back to where you were before cj, and do that thing you do," said Master as he entered my Wife with his cock for the second time.

I had known that it would be a long night, and it was only just beginning.


  1. Out of this world, Fantastic, and obviously written from a standpoint of personal knowledge. Easily one of the very best cuckold saga's it's been my pleasure to read, ever!

    1. You're welcome kennyboy, and thank you for saying that you like my saga.