Saturday, 8 July 2017

It Would Be An Honour To Be Cuckolded By Wives Like These

There are some Wives that most men would accept (or even enjoy) the reality of her being the Mistress of a real man. It is the cuckold's dilemma when he marries a pretty Wife - to lose her or accept that she jumps into the bed of the better man.

This sexy little arse will
enjoy the feel of many a
warm and willing hand,
much to her husband's chagrin.

This beauty is planning
an evening of pleasure,
that's why her hubby
knows it is time to leave.

Receiving a picture of his Wife on the
beach when on holiday with her Lover
can be a special moment for a husband.
Doesn't this lovely Wife deserve a real
man and a cuckold.

Cuckold knows she is too
much for him, that is why
she 'plays away'.

A lovely, red headed old
fashioned Wife who knows
that it is time to show her
beauty and attract a new
mate. Her cuckold knows
that it his time now to step

This young beauty knows
those simple little gestures
will always attract a hot blooded
 male. And so does her happy
hubby who watches from across
the road.


  1. Yes, there is a dilemma as to accept what she does or lose her by making it an issue. Yes it is humiliating to know, and perhaps be known by others, that you are sexually insufficient to keep your woman satisfied or sexually interested in you. Yes, I have come to accept it and the behind the back comments. However, I have learned to become extra proficient in my profession and remind others that beauty and appeal have time limits that can rapidly expire or erode gradually. Either way, they are gone. I remind myself, I will take my punishment now and for an unspecified time, but the other principals and others will have their turn in the barrel so to speak. The art is in the acceptance of the presence. Also, I believe I am a more complete person in understanding her needs and will not deny her the right to exercise her nature.


    1. Brilliantly said Tiresias. In one paragraph you have described what it is to be a cuckold; the resolution to keep the woman you love, the passiveness to endure the humiliation and the patience to wait until looks and desire fade. Your lady is very lucky to have you.

  2. All my girlfriends and first wife fucked other guys behind my back, but eventually flaunted it. I thought it was cool they were so sexual. It turned me on. Guys pursued each of them. I acted big, all the guys wanted what I had. Funny thing is all of them eventually left me for guys with huge cocks. We all still live in the same town. When I see them they still flaunt it. My current wife knows everything and has now started dating too. I'm not sure what it is they see in me that I don't know? -FH

    1. Hi FH,
      What they see in you is probably your acquiescence, if not willingness, to be a cuckold. Many of the ladies we love have a form of cuckold radar - cuckdar if you will - and can see in you everything that they want.