Friday, 21 July 2017

Daily Cuckold - What it means to be a true cuckold.

 If he wants her another way, that’s Okay too.

Every cuckold who has seen his Wife being had by her Black Lover will recognize the expression on her face. It’s the look that tells her Master that if he wants her this way that’s Okay and if he wants her another way, that’s Okay too. And if he wants her any time day or night, she’s his for the taking and if he wants to fuck her all night long then it’s ‘yes please’. And if he wants to put a baby inside her then that is his right.

And her hubby has no say in the matter at all and knows that the natural order is for the smaller, weaker man to give up his pride, his manliness and his Wife to the better man - for that is what it means to be a true cuckold.


  1. My wife said to me: "Don’t be nervous. My love for you is unconditional. I know you can’t help it. You are who you are. So if you believe being a cuckold epitomizes your inner self. If you know it defines you. You should accept it. You should be proud of it. Your declaration will be the ultimate act of liberation. I promise to enable your every need. I’ll honor and support your proclamation as a symbol of commitment to our relationship and my love will expand in ways you can’t imagine." -FH

    1. You lucky fellow! These are just the words us cuckolds want to hear when we know that she has another man in her life. We can then expand our imagination in the many ways that we would like to honour her and her Lover. Thank you for your insightful contribution FH.