Monday, 17 July 2017

Daily Cuckold - i am the man she calls ‘cuckold.’

It has taken a while but she is now perfect for him.

It has taken a while but she is now perfect for him. I had rubbed her down with a soft towel after her shower and then wrapped her in a warm dressing gown. I did all those private things a servant should do to make her look beautiful, including painting her nails (toes and fingers). I was very careful with my razor when i trimmed her soft and downy pussy hair so there would be a nice ‘landing strip’ for her Lover to appreciate.

i then helped her put on her garter belt and black stockings that accentuate her long and lovely legs and carefully i held the dress as she stepped into it and pulled it up over her pretty arse and her bare breasts.

Lastly, i took a photograph of my beautiful Wife in the last moments before she left to be with her Lover. The man she calls ‘Master’ - the man whose seed now grows in her body.

And me? i am the man she calls ‘cuckold.’


  1. I love your daily posts

  2. Thank you. I do try to reflect the many aspects and situations of being a cuckold.