Thursday, 6 July 2017

Cucky Texts

He seems familiar.

Txt: Hi Honey. Thanks for the photo. I can see that Jane, Tom and Candice are having a nice time, but I have a question. Who is the bloke standing behind you? He seems a bit familiar.
Txt: Hi Babe. Having a great time. The guy in the photo is Henry. You don’t know him so he won’t be familiar to you.
Txt: That’s not what i meant by familiar. I meant he seems to be ‘familiar’ with you. Am i reading this right?
Txt: Sorry Dear. You are reading it right. We are having a holiday fling.
Txt: Does that mean you are cheating on me?
Txt: ‘Fraid so.’ But I promise to behave when I get home. Deal?
Txt: i guess i will have to accept it then.
Txt: Thanks cucky. L&K

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