Saturday, 22 July 2017

Cuckold Cartoons

Every now and again I like to include Cuckold Cartoons and Art. Please enjoy, but note that they have a more stronger content below.

"I've seen her with him so often now, 
i don't even bother to look anymore."


"My hubby won't be home for hours."

"I hope she's having fun at her friend's 
Baby Shower Party."

The first steps in a successful marriage is 
learning to share.

'Sweet dreams are made of this, 
who am i to disagree.'

A marriage made in heaven.

The way it should be!

My Jane always enjoys her 'work outs' 
at the local gymnasium.

To keep locked or unlock, that is the question many 
Wives have faced so gallantly.

My Wife knows the true meaning of 
'to have and to hold.' 

It means she's going to hold him 
and he's going to have her.

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