Saturday, 17 June 2017

My Cuckold Shorts

Please enjoy my reflections on what it is to be a cuckold.

A selfie for her Hubby to remember how
big her Lover is and just how beautiful she looks
when she is naked with him.

This is the look that every Cuckold has seen and
recognizes as, “Yes I will go back to your room
with you." And her Hubby will know those
mixed feelings of humiliation and arousal as he
watches her leave with another man to enjoy his
strong body and obvious attribute.

You stand there and watch as she tells him to
"Come by tonight while Cucky’s on night shift.
 In fact come by any time whether he’s here or

And you know that he will because you can
see the passion in their eyes and when you
come home tomorrow morning your loving
Wife will now belong to a far better man than you.

 But it was always this way for a weak Cuckold,
and it always will be so.

Cuckold Knowledge

Knowing that her legs are always wide open for him.

Knowing that his cock is always so deep within her.

Knowing that his potent seed has flooded her
sweet and warm body.

And knowing that his wife loves every minute
she spends with her Master is the knowledge
every Cuckold must accept and learn to enjoy.

text: “Hi Baby, is your Hubby there. If not, send me back a 
‘Smiley Face’ and I’ll be right over!

text: ”:-) Cucky’s on a business trip for the next two

text: "I’ll be with you in ten minutes.

text: "Drive carefully. You have the rest of today, all 
of tonight and most of tomorrow to enjoy all those 
lovely things that I do for you! XXX."

Knowing that they tenderly kiss as he pushes his
large black rod deep into my Wife’s wet vagina is
one of those wonderful but humiliating emotions that
I have to accept in this life as a willing Cuckold.

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