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How Would You React - Sweet Cheeks

Warning - this blog contains written and visual content of a 'gay' nature.

You had gone with your Wife to the Caribbean on a holiday to a resort called Mandingo Palms. From the very start of the holiday she had been going with a handsome big Black Man called Charles, who had fucked her on the beach and then later on the bed in front of you.

This powerful man and your Wife had now subjugated you so much that you were now happy to provide special sexual favours to them both. Your Wife told you that you were on a 'journey' and you knew that it was one of total submission to her and the man you now willingly call 'Master'.

Your submission was now so profound that you now wore a restraint on your little penis and had been made to parade naked in front of scores of people around the hotel swimming pool. Such was your enthusiasm that you had been given a cuckold's set of antlers mounted on a hat to wear by the big Black Man at the pool bar as a reward.

You had also talked to a fellow cuckold called Ken who had shaken you to the core when he told you that the small glass phial around his neck contained his Wife's birth control pills. He had then told you - "It's the custom here that all cuckies keep their Wives' pills inaccessible like this. It just adds to our humiliation and their fun. It'll be your turn next. Now that you've graduated."  

The dreaded 'phial' had not been presented to you as yet but you thought that it would be a momentous change to your cuckold status. And you also wondered just what it would mean to your future life as a husband. 

You had joined Master and Mistress on the bed and had taken part in their lovemaking, at the cessation of which, she had presented you with a present of a pink collar and lead. It was a further humiliating indication of your cuckoldry, your subservience and the diminution of your manliness.

After a particularly pleasant episode with Master in the bathroom you had showered and got ready for a party, whereupon Mistress had given you a pair of her black 'hold up' stockings for you to wear. The party that you knew would be fun.

All of the above can be read in all of the previous chapters.

You stood patiently as Mistress inspected you in your pretty pink collar and black stockings, "You look so sweet cucky," she said, "now put on your little antlers." You did so and then held yourself still while she clipped the pink leather lead onto a ring on your collar.

"Put these shoes on Dear," she told you as she pushed a pretty pair of black 'slip ons' across the floor with her foot in your direction. They were a little tight but fitted nonetheless. She smiled at you fondly, "Perfect! Let's go and have a wonderful evening."

"Can I wear something to cover my embarrassment Mistress?" you asked.  She smiled in response and just pulled you unceremoniously through the door like a pet, "come along and don't dawdle," she replied. 'How can I dawdle if I am being pulled along,' you thought to yourself.

If you had felt demeaned and belittled before, this was twice the emotional trauma. You were led, dressed like a half naked sissy (because you were a half naked sissy), along the path around the perimeter of the holiday complex down towards the beach area where a crowd was starting to gather.  As you walked gingerly on your ladies shoes you knew that tonight was going to be not just about you - a new cuckold game was about to unfold and a sensation of delightful anticipation caused your tiny penis to fill your little cage - again. You were beginning to enjoy your holiday immensly.

On the way you discovered that you were not alone in your servitude. As you walked near to the edge of the hotel boundary you passed a well built Woman in a bikini leading a thin little man in a collar like yours and who was crawling on all fours along the grass. "A little exercise for my cuckold before the party," she replied in answer to Mistress's laughing enquiry, "I shall clean him up and dress him nicely for the boys. It's our second year, so I shall put his tail in ready for The Selection tonight." 'What the fuck did that all mean?'

"I shall clean him up and dress him nicely for the boys."

Tottering along behind your Master and Mistress you became aware that there was a lot of chatter and music coming from the beach. As you approached you could see that the beach bar was open and that many couples with their cuckolds were standing around with drinks chatting and laughing. Master and Mistress moved around the groups networking and comparing their little pet cuckolds with yourself and you noted that some of them were showing some nervous anticipation. 'Why?' you thought, 'These guys have done this before. They're not a Newbie like me.'

Surreptitiously You looked around at everybody on that lovely golden beach and suddenly you spotted something that you had missed before. You heard yourself make a sharp intake of breath as you realised what it was - some of your fellow cuckolds, including all of the anxious ones, had a tail protruding from their anus. Furry tails, feather-boa tails and perky little fox tails swept, wafted and bounced as each cuckold moved around the circle with their Master and Mistress. If you had been unsure that something new was about to happen - you knew it now. Now the intriguing comment by the busty woman in the red bikini was becoming clearer.

The sun set over the warm sea to the noise of laughter, fun and music. It was an intriguing but charming scene in front of you. In the red glow of a fire and the hundreds of candle lamps around the area set aside for the party, handsome strong Black Men in tight bulging trousers held the hands or stroked the scantily clad arses of the Wives of the cuckolds kneeling at their feet. To look upon that party from the outside was to witness and compare the strength and power of the dominant Alpha Male, the beauty in their pretty and licentious bed partners and acquiescence in the young submissive men who had the fortune, or otherwise, of being the lady's cuckold husband.

All of the cuckolds understood their inferiority and stood or knelt obediently besides their Masters, happy to be collared and on a lead that was held by his Mistress or Master. Every one had a cage of some sort attached to his tiny penis and all had been sissified by being made to wear at least one item of female underwear. Some, like you, had their legs encased in stocking 'hold ups', some wore suspenders and fish nets and some had gone even further in their sissification. You felt as though you were among like minded friends.

You felt as though you were among like minded friends.

Your little group mingled for a while longer among other couples but you remained silent and subservient while Master and Mistress exchanged pleasantries and friendly banter with fellow Lovers. You however, looked around at the other cuckolds who, just like you, could feel the tension in the air. 

You spotted Ken, your new acquaintance across the other side of the beach and felt some concern that he, like some others, had a particularly pretty pink boa tail. You smiled as he glanced across at you and in response received a grin and a 'thumbs up' from the plain speaking Yorkshireman. You felt better knowing that he was enjoying his moment - whatever it was.

There was a sudden electronic screech from a microphone that was held by the big Black Man who had given you the Antlers earlier in the day. He tapped it twice to make sure that the sound system was working and then spoke, "Good evening to all of my Dear Friends. Masters, Mistresses and cuckolds. My name is MC and I welcome you to this week's Selection Night." He paused for applause and some whistles and then continued, "We all know the rules, but for some of our new friends," he glanced across at you and smiled, "watch and learn. It could be you next year." 

He looked around him and continued with his introduction, "Now I want all the cucks with tails in the tent behind me. Ladies, please take your little boys and prepare them. You know what is required." In return he was greeted with knowing smiles as each Wife took their husbands into the tent.

There was an expectant silence over the rest of the beach party as they watched the entrance to the tent. Suddenly, there was a loud gasp from everybody, including you, as the flaps were moved aside and out stepped the first of the candidates for the night's fun. He was naked - fully naked except for his butt plug and tail - his little penis cage had been removed by his Mistress who was now leading him back out into the area in front of MC. He was closly followed by another and then another in a similar state of undress. Gone had their sissy ladies clothing. They were naked, vulnerable and available standing in a line facing the crowd, and each of them were displaying a heightened state of arousal, judging by the stiffening of their tiny penises.

....... the stiffening of their tiny penises.

Your emotions swung erratically from worry about what was to happen to them next, sympathy for their humiliating predicament and perverse envy because you wanted to be there with them. You didn't know the reason they were lined up in that way, but the idea of being naked and humiliated in front of all of the people on that beach somehow appealed to you. 'I'm turning into a complete cuck,' you thought as you felt such a strong arousal course through your body and your groin. But you were about to learn the whole story.

"Don't they look sweet Ladies and Gentlemen," said MC loudly through the speakers, "and now for the main event of the evening." He paused for affect like a good showman should. "And now, without further ado, put your hands together for some real men."

From the right of the stage, and to loud applause and wolf whistles, a group of handsome fully naked Black Men with large members walked slowly into the area. Lining up in front of the cuckolds they then turned to face them - smiling.

"Gentlemen and cucky boys." said MC gleefully and loudly through the speakers, "Meet your dates for the night."

They were the same group of Black Men who you had seen at the pool that afternoon during your parade. The gay men who had leered at you as you had minced past them. In shock, you looked for Ken in the row of now mingling white little cuckolds and strong Black Men. You spotted him but he was leaving the beach, holding the hand of a particularly big man. You couldn't take your eyes off him - he was going to spend the night with a gay man. 'Christ! I didn't think he could be that way- him coming from Yorkshire and everything.'

That was the significance of the 'second year', you thought, 'If you come back for more - you get more. You take the next part of the journey - voluntarily. Eagerly for some no doubt!'

You felt mixed emotions as you realised what was happening now to the bare and defenceless cuckolds who had left arm in arm with their equally bare but powerful and vigorous male Lovers. Did you feel afraid for them or were you just a little bit jealous? The very question seemed to disturb you, so much so that you did not notice MC take a hold of the microphone again.

"Now everybody," boomed his voice suddenly through a loudspeaker, "we have a special moment. Please show your appreciation for our top cuckold and his owners. We all watched him this afternoon giving us the best parade we have seen so far this year. A big hand everybody!" 

You looked around and you knew that the crowd were looking at you. You felt that you should have been embarrassed to stand naked, restrained and sissified in front of many people, but you felt no shame. And after what you had just seen, you felt different- you felt aroused - your little penis filled your cage and you knew that you would enjoy what the rest of the night would bring. You were really getting used to this 'cuckold' thing.

The beach erupted into a loud clapping and cheering as you and Mistress walked into the centre of the area. You looked towards MC and saw that he was beckoning for you to join him.

"Come over here cucky boy. Come and take a bow," he shouted through the microphone, "we have an award for you." Mistress handed the looped end of the lead to you so you could walk across the sand to the stage. You wondered if it was a bottle of champagne or a little plaque that you could put on the wall when you return home - either way, it would be a fond memory.

You stood before MC and as directed, turned around facing the crowd and bowed low, while at the same time keeping one hand on your cucky antlers to prevent them falling off your head. "Now that is a sight that could cause a riot with the guys who just left," the MC said in the microphone to roars of delighted laughter from the crowd.

You had shown the MC your bare arse when you had bowed to the crowd and you felt mortified, "I am so sorry Master," you said to the big Black Man, "I didn't mean to disrespect you."

"Hey that's alright little cuck," he replied with a big toothy smile on his face, "but from now on I think I'll call you 'Sweet Cheeks'." You laughed with him and felt better after realising that you had not offended the big guy. But he continued, "Now come closer and kneel before me like the good sissy cuckold you are."

You knew better than to refuse so you knelt before him like a pleading servant. 'I wonder what my award is?' you thought to yourself, 'I kinda like being subservient to this monster of a man.'

"Lean forward Sweet Cheeks!"

You moved your head within inches of the outline of his massive cock tucked down the leg of his tight Speedo swimming shorts. The size and shape of his manhood intrigued you and you couldn't believe that a man could have something like that hanging from his groin. You could feel the heat coming from his member and you felt a sudden desire to kiss it.

'Is he a man or a donkey in disguise?' You wondered as you fought off the now strange but increasingly familiar desires.

"For services rendered to his owners and for one of the best graduations we have seen for a long time," MC shouted through the loudspeaker, "I hereby award Sweet Cheeks the cuckold's badge of honour."

You felt the leather loop fall around your head onto the neck and the cold glass of the phial bounce on your chest. You felt the tears well up into your eyes as your pride and happiness plummeted to earth - so much for enjoying what the night had to offer. 

So Mistress's birth control pills were now hanging around your neck. You were now like all the other cuckolds; your Wife was no longer just being fucked by her Master - they were mating. They were in production.

You stood up facing MC barely comprehending the sudden change in your life. "Stay strong Sweet Cheeks," he whispered, "it's just the natural order of things. Alphas get the female. Betas wear antlers." 

"Thank you Master," you replied, "I understand. I am grateful for the necklace."

"You're welcome cuckold," he said gruffly, although his face was kindly and smiling, "take care now."

In a daze, you wandered back to where Master and Mistress were standing and smiling proudly at you. 'Your Owners' he had called them, and just to prove the point, it was Master who took the loose end of the lead. "Why didn't you tell me?" you asked Mistress as you gazed up at her from Master's feet.

"We only decided this morning Sweet Cheeks," she replied looking down at you affectionately, "and we want you to be with us and involved. It's your duty to serve us and to be a part of it all."

So you had thought that it would not be you. You thought that they wouldn't do this, but you were wrong!

The thing is - how would you react to this news fellow cuckolds?


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