Friday, 2 June 2017

Daily Cuckold - Nick taught Janine to swim

i shall ask him to keep you company while
i am away on business.

It was a beautiful day down at the beach and my Wife Janine and me were enjoying the sea and warm sun with our best friend Nick, who is a recent workmate of Janine’s. Before we all became friends, Janine could not swim a stroke so Nick gallantly offered his services and we often went to the beach together where he gave her the skills and confidence to be able swim strongly out of site around the headland.

My suspicions arose one day after they both returned to the beach after swimming (she said) for over an hour. So this afternoon when Janine and her ‘instructor’ went for their swim together i swam slowly after them and hid behind a nearby rock. I was not disappointed, my suspicions had been  confirmed and my Wife had never looked so beautiful, happy and animated.

What could i do? i knew that i was a cuckold now but how should i handle the situation? i needed to confront the situation.

“i have been thinking Dear,” i said to her that evening, “Nick is such a good friend. i shall ask him to keep you company while i am away on business. Is that okay with you?”

“Of course it is my Darling.” She replied, “And how did you like your swim this afternoon?”

“It was wonderful thank you Dearest! I look forward to many more. Don’t you?”

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