Monday, 5 June 2017

Daily Cuckold - It became clear to me

i could tell that Janice was enjoying herself with him.

It became clear to me over four years of marriage that i was not fulfilling my duties in bed to my lovely young wife Janice. She was very good and sympathetic and never mentioned once my poor performance until one day i brought the subject up myself.

“I couldn’t take on a Lover,” she replied when i suggested it one night after a particularly unsuccessful session of loving between us, “besides, you would hate seeing me with another man.”

“Not if you promised never to leave me,” i replied, “and let me be your total cuckold in the bedroom too.”

After some persuasion she agreed and we set up a date with a good friend of mine called Desmond. It was an afternoon liaison between the two of them and as i watched i could tell that Janice was enjoying herself with him.

“Are you still okay with me being fucked by a better man than you,” she asked as she rode his big brown shaft, “because if you do, you are going to see a lot more of Desmond and me like this - together.”

“Oh God, yes,” i replied, “and do you like cuckolding me?”

Her reply was no more than i expected, and warmed my heart when i knew how the future of ours would be.

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