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Cuckold Counsellor - Jonathan Part Two

Cuckold Counsellor

Jonathan - Part Two

My mouth dropped open. Why hadn't I guessed it? 'Of course he watches them you numpty! He's arranged it all. He arranged for and stood aside for his best friend to have his Wife and when that went 'tits up' another suitable man to become his Wife's bed partner,' was my sudden realisation.

The naked bearded little man stood before me with his semen dripping from his tiny penis onto the kitchen floor. Tears appeared at the corner of  his eyes as he realised that another man - me - had humiliated him. "Fuck you Derek," he swore, "did you have to make me do that?"

I ignored his indignation because it sounded hollow and false to me. "How do you watch your Melanie and Nathaniel? Through the keyhole? From the wardrobe?" I asked, but before he answered I saw him surreptitiously glance across at a small laptop computer on the kitchen work surface in the corner.

"Oh you clever little cuckold!" I exclaimed, "You get off on seeing Mel with her Black Lover."

Jon seemed to sag as I strode over to the laptop and opened it up - within seconds I saw the camera symbol on the 'desktop'. I clicked on the icon and the camera software front page filled the screen along with empty address and password boxes. Looking behind me at the shamefaced little man I knew intuitively that he would do as I ordered. 

"First thing is take your socks off cuckold," I said in a stern voice, "and wipe that bloody mess up off the floor." Amazingly he did as he was told.

"You do know, don't you Derek, that I am doing exactly what you say for Melanie's sake," he remarked as he wiped up his semen from the floor. But I knew better; I had seen the fleeting look of relief in his eye when I had discovered his laptop. 'Horse shit Jonny Boy. Those tears of yours earlier were a sham. You're fucking enjoying this.'

"Static IP Address and Password!" I commanded Jonathan, "Now!"

He gave me the string of numbers and then stopped. "The password Jonathan. Please!" I said.

"melrob," he replied, which immediately told me that he had been watching his Wife making love with both Robert and Nat. He had been at it for years, the mucky sod.

I typed in the address and the password, being aware that Jon had finished his chore and had sidled up to join me by the corner of the kitchen. Immediately, four small screens popped up on the laptop each showing different viewing angles of a king sized bed. "Your bedroom upstairs I believe." He nodded in reply.

"I'm beginning to get the picture." I said - fully aware of the pun, "And does Mel and Nat know they are the stars in this log-running soap opera?"

"I don't know Derek. We've never spoken about it." he replied, "Are you going to tell them?"

"Yes!" Was my sharp retort, and he flinched at my unambiguous reply.

"Have you recorded them Jon?" I asked; but I had already sussed him out so it was no surprise when he placed his finger on the laptop mouse pad and with expert ease he opened up 'Explorer'. If nothing he was very organised, each folder was annotated by date and Lover; it was highly efficient and what I had seen of him so far, I was unsurprised.

I pointed randomly to a file annotated 'nat24oct14' and said, "Open it up and let's have a look."

It started with Nat and Mel playing with each other as they stripped the clothes from each other but it wasn't long before the business commenced for real. I could see the hunger and lust on Mel's face, and by fast forwarding the file I could see that the 'business' carried on for hours. Again and again he entered her and again and again he pleasured her and himself. The screaming erupted from her with each orgasm as did Nat's seed erupt in her with his every ejaculation. It was love at its most beautiful and most animal.

"I can see why you would want to record such a happy event".

"I can see why you would want to record such a happy event Jon," I remarked, "but there are hundreds of similar recordings on here. Do you watch them all."

"Of course Derek. What would be the point of not watching?"

"Point taken Jon. And do you watch them live as well as record each and every time she cuckolds you with Nat?" I asked.


"Okay then. And when did you first dream this little scenario up?" I asked.

"Melanie told you about the first night she brought Robert home after the Eurythmics concert and took him upstairs for the night."

"It was at your suggestion if I recall correctly," I said.

"That's right Derek. I told them both that I had to work but I used the time to set up and conceal the cameras, the server and the software. I had just finished when they arrived home. The rest is, as they say, history!"

"So their first night together is on this laptop?" I asked.

He leaned past me and moved the mousepad to a file called 'rob12jul12'. "It lacks some of my later sophistication, but you get the idea." he said as the screen opened up to reveal Mel and Robert kissing, in what to me, looked like a genuinely loving embrace. Their smiles were tender and full of desire, passion and fun.

Their smiles were tender and full of desire, passion and fun.

I sat and watched them making strong and passionate love with Jon standing naked beside me for about thirty minutes until he spoke, "I often think that I would now be single if Rob hadn't met his future Wife. They weren't just screwing were they," I nodded in agreement," they were in love. Weren't they!"

I set the film to 'still-pause' and turned away from the laptop screen to face Jon - still standing naked beside me. I wondered if he was even aware that his little penis was now full erect. "Clearly Jonathan. And is that why your 'john thomas' is showing an interest?"

A fleeting look of annoyance crept across his face but was gone almost immediately. "Oh well! I must remember that I'm doing this for her," he said to himself. Taking a few steps back away from me and moved his hands away from his body in a cynical but unconvincing expression of defeat, "So here I am Derek. Cure me please of whatever my lovely unfaithful Wife thinks is wrong with me."

"Don't take that tone please Jon, because I am here to help. Do me a favour, this is no time for pointless gestures. And do something with that as well," I said pointing at his willy, " and go and get some clothes on. Then we can talk a little further." 'What the hell was that all about?'

He duly apologised and left the room. Ten minutes later Jonathan appeared suitably 'reduced' and dressed in tee shirt and track suit bottoms. Sitting down opposite me in the kitchen he was back to being the nerdy intellectual and a little of his confidence had returned.

We had some more tea and continued with our conversation. "Looking at the number of files you have in your 'home entertainment system'," I said, "you should have become an aficionado of Melanie's love life by now."

More relaxed now, he laughed at my redefining of his laptop and confirmed my suspicion, "I have been watching her for years now. I am a complete expert on the subject of Melanie. In fact if she was a speciallity of study I would have my PhD by now. A Doctorate in Melanie. How's that!"

There was only one response to that little speech. "That's a yes then!" To which he nodded proudly. 'Pride in knowing about his Wife's moods etcetera when she is having sex with another man. Mmmm.'

"Then you will have noticed, no doubt, just when they made the ........ decision?"

He looked perplexed. "What decision?"

I let him stew for a second or so and then it dawned on him, "you mean when they decided to make a baby, don't you." I nodded but remained silent to let him gather his thoughts and think about what he had to say.

"It was about the January when they became more quiet. Not only in their lovemaking - they used to wake the dead with their screaming and grunting for Christ's sake - but with how they were around each other. Quieter! More at ease with their silences. Like - dare I say it - like a married couple."

"That's interesting!" I exclaimed, "Nathaniel falling in love. Who'd have thought it."

"Yeah me too! Wonderful!" Jon replied sarcastically, "They started to converse differently too. Instead of just talking about their own pleasures, they started to use words like 'life changing' and 'big responsibility'."

"Were you part of those conversations?" I asked.

"No never. But it didn't take me long to guess what they were about."

They were starting a family without talking to the poor husband at all. Suddenly I felt sorry for Jon and angry that he had been treated with such disregard. 'Surely,' I thought, 'this pretty young woman had a far greater respect for timid little Jonathan. She says she cares for him, so what the fuck?'

"And their lovemaking when they were doing it without protection. Was that different?" I had the feeling that his answer would be important somehow without quite knowing why.

He was clearly struggling and I noticed that tears had sprung to his eyes again, so I allowed him a few seconds to get himself together.

"As soon as I realised what they were doing I understood that there was no going back. For weeks I watched my Wife being impregnated by a Lover who had changed from being a rampaging stud into loving tender mate. If that wasn't bad enough they never said a word to me. I just didn't exist as far as they were concerned." His words were coming thick and fast now and I could see the emotional agony within him. 'He resents not being asked, not the fact that she made a baby with another man.'

Changed from being a rampaging stud into loving tender mate.

"So when did you know she was pregnant?" I asked.

"She missed a period and told me."

"Just like that?"

"Just like that!"

There was a silence between us as we processed our thoughts until Jon broke the quietness of the room.

"Well Derek, I should ............" he started to say but was interrupted by the gentle crying of Julie upstairs, "Back in a minute!"

Her mewling continued for a while so he  brought her down into the kitchen and busied himself changing her and mixing up some formula milk. His handling of the baby was as skillful as any man's I had ever seen - including me. He had her perched expertly on his hip while with with his free hand he connected her electrical milk warmer as if he had been doing it all his life. He was as gentle, I noticed, as he was efficient.

"Can you hold her please Derek," he said suddenly, "while I get the milk prepared." And with that, he set Julie down in my lap.

She didn't cry but I could tell that she did not want to be where she was. She sat almost upright, her little head followed Jon's movements around the kitchen and her eyes never left his face.

It didn't take too long for the milk to be warm enough and after checking its temperature on his hand Jon walked over to us and reached down to her to pick her up and give her her milk. To this day I do not know if he saw the gummy little smile on her face as he lifted her, but I did. And I still don't know if he even registered that she held her arms out to him, but I saw it.

As I watched them I realised that I was seeing, right there in front of me, a large piece of this emotional jigsaw puzzle and the reason that I was there in that kitchen that evening. It was pretty much confirming what Melanie had told us but seeing it for myself was a different matter. It tore at my admittedly very soft heart strings. I also knew that I had to kick this counselling on and get it done as soon as possible.

I needed to talk to Jen.


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