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The T&L Auctions - my personal recollections - Part Three

The T&L Auctions - my personal recollections - Part Three

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Note. In this set of recollections I introduce my memories of intimacy with another man.

I took the outstretched hand of Desmond Shamak and looked up at this man who had just introduced himself as my Jennifer's 'Master'.

"How do you do," I replied while thinking that this was a totally odd situation, "it's good to meet you at last."

He smiled at that and immediately responded that he thought that we were going to get along well. Which was nice of course. 'Very civilised! It is always a good thing when a cuckold and his Wife's Black Lover hit it off.' I thought sarcastically.

In all truth he was not a huge man like some of the Lovers Jen had been involved with, but he had a definite 'presence'. His handshake was firm and, unlike many weak men who try to impress you with their supposed dominance by mashing your hand into a banana shape, he maintained his grip in a genuine demonstration that his power was not all physical. They say that you can sum up a man in seconds by his handshake and I knew immediately that Desmond wielded his power both physically and intelligently.

We stood looking at each other for a second or so, sizing each other up before he broke the grip. "Derek! Oh forgive me! Is it okay that I call you Derek?" I nodded in agreement. "Please take a seat and let us get to know one another."

He offered me a nice inviting soft armchair looking out through the window over the softly lit desert, but I was not going to be manoeuvred so easily, "Where is Jen? I would like to see her please."

Although I was tired and needing the toilet, she was the most important thing on my mind and I had to know that she was okay; so I was not going to sit, talk or even pee before I had seen her.

"She is sleeping my friend. The poor thing has been back and forward across the Atlantic three or four times since I purchased her. Jennifer is jet lagged, but I can assure you that she is fine."

"Nevertheless," I replied, "I still want to see her. I promise that I won't wake her."

"Of course Derek, but if she is asleep please don't disturb her. It's a funny thing," he continued, "but she is supposed to be my slave but I am realising that there is more to her than meets the eye."

 If he thought that I would be surprised at that he was going to be mistaken. I knew more about my delightfully wicked little Missus than any man alive. "You sound quite fond of my wife Desmond. Sorry, can I call you Desmond?"

"Yes for now," he replied, 'what the fuck did that mean?' "but never 'Des' or 'Desi' - understand?"

I was getting tired and more than irritable, so my reply came out a little impatiently. "Okay Desmond it is. And Jennifer?" I snapped.

He flinched but maintained his cool demeanour, "this way, but quietly please."

He motioned me to a side of the expensive hotel suite and gently pushed open the door to the darkened bedroom. Putting his forefinger to his lips he reminded me to stay quiet.

Her hair was tucked under her head and her breathing was slow and rhythmic. I pulled back the thin sheet of the bed to show the lovely outline of her body and the sweet gentle curves of the arse cheeks I would know anywhere - it was her alright. Slowly easing past Desmond I knelt beside the bed and gently moved a few strands of her hair away to reveal the right side of her face - her lovely face.

It was her alright.

Leaning into the bed I gently kissed her on the temple as an instinctive gesture of tenderness. She moved slightly but didn't wake for which I was glad because I didn't want to cause the ire of the powerful Black Man standing close to me. The sweat on my shirt was now starting to dry in those air conditioned room and I was beginning to emit a stale smell - that was no way to greet the Love of my Life.

With a small gesture to Desmond I confirmed that I was satisfied and stood up to leave the bedroom, "She's so damnably beautiful don't you think Derek?" he whispered, to which I nodded and followed him out.

"Derek," he said as we headed back to the armchairs, "Is there anything I can get you? We are pretty self contained up here in my suite."

I looked at him and smiled, "Desmond, I have just spent the whole day trying to fix an uncooperative aeroplane that will not work the way it should. I am dispirited, tired, hungry, thirsty and I need the toilet. My shirt smells of oil grease and sweat and I need a shower, shave and clean clothes to make me feel human again. Sorry to be a misery but I am just about 'done in'."

To his credit he reacted to my self pitying whinge with a loud laugh, "But I guess a cold beer won't go amiss then," he chuckled.

"God yes!" I said looking around for the fridge - there was none - I was confused.

Desmond clapped his hands together and within seconds a slightly built olive-skinned young man appeared from a door the other side of the suite. "Georgiou! This is Derek. Jennifer's husband. He has been having a hard time of it lately so he needs a cold beer, our very best hospitality and when you are done with him - a clean bath robe."

He saw my alarmed expression and continued. "You are now my guest and I see it as my duty to make sure that the rotten day my Lady's husband has just experienced will be a dim and distant memory by the end of this evening." 

I continued to stare in astonishment at this larger than life man in front of me and was only dimly aware of the ice cold glass of beer that was gently eased into my hand by Georgiou, "I don't wish to intrude," I stuttered only then just realising how stupid it sounded given that my Wife was laying naked and asleep in his bedroom just the other side of the door.

"You are my welcome guest Derek and, under the circumstances, you can hardly be intruding. You are among friends. Believe me!"

"All of my stuff is downstairs in my room. I should probably ......" I started to say before he interrupted me.

"Is there anything that should be kept secure in your room?"

It was an odd question but I replied, "No! that's all under lock and key at the airfield. It's just my personal gear. Clothes, washing kit, books - that sort of thing."

His grin was wider than the glass from which I had just drunk the beer in one long draught. "Excellent. I am going to arrange for you to move up to Suite 1601 which is the floor just below us. All of your clothes will be washed and ironed for you every day and you will be entitled to the very best the hotel has to offer. All at my expense. Suite 1601, by the way, is almost as good as this one; it's usually reserved for politicians and film stars but as far as I am concerned you deserve it more than those undeserving idiots."

I was astounded. "You can do this?" I asked incredulously.

"It's already done Derek," he replied, "now if you would like to follow Georgiou, he will attend to all of your needs."

Like a lamb, I followed the lithe dark haired young man as he moved smoothly and swiftly from the lounge and into a dimly lit, marble and glass walled shower, toilet and treatment room. It was the kind of room one would see at a very high class spa; it was dark, warm, luxurious and intimate.

"If you would like to use the bathroom first Derek, then we can get all of the days toil and sweat off your body." His voice was soft and relaxed with a slightly Greek accent. 'Is this feller gay? What the hell is happening?'  I thought with some alarm.

I used the toilet and then, under Georgio's instructions, stripped down to my bare skin. Looking around I saw that he had stripped naked, or so I thought in that dimly lit room, and was busying himself with bottles, sponges and scrubbing mittens. "Step in here please Derek. There is no need to do anything except let me do my job. And please tell me if the water is too hot or cold. You may feel a little awkward right now but your comfort is my sole concern."

I gasped as streams of beautifully warm water sprayed over me from the walls and ceiling of the shower room. I looked around the cubicle for soap but there was none and to my alarm Georgiou had entered and was brandishing a soapy sponge. "Georgiou," I said, "I don't let other men touch me in that way. I'm sorry if you have misread my orientation, but I usually shower alone."

He didn't even look up, but just continued soaping up the sponge before he replied, "I understand Sir, but I have a job to do and Master would be angry if I failed in my duty. I do this for him, and Jennifer for that matter; so don't worry I won't have my wicked way with you. I'm also very, very good at this"

"Well okay then!" I replied grudgingly.

He was more than just 'very, very good'. It became clear within seconds that this young guy was highly skilled in what he claimed to do so well and very quickly my unwillingness melted under the warm water and the gentle application of a soft soapy sponge. It was an odd sensation to have another, equally naked, man kneeling before me washing my feet but I let it go. It was also odd to have another man wash my back, my hair, my legs and the cheeks of my arse but I put up with it, or to be more accurate, I liked it all right up until he spoke.

"Open your legs please."


"Your private parts Derek," his voice came up from the area of my groin, "I don't want to alarm you, but I do this for everybody so there is no need to be anxious. I've seen it all. It's what I do."

"What? No! Georgiou no! I told you that I don't swing that way," was my panicked response; but it was of no use, his long fingers were already manipulating soap onto my balls and little penis, and there was nothing I could do about it. I was inert, in shock and confused at my own reaction because it felt very pleasant indeed.

"Don't worry," he said as my 'little chap' suddenly started to expand, "you're not queer and neither am I. It's just a normal reaction."

"Oh fucking really?" I gasped as his hand dived between my now open legs.

"Really," he replied as he finished washing my parts and stood up reaching for a scrubbing mitten.

His expertise at scrubbing was as equally accomplished as his washing so it wasn't too long before my whole body (excluding my 'private parts' thank God) had been scoured and cleansed.

He rinsed me off with a well aimed hand-held shower head and we stepped out of the wet room into the warm chamber where he handed me a soft towel, "Please dry yourself and take a seat please Derek and I shall just get my shaving equipment," he said as he moved out of the dark into the soft glow of one of the lights.

I dried myself and sat waiting patiently for this naked young man as he fussed over the razor and creams. Turning around in the light, I had a perfectly clear view of his body for the first time, and what I saw shook me to the core.

"What would you prefer," he asked, "safety razor or cut-throat?"

"Never mind that Georgiou! What is that on your penis?" I exclaimed more loudly than I had meant to.

He looked alarmed at my rough tone but regained his composure almost immediately as he realised that I was not about to chastise him.

"It's my badge of servitude to my Master."

"It's my cuckold's cage Derek, he replied without any sense of embarrassment or humiliation. "It's my badge of servitude to my Master. I wear it when I am in his company. It's what he expects of his slaves," he replied. 

For one of the few times in my life I did not have an answer or quip that would be appropriate for the moment so I sat in quiet contemplation of what I had just been told. It was a moment for an insightful questioning. 

"You're a slave! How did that happen?" I asked after he had lathered my face ready for a shave. 'Some insight Derek - you twit!'

I said nothing as he carefully shaved my face but he clearly felt the need to explain further; so between scrapes and flicks of lather into a nearby bowl of hot water he continued his story.

"My wife Helena and me were once Master's slave couple - we were one of the first to volunteer for the T&L about four years ago. To cut a long story short, Helena continued as Master's woman after the month's rental finished and we carried on pretty much as we had started. Well for a few months anyway."

He had finished shaving so I had the opportunity to ask further, "And where is Helena now?"

"Back home in Athens with the children."

"Whose children Georgiou?" I asked.

"Master Desmond's of course. But you guessed that anyway. That's why you asked isn't it?"

"It was just a guess," I lied. I already knew that my friend Ken's wife Janet had given birth to her Lover's child after having been bought at auction so I said nothing further as he took my hand and led me to the nearby massage table and asked me to lay face down. 'Is that why they stopped off in Athens.?' I thought, but kept to myself.

"You haven't answered my question Georgiou," I said as I stretched out on the table, "Why are you now Desmond's slave? What does he have over you that makes you want to be this?"

"Because I love it Master Derek," was his reply, "and he has nothing 'over me' as you suggest. Now just relax, because I am going to put some oil on you, and I shall then continue with my story as I give you a massage."

The oil was warm and felt pleasant on my back as he started to rub it expertly into my body and, although my mind were now screaming for sleep, I wanted to hear the rest of his story. Besides, it would have been rude to drop off to sleep while a complete stranger who has just washed your penis for you subsequently tells you the history of his cuckolding and eventual enslavement.

"Helena and I were having difficulties when we were living in London and, although I never caught her out, I always thought that she was never faithful to me. We were both unhappy and finally it all came out that she was seeing a West Indian chap who worked with her. I couldn't live with that so we were going through divorce proceedings when a friend told me about the auctions. You know about them I assume?"

"Oh Yes! That's why I am here isn't it." I confirmed in a sleepy voice.

"Of course! Silly me," he replied laughing as he slapped some oil on my arse cheeks.

Georgiou, if nothing else, was an efficient and effective masseur. Feet, legs, back, arms and arse all received their fair share of oil and manipulation - all to the accompanying chatter about how he was given the permanent position of Desmond's personal servant or slave.

"Please turn over Derek. It's time to do your front."

Although I was unwilling to do so, I nevertheless rolled over onto my back, "So why do you love being your 'Master's' - as you call him - slave? Doesn't it un-man you. Emasculate you maybe?"

"Maybe it does" he replied, "but make no mistake Derek, I am living the way I wish. I go to wonderful places and live a luxurious life and serve someone who is has the two best personal attributes a man can have. He is both powerful and kind; an uncommon mix of qualities in a man don't you think?"

I was listening, but I was also enjoying the feel of a skillful masseur working warm oil into my skin, so it was just a few seconds before I asked him if he loved the life or did he love Desmond as well.

"You could be forgiven for thinking that Derek," he replied, "and yes, I do love him but not sexually. Even though I will often do for him what I did for you just now in the shower, and what I am about to do for you now."

"What do you mean, I ................Oh God!"

Strong fingers and gentle hands very slowly lifted my balls and penis up and started to work the warm oil all over my private parts. He was efficient and did not linger, and his hands had moved on before I could experience even the briefest of erections.

"That's you nearly finished Derek, but there is just one more thing."

I couldn't help it but felt just a small sense of disappointment that the session had finished, but I was intrigued that there was 'just one more thing'.

He looked a little nervous as he went over to a cupboard and pulled open a drawer, "Derek, my Master is very relaxed about most things, but there is one thing he absolutely insists upon."

As I sat up from the table and looked to where he had his back turned to me. "What is it?" I asked with some trepidation.

"Well! He always insists that his Mistresses husbands should have a cage. Like mine! You know - the one you commented upon."


"I know you will probably think it is a ........... What did you say?"

I had guessed that this was coming because Ken, my best friend back in Lewisham, was made to wear one by Antione - Ken's wife Janet's Mistress. "I said okay Georgiou. I thought it might be coming to this when I saw your little contraption."

He was nonplussed, "I was expecting a row, or at least a long discussion. Thanks Derek. I'm glad that we don't have to fight over it."

"Me too mate! Now perhaps you could show me the thing and put it on me. I'm an engineer but I think it might be a bit tricky for me in the position it's going to be installed," I said with a smile.

It was unlike Georgiou's. It was a small plastic penis shaped clear plastic tube that came with a horseshoe shaped open loop and various spacers, pins and a small padlock.

Georgiou put it in my hand and then dried off the oil from my body with a towel while I inspected and fingered the parts, trying to work out how it fitted.

"Ready," he asked. I nodded and he took the cage from me and knelt down with his head level with my groin. 

"I have done quite a few of these Derek, so it shouldn't take too long," he said while lifting by testicles up and  pushing the loop behind them. He was as good as his word and the pins were all of the correct size and ready for the tube to be slid onto my penis. Gently, he raised my 'little chap' and very quickly, and easily thanks to the oil, slid the tube over its length, he seated it over the locating pins and then locked me 'in' with a small click of the padlock. It had all been done expertly and swiftly and now I was an unmanned cuckold.

"How does it feel?" he asked.

I didn't really know what words to use because the physical feeling was that of a light weight on my penis and a piece of plastic around my balls - it was neither pleasant or unpleasant. But it was the emotional rush that I felt that nearly overwhelmed me. Before that moment I had been a man with an unfaithful Wife albeit with my knowledge and understanding, but now my masculinity was under lock and key, controlled, denied and caged. Suddenly I understood what it really was to be a cuckold - I was less than a man!

"Odd. It's not uncomfortable, but it has brought home to me just what my position is in my marriage," I replied. "I feel that my manliness has been reduced. Is that normal?"

"Yes Derek. That is very normal. Now maybe you're beginning to understand where I am coming from."

I looked down at the restraint and couldn't help feeling that the diminution of my manhood was going to be something that would be more common in my future life. 'So why aren't you outraged Derek?'

"You can't wear it outside of this suite Derek, so we shall have to remove it before you leave tonight," said Georgiou, "but tomorrow I shall have to shave your pubic hairs. It's better if you are going to wear it regularly."

"It's better if you are going to wear it regularly."

"Why would I wear it regularly Georgiou? Surely it is just while we are all together. I certainly will not wear it after Jen's month of, er whatever you call it, is up."

Georgiou looked a little embarrassed before he spoke "Derek! All of Master's lady slaves in the past have continued to belong to him after their month of enslavement has finished." He looked bashful as he continued, "Also my friend, so have their cuckolded husbands."

I said nothing but looked directly at him as if he had just grown another head.

"You need to think about that Matey," he said in his finest Greek Cockney, "you might be in this for the 'long haul. It will become normal for you to live this way."

"I shall cross those bridges when I come to them Georgiou, but in the meantime we are two emasculated cuckolds sitting naked in a massage room talking about enslavement. So much for normality!" I said as he grinned back at me.

"I'm going to like you Derek - I can tell. You have an eye for the ridiculous. That is the mark of an intelligent man." he replied. "Now let me get you a nice silk bath robe and release you back into the world."

We both laughed as he handed be a a good quality silk bath robe that came down to my knees. As I put it on I couldn't help feeling pleased that he liked me because I 'kind of' liked him too.

"Jennifer should be awake by now Master Derek," he said as I tied the cord around my waist. 'Master Derek?'

"That is good news Georgiou, because I am starving," I replied as I opened the door to leave, "and thanks. For everything."

Coming out of the dark bathroom area into the lighter main room of the suite hurt my eyes for a second or two. Although the sun had set over the desert the room lights were far brighter than I had become used to while in Georgiou's lair, so it took a few seconds to gain my sight.

Desmond was sat facing me with his back to the big window and a table laden with food and drink in front of him; with a wave he beckoned me over to join them both, "You took your time Derek. Did Georgiou treat you well? You certainly look refreshed. Come and eat!"

"Georgiou was an excellent Companion of the Bath thank you very much. And he has me fully equipped - as required." He clearly enjoyed the imaginative job description for my 'person washing' new friend who I had just left, and I could tell by the  satisfied look on his face that he immediately understood what I meant by 'fully equipped'. 'Now can I see my Wife bud!'

"Take a seat Derek, and help yourself to whatever you want. I shall just go and ask our beautiful and much loved mutual friend to join us," he said while standing up and moving to the bedroom door. 'Much loved? What does that mean?'

I was meeting my own Wife, so why was I nervous. She had got herself into this and by what I had seen and by what she had told me over the satellite phone calls, she was having a very good, albeit tiring, time. So  when I heard the door open behind me I jumped out of my chair like a scalded cat, my bath robe flew open revealing my new 'appendage and a tray of tiger prawns flew across the room. But I didn't care - all I could think about was the beautiful naked woman who slowly walked out of the darkened bedroom.

It was Jen, with a collar and chain - looking beautiful nonetheless.

looking beautiful nonetheless.

And I burst into tears!