Saturday, 6 May 2017

My Cuckold Shorts

Please enjoy my little vignettes of cuckoldry.

Clearly this happy wife understands the rearrangement of the 
old saying - ‘A Cock in each hand is as good as one in her bush.

When her Hubby sees her dressed for a date,
he knows that her Lover will enjoy unrestricted
access to her ever welcoming pussy, just
as he has so many times before.

Its that look on her face that says, “You
know I will!”, and its the look on his face
that says, “I know you will,” which tells her
poor Hubby that very soon they will. He knows
that she now has stopped taking her pill, and
tonight her lover will have his fill, and deep
inside her sweet body his dark seed he will
spill, and every cuckold knows it is nature’s will.

Knowing that he shows such tenderness as he pushes his
long black manhood into her is what makes a Cuckold feel
that all of his anguish and fear worthwhile.

Every Cuckold sees that smile and knows
that it will be another lonely night for him.
 It means that he is back in town and has
called her.

All cuckolded husbands understand that
when his wife is the Mistress of a better
man than he, that there is nothing he can
do to stop nature taking its course. And
what could be more natural than a potent
male mating with the pretty young wife of a
lesser man.

A True Cuckold knows that his wife’s body is always available
for her Lover to view.

In his mind’s eye he can see them together in a hotel room
as her Lover inspects his property to see if it is in good order
and if satisfied, he will satisfy himself and satisfy her for the rest
of the night they spend together. And like every good Cucky,
he knows that this is the way it should be when a weak Husband has
a pretty wife.

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