Saturday, 13 May 2017

My Boss wasn’t around.

In other words - another man was fucking her.

My boss wasn’t around so i left work early that afternoon for, in my view, a very good reason. All the clues had been there - the phone calls in private, she was shaving her legs more often, she had suddenly discovered going out with the girls three nights a week and above all, one night she called me by a different name as we made love. i was certain that my Wife was seeing another man, and that she was in an ‘intimate’ relationship. In other words - another man was fucking her.

When i arrived home i could see that her car was in the drive so i knew she was home. Quietly i let myself into the house and stood carefully listening; it wasn’t long before my fears were confirmed. A long drawn out moan could be heard coming from upstairs and i immediately knew that she was on our bed with another man.

Stealthily i climbed the stairs and upon reaching our bedroom door, i peaked inside. What i saw affirmed by suspicion but suddenly my courage failed me as i listened to the man building to his orgasm. i sat on the floor with my back against the wall and trembled with emotion as i heard the manly roar of her Lover as his seed erupted inside my Wife.

Long minutes passed until i heard the man pull out of her and get off the bed. I trembled even more as his footsteps grew louder as he crossed the bedroom door. Looking up at the door i saw the man

 “Did you enjoy my Wife in my bed.”

“Hello Boss,” i said, “did you enjoy my Wife in my bed.”

“Hey Derek,” he replied, “she’s a sweet little lady is your Jen. Very passionate! Very needy! And very, very dirty.”

“i’m very glad to hear it Boss,” i replied, “does this mean my job has changed? Especially now that my Wife is your Mistress?”

“Your job? Hell no! But I might need you to check out our office in Mexico. It might take a month or two.”

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