Monday, 1 May 2017

Daily Cuckold - You want me totally unmanned

My Boyfriend thinks it should be permanent now.

“I thought that was the whole idea. Lock me up and keep the key until you think I have been sufficiently unmanned.”
“Well it was initially but things have changed. My Boyfriend thinks it should be permanent now. Now matter how big a sissy you are”
“That wasn’t the deal. I’ve done everything you asked. I even knelt before you last night and, to show my total devotion to you, I tenderly kissed your pussy before you went out on a date with him. What more could I possibly do?”
“You could show your devotion to him in the same way.”
“How could I do that. He hasn’t got a pussy and …….. Oh! I see. You want me totally unmanned is that it?”
“Mmm! Then I may think about unlocking you cucky. Maybe!”


  1. Silly sissy - he clearly has no idea what it means to be totally unmanned. Wait until he finds himself fluffing and cleaning, and then we can talk. :)

    1. Hi Sally - thanks for your comment. He's on the path to 'true cuckoldry' which one day he will learn to not only endure, but to love as well.