Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Daily Cuckold - You Know i Love To Serve You

“Mmmm. It was wonderful."

“I see by the crumpled bed that he has been here all night.”
“Mmmm. It was wonderful. I lost count after three I was so turned on.”
“Do you want me to get down and soothe your pussy? It looks a little red and sore.”
“Oh yes please. But you need to know that some of his seed is still in there.”
“No problem. You know i love to serve you after a night with your Lover.”
“Yes I do, my semen slurping sissy cuckold. I most certainly do.”


  1. I love the phrase "semen slurping sissy cuckold"!

  2. I'm with Gary - "my semen slurping sissy cuckold" just about put me over the edge. :)

    1. It's just a phrase, but I'm happy that you enjoyed my 'Daily Cuckold' offering.