Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Daily Cuckold - Is there anything i can do?

“You could let me sit on your face."

“Am i to take it by your smug little smile that Abinayu has just left.”
“Mmmmm! He was wonderful. We went upstairs at twelve o’clock and we were still making love just before you arrived home.”
“Good God! Has he been fucking you all afternoon? You must be shattered. How many times did he ‘do’ you?”
“Oh I lost count Dear. All I know is that he has been shooting his seed in me by the gallon, and I’m a little sore down there now.”
“Oh dear! Is there anything i can do?”
“You could let me sit on your face. That is what a cuckolded husband is supposed to do isn’t it?”
“Oh yes please Mistress!”

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