Monday, 8 May 2017

Daily Cuckold - “I saw her go upstairs.”

Quietly i sat down in the corner of the room and
watched my Wife cuckold me for the first time.

We knew the party would be a bit racy and that the host knew a lot of Black Men, but my Jen and me thought it might be fun. With her ankle chain and bra-less top she was an instant hit with all of the young men there and, just like all the other parties we have been to, she flirted outrageously. It was never a problem for me; we always went home together and shared our fun in long conversations after making love in bed later - until that night.
“Where’s my Jen?” i asked a friend at the party. He looked evasive when he replied, “I saw her go upstairs. She wasn’t alone.“ He was right, she was with Ramon. She was very much with Ramon.
Quietly i sat down in the corner of the room and watched my Wife cuckold me for the first time. It was the start of a new life for us both and we have never looked back since that day.
So that is Jen and me now; an older married couple, still deeply in love with each other. She has her Lovers and i have the pleasure and knowledge that i am a true cuckold. Life is sweet.


  1. Oh that wonderful first time when Hal came to our home. He was invited for Thanksgiving dinner with the understanding he would be spending the night with my wife. After dinner they proceeded to go through their usual greeting when she went over to his place. The kissing, groping, taking each other's clothes off followed by more intimate touching until he carried her off to the bedroom. The sex was lusty and intense punctuated with licentious conversation. She would periodically emerge for bathroom trips and let me witness first hand how he could make her blossom like the woman she really was but dormant in our marriage. Her gait stated how proud and content she was. The radiance of her face was something that could not be duplicated by any cosmetic makeover. And oh, the scent of their musk. The next morning when they were saying their goodbyes in the hall, he opened her robe, undid his zipper and inserted a remarkable cock in her. The images and scents remained with me until they were permanently imbedded and used to build on.


    1. It seems to me Tiresias that your 'Thanks' for 'Giving' your Wife to another man was the reward of the sounds and smells of the woman you love mating with a well-hung Lover. Such nights are the just reward of the true cuckold.