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The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter 15 - Date Night - Part Three

Date night.

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'What the hell are you playing at? You stupid man, if indeed that is what you are now?' I thought to myself as I left the bedroom to answer the door. 'You are stark naked except for a small device on your little  penis, your Wife was now dressed beautifully for the pleasure of the man who was now ringing on the bell ready to take her out on a date. Are you man or mouse? Don't answer that!' 

In just a few days my life had been turned upside down, starting with Elaine's so called 'seduction' on that beach on the South Coast and now here I was, after she had spent the previous night with her Lover in our marriage bed, going down the stairs to let him in. Jackson, the erudite and charming seducer of my Wife, the black stud who she now routinely refers to as her 'Master', was the cause of the demise of my manly status.

To cap it all, I had inadvertently referred to Jackson as 'our Master' to Elaine as I had helped her dress for her date with him even though I had told him that I would never call him that just a few hours before; furthermore Elaine was now insisting that I call her 'Mistress'. If I possessed any resistance to this assault on my manliness before then what little I had was rapidly dwindling.

"Yes Mistress!" I had replied when she had told me to let 'our Master in' and had not even thought of looking for clothes to put on. I was clearly taking Elaine's assertion that she wanted me to be naked when preparing her for dates to heart, so it seemed natural for a cuckold like me to go to the door to greet her lover in a humiliating state of undress. So it was with all of these thoughts rattling around in my head that I unlatched the lock and swung open the door.

"Hey cj," was his friendly, laughing greeting as I crept behind the door so as not to reveal my nakedness to the people in the road, "nice to see you're getting into the swing of things." I nodded to him but lowered my eyes in embarrassment, "Is my Lady ready for our big night?"

"Just finished Ma.... Er Jackson." I replied in what I thought to be an appropriately deferential Manner, "she will be down directly." It was a curious thing, but to be naked amongst the clothed can often bring out the timid side of people, and I was no exception. He did not appear to have noticed my near slip up, but I knew he had; heavens knows that I had almost done it earlier. 'What's the matter with you?' You seem to be welcoming this.'

Like a good servant should (when did I become so willing to serve?), I followed Jackson into the kitchen and waited for further comment on my nakedness but none was forthcoming. "Have you prettied her up for me cj?" he asked - pointlessly I thought. 'Is he a little uncomfortable with me standing here in all of my pinkness?'

"It wasn't difficult Jackson, she's already quite lovely don't you think?"

He looked directly at me as if to judge the implications or hidden meaning of my comment, "I think Elaine is one of the loveliest women I have ever known cj. Inside and out! She's as gentle and loving as she is pretty. A great combination don't you think?"

This was the moment that confirmed what I had already suspected. Jackson was in love with my Wife and this was a delicate situation that needed expert handling. And with a sudden realisation I knew that I could fuck this whole thing up for all three of us if I wanted to. Elaine is a loving, albeit mischievous woman, who cares deeply for two men; one of them a well-hung passionate Black Lover and the other her accepting, devoted little cuckold husband - me!

"I can understand why you, and other men, would want her Jackson. She is, as you so rightly say, a good combination," I replied, trying to make some kind of common ground between us, "and as for me, I am trying to be my very best at this cuckolding thing. So it seems that we both have strong feelings for my Wife." 'That's it James, just remind him whose Wife she is.'

Jackson gave me a broad white-toothed smile and replied to the points I had just made. "Yes we do have strong feelings for Elaine, and thanks for reminding me that she is your Wife. I think I already knew that." 'Shit! Second guessed again!'

"But cj, we are where we are at the moment," he continued, "and we both have agreed, have we not, that our most important priority is Elaine." 

I couldn't remember any such thing but I nodded anyway. "Of course she is! It's just that I don't know if I am enjoying being a cuckold in this way, or hating it, or both!" I replied.

Jackson treated me, the house and half of South London to one of his booming laughs. Reaching out both of his arms he clutched my bony white shoulders with his big ebony hands. "cj that's dead easy. Don't over think it. You have the perfect cuckold's pleasure measuring instrument encased in that little plastic cage," he said with his face within inches of my own, "the tighter it feels, the more you like it. And vice versa of course."

"I see!" I stammered in reply.

"Remember. Your pride and a false sense of your manliness might be telling you one thing, but the penis never lies." He said while looking directly into my eyes.

'That's bollocks!' I thought, but decided to humour him by nodding again like one of those toy dogs we used to see in the back windows of cars.

"You don't believe me?" 'Fuck! He's seen through me again. "Let us have little experiment shall we?"

I said nothing as he stepped away from me and with his smile still playing across his face, he continued with the challenge. "I am going to take Elaine out tonight and tell her how much I feel about her. And when we arrive back here, I am going to take her up to the bedroom, strip her naked and make love to her all night. And you my little cuckold will kneel by the bed and watch me making your Wife go mad with desire for my strong body and big black rod."

He stopped talking and pointed down at my penis, "The case is proven Your Honour!" he exclaimed loudly.

And he was right. My 'cotton reel' had now doubled in size and was now so swollen that it felt uncomfortable in its cage. 'Smug bastard!'

"What are you two up to now? And what is all the laughing about."

"What are you two up to now?"

Jackson and I stood as one in admiration of my sexy Wife. Her see-through wrap left little to the imagination and showed off her beautiful curves to great effect. The room was still and quiet as both of us, Master and cuckold caught our breath at the sight of her loveliness.

"Close your mouths boys," she said playfully, "you might catch some flies. Oh and cj?"

"Yes Mistress," I replied. 

"Try not to wipe your feet on this little thing," she said sarcastically while waiving the hem around to demonstrate its transparent quality.

"No Mistress," I replied, much to Jackson's amusement and approval of my use of the word 'Mistress'.

Jackson moved back in to my space again and placed his hands where they had been before. "Everything! But everything we three are doing at the moment is for your benefit cj," he said looking intently into my eyes with his nose just inches from my own. 'I shall have to remember that when my Wife wraps her legs around your back tonight and you enter her with that huge manhood of yours,' I reflected with some cynicism. "It may not seem like it at first," he continued, "but believe you are up to the challenge. More so than many I think!"

What the hell did that mean? Am I a pushover or as enthusiastic as he said I am. More to the point - am I enjoying the whole thing? Maybe I need to clear my mind of what is holding me back from total capitulation. What is holding me back? Pride? Old fashioned sense of decency? My total emotional dependency on Elaine.'

One thing was certain, not once had I felt angry, hurt, heartbroken or any other sense of angst that a real man would be expected to feel. Instead, I had accommodated it all; emotionally and physically. I had even bought a little penis cage and fitted the thing to my minuscule equipment for Christ's sake. Maybe the news that my best friend Alan had been a cuckold for longer that myself had smoothed my ruffled feathers.

"cj!" I broke out of my reverie instantly at the sound of Elaine's voice, "Master and me are off now and we'll be back at ten....."


She laughed briefly at my little joke, "Yes tonight, but there is something, if you wish to be a good cuckold, that you must not do tonight."

"Not do? That's interesting."

"You stay naked! You stay upstairs in our bedroom and wait for Master and me to come home. And finally, you do not answer the door to anyone." She said. No that's wrong! It was an instruction.

"Anything else Mistress?"

"Why are you still here? Get upstairs now!" There was no mistaking the tone so I slunk upstairs like a chastised pet dog. 

The front door closed and I was left alone in the main bedroom, just me and my little plastic friend. 'What the fuck do I do now?' I asked myself. 'Nothing cuckold! You have said that you would play this game. You can't just pop downstairs and watch television. Your new life must be taken seriously.'

'Your new life must be taken seriously.'

I had plenty of time to think about what was to happen when Jackson and Elaine (a.k.a. Mistress and Master) arrived back. I knew that he was going to make me kneel by the bed and watch as he makes her go wild for his big cock, but what was my role in all this? They had both said that I would be there to serve, but in what capacity? Maybe I should show willing before they come back?

I turned on the bedside light and busied myself with the bed covers. Folding them down  neatly so the duvet was a thin strip at the foot I made sure that as much of the bottom sheet was showing as possible. ' They will need lots of room.' I thought, but there was something missing.

They wouldn't care if I went downstairs if it was for the right reason. Would they?

In the front room was a vase of red roses that I had bought a few days before and the flowers were still in good condition. Taking one of the blooms, I hurriedly ran back upstairs then pulled the petals off the flower and scattered them on the bed sheet. As gestures go it was a pretty emphatic confirmation that I had accepted by cuckold status.

The bed looked beautiful and inviting. I instinctively knew that this signal would be understood and appreciated. 'The cuckold not only accepts, but he is enthusiastic and ready for the next step.' 

Such were the thoughts running around my mind when I heard the key in the front door.

"cj! Where are you?" Elaine's voice came up the stairs.

"Up here Mistress," I shouted, "I'm still in the bedroom."

"Good boy. Master and me will be up directly. We have something wonderful to tell you."

I heard the keys and locks being closed on the front door and then the footsteps on the stairs as the loving pair ascended to join me, who by then was kneeling submissively by the bed.

Elaine entered the room first and as she saw the pretty rearranged bed and its red petals she let out a gasp. "Oh God! Look what he has done to the bed. I'm so happy ........." She couldn't finish speaking because the tears of joy had started to flow.

"Don't cry Mistress," I said - suddenly horrified that I may have done the wrong thing, "I thought you and Master would like it. I'm so sorry ....." I didn't finish my sentence either as I collapsed under her weight and was enveloped in a loving and fragrant embrace by the woman I adored. Elaine and me were laughing together in a heap on the floor while Jackson stood over us smiling like a tolerant father.

"cj," said Jackson quietly, "this is a brilliant touch. I am so proud of you. You are proving to be a really good friend to us both and such an obedient cuckold. So as a reward, I now want you to stand up and undress your Wife for me, and after you have removed all of her clothes then you shall give her to me in a gesture of your willingness to serve us both. This will be the first time that I will ask this of you, but rest assured it will not be the last. Do you understand what you have to do?"

"Yes Mast.... Jackson." I replied looking up from the bed and over Elaine's shoulder - again nearly breaking my promise not to call him ''Master'.

Elaine and me scrambled to our feet like two naughty children. "You're loving all this, aren't you," she whispered as we stood up together. I said nothing but patted her pretty round arse cheeks while out of site of Jackson.

Jackson started to remove his shirt and trousers; turning to me he said, "Don't start until I say cj." 

It took less than twenty seconds for him to be naked and when ready he turned and looked me in the eye. He just said one word. "Proceed!"

Jackson stood with his arms folded directly in front of Mistress and watched as I gently unzipped the flimsy dress which dropped to the floor to reveal her lovely body in her equally pretty black and red trimmed underwear.

Like a huge brown rock he stood unmoving as l unfastened her bra to release her beautiful round breasts. A smile broke on his face as I knelt behind her and unfastened the tiny suspender ribbons that held her stockings in place - perhaps it was my dexterity (or lack of) that amused him, but after just a little while there a was a black lacy puddle at her feet. She was bare except for her knickers and there was little surprise  when Jackson's appreciation of her beauty started to affect his manhood.

In the low light of the bedside lamp, what at first had looked like a long piece of heavy black cable hanging from his groin down to the middle of his strong thighs, was now starting to expand and lift gently away from the vertical. 'About a ten degree angle." I thought as I looked at his dark manhood raising itself slowly but surely.

A little cough above my head reminded me that my work was not yet finished, "Don't get distracted cj," she said.

There was only one item of clothing left to remove - the important one - the one with great significance. Slipping my fingers under the flimsy waist band elastics, I eased the black panties down over her arse and her legs to join the pool of clothing at her feet. My Wife was now standing naked in front of her Master ready for his pleasure.

Time stood still for a moment as Jackson raised his eyes and looked directly at me as if to say, 'I am waiting.' I knew what was expected and wasted no further time.

"I prepared my Wife earlier for your appreciation. I hope she met with your approval." He nodded. "And now I present her to you as your willing Mistress. For your pleasure and hers."

He nodded again and took hold of Elaine's hand and led her to the bed, "Resume your position cj," he said as he lay down on his back pulling Elaine down to join him. Without being asked or manoeuvred, her head moved instinctively in the direction of his even more expanding and hardening cock. Gentle fingers and little white hands explored and stroked his dark and heavily veined manhood, raising it up too stand perpendicular from his groin.

I made a small noise of emotion as my Wife, or my Mistress, lowered her head down onto Master's (that word again) large pink bulbous glans. There was no question about it, I was aroused by the sight of Elaine pleasuring the cock of a real man and the tightness in my penis cage reminded of his words - 'the penis never lies'.

Shifting around on the bed, Elaine placed her legs either side of Jackson's head and then lowered her pretty pink pussy down onto his face. It was a soixante-neuf - in my view as lovely picture of mutual pleasuring as would be my privilege ever to witness. It was as beautiful as it was erotic and as I knelt beside the bed I knew that I was seeing two young Lovers do something that they had done many times before. 

It was as beautiful as it was erotic.
For some minutes as she manipulated his manhood inside her mouth and he lapped expertly at her labia I was captivated by the sight of them mutually pleasuring each other, so it was with some surprise when they wordlessly parted. It was as if they were one, in a well practised move Elaine slid around the bed as Jackson rolled expertly over her and positioned himself between Elaine's wide open legs. It was time for the main act and I was kneeling next to the stage.

Elaine smiled up at her Master and reached for his now thick, blood engorged, large rock-hard organ. "Just one moment Master, let me tell cj the news before we start."

Jackson clearly hadn't expected this interruption but waived his hand in my direction, "Now is as good a time as any," he replied with some agitation.

"I said I had some wonderful news cj," she gushed.

I looked over at Jackson and had some sympathy for this interruption to his mating with my lovely Wife. 'Why sympathy? He's about to fuck Elaine. Are you now fully integrated as their cuckold?'

"Yes Dear, what is it?"

"Bruno, Maddie and Alan are going to formalise their way of life," she said. 

I said nothing, but a feeling of impending doom washed over me.

"They are going to be married."

"Sorry! Alan and Madeleine are already husband and Wife."

"Yes! But Bruno is going to take them both as his in a polyamouric marriage. On Sunday at Mede Manor. And we're invited."

I didn't have time to answer or ask the obvious question because at that moment 'Master' penetrated my Wife with his thick, bulbous headed cock. And from the noise she made I knew that conversation was out of the question. So like the good cuckold that I was so rapidly becoming, I settled down to watch.


  1. just wonderful

  2. hi i m an avid fan of your awesome work , only few writers have been successful in capturing the essence of interracial cuckolding, but i personally feel u should play with the ideas like strapon pegging for the cuckold, keyholder teasing (right ankle, neck)positions, qos tattoo, and pregnancy a bit more and try including them in your a+++ stories, which i believe will elevate ur stories to the next level hotness. if u need ideas check this tumblr site - Anyways DG . U ROCK!!

    1. Thank you for your response Anon. I do try and bring a sense of what it would be like in normal life for most people in this particular story. I know the London area in which the story is based very well just as I am a little experienced in what it is to have a Wife with a handsome Black Master. I shall be developing the story along some, but not all, of those ideas you have suggested. And I am glad that you are enjoying reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. Many thanks DG.