Saturday, 22 April 2017

It Would Be An Honour To Be Cuckolded By Wives Such As These

Oh! What it would be like to know that she cuckolds you? It would be an honour to know that she belongs to another man.

Her Black Master wouldn't want those pretty breasts
burnt, so her hubby hands her something to protect
them from the sun. It's what a caring cuckold does.

Her hubby knows that such beauty should be
shared and tenderly kissed before and after her
Lover has spent the night in her bed.

My young Wife always loves to wear the beautiful
things her Lover bring her to wear. My joy is that
I love to help her put them on.

Beautiful Anne. Who among us would resent this lovely
lady going off into the night to spend time in her Lover's bed.

Cuckold knows that soon he will understand
what it means to be the father of another
man's child. And his Wife's sweet smile
tells him that his humiliation will soon be

Young and beautiful, she stares back at you
as you beg her not to go to his bed. But you
know that pretty bra will soon be removed
by his large and gentle hands which will stroke
the pretty breasts that you once thought
would belong to you alone. Such is the life
of a newly cuckolded husband.

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