Saturday, 1 April 2017

How Would You React - Collared

Warning - this blog contains written and visual content of a 'gay' nature.

Your journey of total submission.

You had gone with your Wife to the Caribbean on a holiday to a resort called Mandingo Palms. From the very start of the holiday she had been going with a handsome big Black Man called Charles, who had fucked her on the beach and on the bed in front of you.

This powerful man and your Wife had now subjugated you so much that you were now happy to provide special sexual favours to them both. Your Wife told you that you were on a 'journey' and you knew that it was one of total submission to her and the man you now willingly call Master.

After shaving your pubic hairs so the skin around your groin was baby smooth, your Wife attached and locked a restraint onto your tiny penis. Not content with this level of humiliation, Master and Mistress made you parade naked around the swimming pool displaying your little cage. Everybody said that it was the best cuckold's 'graduation parade' they had ever seen - you were so proud. Your pride however was shaken when another cuckold told you that it was the custom for each Wife's birth control pills to be kept in a phial around the husband's neck.

On return to the hotel you had laid beneath your Wife as Master had taken her 'doggy fashion' - you relished the warm seed that flowed from her pussy into your mouth and the feel of Master's large manhood on your face. And just when you felt that your diminution could not be any less, Mistress gave you a present. The gift marked yet another stage in your cuckolds 'journey' - it was a pink collar and lead. You had a choice to make.

Although the idea of openly wearing this declaration of your servile cuckoldry was not offensive to you, you suddenly realised that, if you put this pretty collar around your neck, then you will have crossed yet another line that takes you even further away from the masculinity that you had always assumed you possessed.

All of this, and more besides, can be read in the Previous Chapters page to 'How Would You React'.

"Don't put it on yet Dear," your Wife, who you now called 'Mistress', shouted from the bathroom, "Master has another present for you."

You put the collar down on the bed and walked naked, except for your little cage over your pink shrimp of a penis, into the bathroom. ' Oh God! Is this where he gives me her pills in a phial? Is this the moment he tells me he is breeding with my Wife?"

He was sat on the toilet lid with a smile on his face and his large manhood dangling over the edge of the seat. "I thought that you performed your duties perfectly in bed earlier cucky, " he said as you approached, "so while my Woman takes her shower, that you might appreciate a little personal one on one time with me. How does that sound?"

" might appreciate a little
personal one on one time with me.
How does that sound?"

You knelt before him and looked closely at the bulbous end of his large brown cock. Leaning forward you made contact with the pink glans with your lips and kissed the head of your Wife's Lover's manly organ, "Is this what you had in mind Master?" you asked coquettishly just before pushing with the tip of your tongue along the edge of the foreskin partially covering his glans.

"You read my mind little man," replied Master, "you just carry on with that clever little tongue of yours and that sissy mouth. I shall be giving you a choice in a minute cuckold - you have been warned!" He laughed.

With soft hands and gentle fingers you lifted his massive cock up to your lips and by moving your tongue over the bulbous head you eased Master's foreskin down until the full, beautiful head was revealed. You were now getting into the swing of pleasing him.

Mischievously, you looked up into your Master's eyes and smiled as you ran your tongue around the base of his cock head and wriggled
the tip on his sensitive frenulum on the underside.  The edge of the now very pink 'helmet' felt warm and hard on your tongue and you could tell that he was enjoying this intimacy as much as you were.  It was an affectionate act of total devotion and you both knew it.

With your gentle stroking and your wet kisses and licking of his dark brown manhood, Master's shaft soon started to harden and stand upright like an iron rod. It was time for some serious pleasuring of his rod. Master sensed this and spoke to you in spite of the noises of pleasure emanating from his mouth.

"Food or facial cucky?" he asked.

You took his cock in your mouth and started to bob your head up and down to bring him on. It was crude, but it was effective until you realised he had spoken. You stopped moving your head to look up while making sure that your hands kept in contact with his rod.

"Sorry Master! What did you say?"

"I won't be long cucky. What would you like? A salty protein drink or a sticky face pack. Do you want to drink at the well or would you enjoy a little bit of humiliation," he replied through gritted teeth, "just name it - it's yours."

You returned to the loving ministrations of his rod.

You returned to your loving ministrations of his rod and thought about his offer. Deep within you you knew the answer. You wanted it! You needed it! It was what a true cuckold needed in order to understand his place in the world. 

"Facial please Master!"

"You've got it little man!"

You were dimly aware that the shower had stopped and that Mistress had stepped out to dry herself - and still your mouth, your tongue, your hands, your fingers and your sissy lips worked their magic on his ever hardening manhood. Low groans were now coming from Master and you knew he was close.

"Let me help you Dear," it was your Wife, who knelt behind you on the cold tiles and took a handful of your hair. Without applying too much energy she assisted your facial fucking by pushing your head further down Master's long shaft so the hard glans entered your throat. 'That feels so erotic. So ........ nice! I hope I don't choke!' you thought to yourself.

A load groan and Master's contracting ball sack told you the time was very near. You kept your hands gently stroking his member while at the same time pulling your head back ready for his seed. Mistress now fully entered into the spirit of the occasion by applying a vice like clamp on your head with her strong but very pretty hands. You were ready to receive Master's gift.

The first eruption landed in your left eye; the next almost immediately hit your Philtrum causing semen to enter your nose and your mouth at the same time. The third and fourth heavy streams of semen plastered your face in warm and sticky jism and still his big cock kept erupting. Your face was now a mask of ejaculate; it was in your eyes, inside your nose, inside your ears and in your mouth and throat. 

As you knelt there in the warm bathroom you knew that you had done your duty by your Master and your Mistress. You had been used as an instrument of pleasure and that you had been reminded of your status as that of sissy cuckold. Suddenly you had a new sense of worth and felt happy with your life.

As always, gravity took over and large gobs of the warm pungent semen oozed down your face and splashed onto your little plastic cage. It continued to flow down your groin and down each side of your testicles forming a slow-moving rivulet of white goo. You felt it trickle down past your tiny testicles and, although you could not see it through your cum filled eyes, it somehow seemed to symbolise your lack of manliness.

"Get in the shower cucky (how easy that name now rolled of their tongue) and wash all of this off you." Your Wife held out her hand and helped you to move under the spray and then turned it on to warm. "Here's the key for your cage as well. Take it off and put it in the sink to clean after you have washed yourself. 

You unfastened the little padlock and let it all fall down onto the floor of the shower and started to let the water wash the jism from you.  All was going fine for about ten seconds when a delicate but loud female voice broke through the noise of water streaming down your body.

"What do you call that cucky?" 

You looked back at her incomprehension until she pointed at your little penis standing up like a child's pink crayon. Clearly your sissy episode with Master had left you aroused.

"You had better take care of it. You can't go out like that." She turned away to the now recovered Master and sniggered. "Cucky has a stiffy," to which they both laughed out loud.

"Master and me will watch you get rid of it. Do what you have done at home when you thought that I wasn't listening," she said with a big smile on her face, "and do hurry up. We have a nice party to go to."

You felt such deep shame as you stroked your 'little man' hoping for a quick release but nothing happened. You had been aroused for so long that you were now in a priapic episode and although your well practised masturbation skills were pretty good, nothing happened. And to make matters worse, Master and Mistress were joking about your size and were using words like 'pitiful' and 'girly' as they watched you play with yourself.

"We need to get you settled cucky so we can collar you and re-lock your willy away," your Wife said but still nothing happened although you felt even a little closer to orgasm at the thought. "And as a special treat," she continued, "you can wear something pretty of mine at the party tonight." At hearing those words, you spurted immediately and fell to the floor in a faint.

You regained consciousness seconds later with the water streaming down on you, washing the last of Master's semen from your face and body. "Oh cucky! Are you okay? You had us both worried for a second," trilled your Wife from the edge of the shower.

"I'm fine thanks Mistress," you lied because your heart was still racing after your wonderful erotic humiliation, "I shall just wash up and clean my 'cucky guard'. I shall be right with you."

You dried yourself in the bathroom and reassembled your cage over your little penis. Exiting the bathroom you presented yourself to Mistress who looked down at your groin and smiled, "You managed it yourself. What a clever boy!" she exclaimed, 'Look Master! He did it all by himself"

Master smiled like an indulgent father, "he's coming along nicely."

"Okay cucky. Let's get this pretty collar on you," your Wife said as you knelt before her. It took less than five sconds to fasten it around your neck thus terminating decades of free will and masculinity. You liked the feel of it around your neck and loved what it represented. Your 'journey' seemed to be proceeding at an ever faster pace.

Your Wife stepped back to admire her handiwork, "Hop up onto the bed Dear, and let me take a photograph," she said while clapping her hands with glee, "I need this for posterity."

"I need this for posterity."

She took the photograph on her camera while you kneeled patiently enjoying the attention,"you look so pretty in that, and I have another present for you My Little Love!", she  said as she turned to open a drawer on the bedside cabinet.

"I think these will be just right for tonight," she said, handing you a pair of black fish net 'hold-ups', "don't let them snag on your toenails cucky."

You took hold of your Wife's stockings and rolled one and then the other carefully over each foot and up your leg to just below your cucky cage. With a final adjustment you were ready - ready for the party. The party that you knew would be fun.

With a final adjustment you were ready for the party.

Your Wife had you dressed in a feminine fashion and you had a slave's collar around your neck. If this were you fellow cuckolds: How would you react?