Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Daily Cuckold - Where’s His Dignity

"Is that a collar he’s putting round his neck?"

“What’s going on up there. It all looks very involved Dear.”
“Matilda’s Boyfriend just turned up and is going to take her away for the afternoon.”
“Then what is he doing with Reg, her husband? Is that a collar he’s putting round his neck? And what is Reg putting on his ‘little chap’? Is that a cage?”
“Oh lucky old Reg. He’s going to go with Mattie and her Lover and witness their mating. See how happy he is as he’s led away on a lead.”
“I don’t see how he could be that happy, being led away like a slave like that. Where’s his dignity?”
“Well you’re about to find out. My Lover Darnel just turned up and he’s come fully equipped. In more ways than one.”

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