Monday, 3 April 2017

Daily Cuckold - I’m At My Sister’s

“And what about you cucky boy?”

“No! Honest Luv! I’m at my Sister’s. I swear that I’m not on the beach with Marcus.”
“I thought I saw you putting a towel and your pretty white bikini in a bag just as you left this morning. You’re with him again aren’t you.”
“Oh you silly thing! I told you I had stopped seeing him. I did say that I had stopped cheating. Don’t you trust me when I tell you I’m not cuckolding you any more.”
“I would my Darling but I’m sitting here right next to your Sister. Would you like me to put her on. I think she would like to talk to you about about you fucking her husband Marcus.”
“And what about you cucky boy?”
“Just come home when you’ve had enough Dear.”

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