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Cuckold Counsellor - Jonathan Part One

Cuckold Counsellor

Jonathan Part One

I now had a clearer view of the history between Melanie, Jonathan and Nathaniel, if only from Mel's perspective. However, as I drove back to Bromley from Sevenoaks I couldn't help thinking about Jonathan and the dynamics between him and his Wife Mel, her Black Boyfriend Nat and little Julie. One thing I did know was that Jon, as Melanie referred to him, was a cuckold of some years.

He was a young man who possesses inadequate 'equipment' for physically loving his Wife although I knew, even without meeting him, that he clearly loves her and that she loves him. But does he feel the same about the beautiful baby Julie who Nathaniel and his Wife had made together. Was Jon a total submissive? One thing was certain, I needed to meet this guy because there must be more to him than meets the eye.

And Nathaniel, my Wife Jen's former Lover, what are his thoughts on this? Is Melanie just another pretty white vessel for his pleasure or is there attachment here too. Does he care about, or even care for, his Mistress's husband? Does he even acknowledge his existence?

"I can tell you something," I said to Jen as we sat down to dinner that night, "she doesn't like you. That pretty little thing knew you were at it with Nat in Corfu [holiday cuckold] and I can tell you she is one smart cookie."

Jen's face turned a red colour as she realised that she and Nat had not been as clever as they had thought. "Oh dear! I was so hoping to see the baby. What is she like by the way?"

"Julie? Beautiful! She has Mel's features and Nat's colouring - of course."

"Of course!" She replied meaningfully. It was a simple statement, but was loaded with significance for Melanie and her little family - ours too. "Well if there was ever an expert to help this little feller, then it's you."

I smiled ruefully and replied, "Derek Grant - Cuckold Counsellor - at your service madam!"

Jen came around the table and put her silk clad breasts either side of my head, kissed my growing bald spot and with great tenderness she whispered, "Fix this tortured cuckold 'D'. Fix this little family before it breaks. You can do it and you know why. You have - we have - already been there ourselves."

She was right, neither of my children are from my loins; they don't look like me or have the same colouring, but they are my kids who are well brought up, and happy. They were the result of her love, and I stress the word love, affairs that Jen enjoyed with strong and handsome Black Men. You can get an idea of what my younger cuckold life in South London was like if you read the chapters in my [T&L Auctions - list of chapters].

So I was uniquely qualified for this undertaking but I was determined not to jump in with any remedial measures until I had talked with all three of them and understood all of the issues. 'Perhaps,' I thought, 'when I have talked to Jon and Nat, I could get them all together. We shall see.'

I was eating breakfast a couple of days later when the phone rang - it was Jonathan. His voice was thin and his speech was terse, so I had the immediate sense that he was nervous and resented having to call me. I had some sympathy for his position, why would he talk about his sexuality to a total stranger, so I adopted an emollient tone that after five minutes seemed to work. We agreed to meet the following evening when Mel was going to be 'out'. Presumably on a date with Nat.

Jon turned out to be just like his voice - thin and tense. Tall, with a slight stoop he was the archetype bearded intellectual that can be seen on the television in any number of current affairs television programmes at any time. It was clear that, for his job in a major newspaper, he had a 'planet sized' brain; he also had a beautiful Wife, who sadly he could not, and never will, physically satisfy.

We shook hands at the door and I followed him in to the same sitting room that Mel and I had talked just two days earlier. As we sat down he evaded eye contact with me and I couldn't make out if he was nervous or resentful. I decided to settle him down with some easy questions about himself and to open up some common ground.

"What did Melanie say to you about me Jonathan?" I asked him straight away because. I needed to know what she had said to him in the way of preparation.

His face coloured bright red; so much for my easy questions. "She said that your Wife is Nathaniel's ex Lover and that you are a bit of an expert at that sort of thing. And please call me Jon. In the interests of speed and efficiency."

We smiled together, which warmed the room a little. "What did Mel say was the purpose for our meeting?" I asked as he turned red again.

"Mel thinks that I don't bond with the baby very well. She says the reason is because it's not mine." He replied with his face the colour of beetroot. 'The baby? It's not mine? She's beautiful and her name is Julie mate!' I thought to myself without, hopefully, not showing the sudden worry in my reactions.

"Is she right?"

He looked evasive at the directness of my query. 'So much for easy questions. Is this going to be difficult?'

"I do everything I am asked to do."

"That wasn't my question Jon." I replied in an even voice to hide my irritation at his reply, "Do you feel comfortable with her?"

He didn't show it but I could sense his own irritation that I had not let him get away with such a deflection, "I do my best Derek. Honestly I do. It's just that progeny thing."

At last! An honest answer! I decided to change tack to put him at ease. "Did Mel tell you that my Wife had children with two of her Lovers?"

"Yes she did. I don't really know what to say to you Derek. It's clear that we aren't the same. Sorry! I didn't mean to offend you," he replied - red faced again.

"No offence taken Jon," I lied, "but you're talking crap. You are probably more like me than you know. It is just the circumstances that are different," I looked at his even redder face and smiled, "and given time I shall prove it to you."

He took an easy way out to diffuse the mild confrontation we had just had. "Would you like some tea Derek?" He asked as he stood up to go to the kitchen.

"White - no sugar please." I replied as I realised that he was stalling for time. With that in mind I followed him and dropped a question in to see the reaction. "Is Mel out with Nat tonight."

"Oh yes! I think they have gone to see a film in Tonbridge Wells. They'll be back later." His reply elicited no emotion or emotional response as he filled the kettle. "Did you need to see them both?"

There was no deflection, embarrassment or evasion in his reply; his Wife was out on a date with the father of their child and he didn't even flinch. No beetroot face he at that very moment.

"Jon. Can I say something to you that I said to Melanie,?" I used her full name for effect which caught his attention, "Can we be honest and up front please. I am going to ask you some very personal questions and if you don't feel that you want to open up to me then we are wasting our time. I am a stranger to you after all. But I do have good intentions"

"I don't know if I can trust you," he replied, "if word of this got out at work I would be finished."

I needed to put his mind at rest. "The only people who are involved with this are you, Mel, Nat and me. And another thing - if you wish to ask me questions about my way of life I promise to answer you truthfully. How about that for a guarantee." I said as I took the cup from him to drink. It was good cup of tea too.

"Okay Derek! I agree! But it won't be easy for me."

Good answer! I needed to get him started and in a certain frame of mind. "You do know Jonathan, that you and I are most certainly not the only cuckolds in the world. There are millions of us. I bet that there are some guys at your newspaper who are just the same as us but never speak of it."

"Is that what I am? A cuckold? That's a bit strong isn't it?" he replied looking aghast.

"What other name would you give to it Jon." I answered. Clearly he had never seen himself as such a man.

"Unfortunate! Handicapped! Hanging on by the skin of my teeth."

"But not beaten?" I needed to hear his reply.

"No! Not yet anyway!" His reply was mournful and there was a tone of inevitability about it.

"You think she will leave you?" Now I really needed to hear this reply.

"I wouldn't blame her if she did. She needs - has always needed - more than I can give her. It was okay when Rob was standing in for me but since then I can feel the distance between us growing." Now I was getting somewhere with him.

It was okay when Rob was standing in for me.

"And has the arrival of Julie increased that distance." I asked - fully expecting him to blame it all on the baby.

"No! Not really. It was an humiliation of course. But I had little to do with it all." I tried not to show my surprise and it was an interesting answer. He felt on the outside, but didn't blame her. I tried a new tack.

"Well you certainly brought Mel and Nat together. Didn't you?" I thought it about time that I challenged his 'poor me' attitude.

"Yes! I did Derek. After those lumps that she was seeing after Robert got married he seemed so suitable."

"So you got his telephone number from him at the party and arranged a date for them both. Is that correct," I asked, "and how did you feel when they went out on her first date?"

"Nervous, but confident that he was the right choice," he replied as if he was accessing an old happy memory.

Instinctively I felt that this guy needed a little shake up as he was getting too comfortable with just talking. So I took a big risk, held my breath for a moment and then spoke, "You agreed to help me to help you Jon," he nodded in agreement, "then drop your trousers and pants, and show me your penis."

"What? No!"

"Mel told me you were small down there. I need to see for myself." I said a little more forcefully. In all truth I didn't care less about his willy, but I wanted to see how compliant he could be - that was the important test.

"I can't!"

"Liar! Do it now. Let me see your 'little man'."

For a second he stood there and I thought he was going to refuse, and then with a sudden flurry of activity his trousers and pants dropped to the floor.

"You're not gay are you?" He asked.

"It's worse than that mate," I replied, "I'm an engineer."

He laughed nervously and stood in front of me with his admittedly tiny penis in full view.

"And now the rest Jon. I want to see just what it is that your Wife has rejected in favour of a big Black Stud." 'Was I seeing things but did his 'feller' just move. Hard to tell really.'

He quickly lifted his tee-shirt over his head, stepped out of his trousers and stood naked in front of me except for his socks.

"This is it...............Seen enough?"

"This is it," he said while attempting to flick it up to make it look bigger, "seen enough?"

'O.K. cuckold,' I thought to myself, 'let's shake your tree.'

"And did you help Mel get ready for their first date," I said to a clearly embarrassed Jonathan, "or any other dates since."

"No! I never do. I don't ever feel that it's my job to do so."

'Did little pinky just twitch? Press harder Derek. Let's see what happens next.' 

"So you have never prepared her intimately for another man's appreciation. You've never bathed her, brushed her hair, dressed her, selected pretty underwear to wear or put jewellery on her in the sure knowledge that a better Lover than you will admire your handiwork." He shook his head without speaking but his face had grown red again. " And you have clearly not had the pleasure that many cuckolds have experienced of kneeling before her, kissing her mound in the sure knowledge that another man's big penis will soon be taking the place of your lips."

His expression changed gradually as I spoke, from blank to consternation as I described what I do when Jen goes on a 'special date'. Similarly, his willy was changing from tiny-shrimp to little shrimp. But I had more torture to dispense.

"And when you see her walk down the path to get into his car, do you watch through the curtains as Mel kisses her Lover. Making little promises to please him in bed that night with just the contact and movement of her lips on his. Laughing with him on her date - maybe about your little willy." 'Oh yes! That got you to 'half mast' didn't it Jon boy!'

Jon was now staring at me as if I had two heads. 'Is he about to 'chin' me. I wouldn't blame him if he did.' I thought with amusement.

Did you imagine them together, kissing and
pulling each other's clothes off to reveal
their nakedness.

"And when they returned from their date and went upstairs. Did you imagine them together, kissing and pulling each other's clothes off to reveal their nakedness. Her soft pink skin against his dark, almost black, body - how beautiful it must have looked; pink and black go so well together don't you think. 'Fortyfive degrees now - keep going. Cuckold to cuckold - this is such fun!'

"Can you see her in your imagination. Kneeling before him and taking his huge dark member in her hands and bringing the beautiful pink head up to her lips and kissing it tenderly. Her tongue flicking and rolling over the sensitive bulbous glans as the whole thing starts to fill with his hot blood. His dark cock now full and upright after Mel's expert ministrations being adored and worshipped by your lovely young Wife. 'Just off top-dead-centre now. Good work Derek.'

Jon was now physically shaking, his eyes were bulging and sweat poured from his forehead.

"And finally Jonathan! Mel laying on her back in your marriage bed with her legs wide open, smiling lovingly at Nat as he settles between her soft white thighs and lets his cock head nestle between her labia lips. She wants him and needs him inside her and like a lacivious whore she rises up to meet him and brings that lovely big rod of his inside her. He claims her. She belongs to him now and you are now a cuckold again, like so often before.

"Stop it Derek. You sod! Look at me."

I smiled back at him and said, "Thanks Jon. You've confirmed part of my theory. You're not in denial about them, you're flesh and blood after all. You do like to think about your Wife with her Lover."

He was teetering on the edge of ejaculation but he could just about talk. "You're wrong Derek. I don't think about Mel and Nat together."

It was my turn to be on the disadvantage. "How so Jon?"

"I watch them Derek. I watch them!"

"I watch them Derek. I watch them!"

With that, his little chap spurted a few drops of semen onto the floor.


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    1. You brought him out. I have never shied from admitting that I am a cuck. Good job Sir

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    2. He knew he was talking to another man just like himself richard. Thanks for the compliment by the way.