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The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter 14 - Date Night - Part Two

Date night

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So now I knew how Elaine and Jackson had met. Set up in a date by that slut Madeleine and her Black Lover Bruno - sorry - her Black Master Bruno. My best friend's Wife has a lot to answer for - or maybe not, for she clearly had Elaine's happiness in mind. Either way my Wife now had a Black Master and I was a cuckold who, in his opinion was now an 'enthusiastic novice'. Maybe, but would I now continue to travel down this road of sublimation of my manliness into  - into what? Certainly, Elaine had just pushed me further along by implying that I should now refer to her as ' Mistress'.

The trip to Bond Street had been a revelation; I now knew that Jackson had taken my Wife to the underwear shop many times and the girls Tina and Sophie had both known that I was Elaine's husband. They had not said anything although their muffled giggles told me that they were laughing at me. I realised that this had been the first time outside of my own circle who knew that I was a cuckold; it was an odd feeling but to my surprise a not unpleasant one.

I left the (expensive) bags in the bedroom and started to undress and prepare to join Elaine in the Shower Room. "Come on cj,"she shouted from under the shower, now running streams of warm water over her naked body, "come and do your duty to your Mistress." Her voice was full of fun and excitement. 'Mistress eh! That bloody word again' I thought to myself as I walked naked into the room.

"Oh you still have Master's chain on your little willy," she said with a smile as I stepped into the shower, "it looks so sweet. I think it's only fitting that he has such a claim on you. Don't you?" 

I nodded in submissive acquiescence as I replied. "I had better take it off though, otherwise the elastic might get rotten and break," I said as I reached for her expensive shower gel, "what do you think Elaine?"

There was no answer except for a lightning quick grab of my testicle and penis by her left hand, which she then squeezed hard to make me squeal like a girl and drop the bottle with a dull thud on the floor. "What did you call me cj?" she said in an ominously quiet voice, "what did you, the cuckold, refer to me as?"

"Elaine!" I replied in pain while looking directly into her half closed eyes and indignant face.

"Try again cj!"

"Mistress! I'm sorry I forgot." I replied while trying and failing to convince her that I was not in pain.

She squeezed harder as her voice oozed sham affection. "Try again My Love." She repeated, "With enthusiasm this time."




"Again - louder this time."

There was only one way out of this and that was to show willing.

"Mistress!" I screeched, making the Shower Room reverberate with the noise, "Mistress, Mistress, Mistress, Mistress."

"Well done cj," was her response to my noisy confirmation of her new status in our lives, "now kneel before me and say it once again. And say it like you mean it."

Her release of my genitals was a profound relief after the pain and I realised that there was only one thing to do to prevent further occurrences - I knelt. As the water cascaded over my head I placed my knees either side of her feet on the hard tiled floor and looked up at her. "Mistress!" I repeated quietly; and then growing into the mood of the moment I continued, "It is my honour to serve you Mistress."

"Well done cj. You must never forget what you have just said," she replied; her voice almost loving and tender, "and you may now kiss me where I know you like to."

I immediately knew what she wanted and leaned forward to kiss her soft, pink mound, in response to which Mistress eased her legs apart thus allowing my tongue to ease in over her labia and her clitoris. She was absolutely correct, this is one of her places that I always love to go and so does she.

For just a few minutes I pleasured my Wife in this way, happy in the knowledge that I was fulfilling my obligations as a dutiful servant. A duty, I promptly realised was making me feel good about myself. 'Was I born to intimately serve her. Was I born to serve them both? Is this what I am - a humble cuckolded man who now understands what he is for? Submission? Obedience? Passivity? Obeisance? All of them in servitude?'

Fulfilling my obligations as a dutiful servant.

"That'll do cj," she breathlessly exclaimed through small shivers of pleasure, "you will have me down there with you if this continues. I think you're a natural at serving Dear. It seems to suit you." 'Oh shit! she can read my thoughts as well as her Master. Master? Am I getting used to this idea?'

Elaine's - sorry - Mistress's legs were now trembling and her body was now starting to squirm in response to the expert application of my tongue on her clitoris. The last thing I needed was for her to collapse in the shower so I stopped my pleasurable ministrations and sat back meekly waiting for my next instruction.

"As you're down there cj, you might as well start washing me from bottom to top, instead of top to bottom as usual," she commented, "and here is my sponge." 

I picked up the bottle of shower gel from the corner of the tiles and waited. The large natural sponge that we had bought on a holiday in Italy bounced onto the floor beside me, so in good 'servant like' fashion I applied a large dollop of gel onto its soft round shape and started on her feet. Everything lathered up nicely and it wasn't long before I was washing those lovely round arse cheeks of hers after her long legs had received the treatment they deserve.

I don't think that there is any place in the world I like more than to be in close proximity to those two delightfully shaped buns. In the warm shower there was no way that I was going to let such a moment or opportunity pass so I just eased my nose between her cheeks and pushed my tongue into the crack of her arse. Her silence told me all that I needed to know.  

Elaine had felt my face on her arse many times and so reacted instinctively by bending forward to allow my busy tongue to slide up and down that beautiful crease pausing only to push gently, but momentarily into her anal sphincter. This was as intimate as it could be and I was more than happy to show her just how much of a 'servant' I was prepared to be. Besides - my tongue had played at that particular little place long before 'Master' appeared on the scene. In all truth, my physical pleasing of Elaine would not be a lot different in the future to that before, except that I was now expected to call her Mistress. 'If that's what you want Mistress then you shall have it. As long as I can please myself with your pretty arse.'

"Come on cj! We don't have that long before Master arrives and you need to help me get ready for our date. Let's finish washing and then dry ourselves," she said while pulling her arse away from my face, "and you need to take Master's chain off and put put your little plastic friend back on."

"Yes Mistress!" I replied dejectedly and continued to wash the rest of her beautiful body.

I dried her first with a warm towel, then myself and then went naked down the stairs to retrieve my penis restraint. If nothing else, I had always been a hygienic person (arse licking notwithstanding) so it was just a matter of minutes before the plastic curled tube, bridge and cock ring plus Jackson's chain were back in the shower room and immersed in warm water and soap.  Cleaning took just a few minutes and within moments my little penis was back in its rightful place - locked away - and suddenly I felt whole again. Within just a few hours, I realised, this small plastic apparatus had become a part of me and symbolised my new way of life.

Suddenly I felt whole again.

"Stop daydreaming cj and come and help me. I need your opinion."

"Let me get something to put on Mistress, and I shall be right with you," I shouted from the shower room, still fiddling with the plastic to get my 'cotton reel' in comfortably.

"No cj! Come now. And come as you are." There was no mistaking her tone and I obeyed immediately.

"You don't mind me being bollock naked then," I said as I entered our bedroom, "it's a good job it isn't winter."

"This is how I want you when you help me get ready for dates cj," she replied, "it just seems appropriate somehow. Don't you agree?"


Elaine looked thoughtful for a moment. "We did say, or intimate, that we would help you down this road didn't we?" I nodded in agreement. "So this is the start. Verstehen?"

"Ja mein liebchen! But if we could dispense with the seventh grade German right now, perhaps you could tell me just how squeezing my little nuts in the shower contributes to my journey into cuckoldry?" was my response.

"It didn't," she answered, "it was just my bit of fun."


She laughed. "Cuckold!"

We both laughed. And for one brief moment we were Elaine and James again.

"Lay out that pretty black and red lingerie for me cj, the one you bought for me today, and then help me with my make up," her imperious tone was back, "and let's start with my toenails."

The 'together' moment was over and I obeyed immediately. "Yes Mistress!"

Elaine always did her own hair and makeup, although I had been known to brush her hair in the past, however it was a regular event for me to paint her toenails; it was something that I had always been good at. It probably had something to do with my GCSE in art and Design from school (Note: General Certificate of Secondary Education - a British educational qualification).

Applying the first layer for Mistress.

Elaine sat sideways at the dressing table and offered a foot to me kneeling naked on the bedroom floor. Gently supporting it on my thigh I took the small bottle that she handed down to me and, after removing the brush, I applied the first layer. Quietly - I knew better than to disturb her when she is 'making up' - I worked on her left foot and when finished I blew on her toes to make sure the vivid red paint was dry.

Without a word being said, and because we had worked as a team in this way many times before, she knew exactly when I had finished and pulled her left foot away and brought her right down so her toes were resting gently on my cage. She said nothing and did not look down, but I knew she was smiling to herself and to be truthful, so was I. 

As is usual, her preparations and my nail painting were completed at the same time, such is our simpatico - the same simpatico that means my pretty unfaithful Wife and me, the cuckolded husband, are emotionally on the same wavelength. Knowing this had made my acceptance of our new life that much easier, so it was no surprise when she looked down at me and said, "Help me into this lovely new underwear cj."

"Knickers or no knickers cj. What do you think?" Elaine asked me as she picked through the pretty pink and black items on the bed, "It is just a date so you can get used to the idea of me being with him while you wait for us at home. I don't know where he's taking me, but it won't be far and we should be back by ten o-clock."

"Well the knickers are little more than a thong Mistress," I replied, now getting into the mood of the whole thing, "so if within that couple of hours tonight he wants to enter you, then it can be pushed aside without too much bother. So go with the knickers."

She looked at me for a long moment to see if I was taking the piss, but decided against. "Good grief cj!" she remarked, "you really are getting into this whole thing aren't you."

"I was just thinking that if I was a real man like our Master I would want to slide my manhood inside you at every opportunity. That's all!" I replied.

She looked up in surprise. "Our Master cj? Did you just infer that Jackson is your 'Master' too. That is a new development. I can't wait to tell him."

"Oh please don't Mistress. I'm not quite ready to say that word. I did tell him that I never would call him by that title and I am not ready to capitulate just yet." She could hear the entreating in my voice and smiled as if in placation.

"I understand Dear; it was just a slip of the tongue. I won't tell him you said it."

I thanked her but I could tell she was lying, and that she knew that I knew she was lying and that I knew that she knew that I knew. 'Oh God. Are we doing this again!'

I looked at the pretty lingerie on the bed again and remarked that it seemed very complicated, at which she smiled back at me and replied, "I have worn lots of sexy things like this for Master because I know he enjoys removing them. He does like a challenge does my Lover."

I was stunned. She had called him her 'Lover'. My Wife had (inadvertently?) just reminded me that her and Jackson were a 'love match' and not just a couple of rutting sexual athletes who couldn't take their hands off each other.

"Well we had better get on then Mistress," I remarked, now adapting quite readily to the use of her new title, "he will be here in ten minutes so we had better get a move on."

It was well practised ease that I knelt down before her and slid her thong up her legs and then settled it over her waist - leaving her to make the final adjustments so it just covered her mound and lay delightfully in her arse crack.

Her bra was next and, again with the help of practice, I clipped it at the back while she held it gently to her pretty breasts.

Wordlessly we worked as a team again, just as we had done so many times before. As she sat down on the nearby bed I slid the black stockings over each foot and then slowly up her long legs to halfway up her thigh. Standing up again, the little black ribbons hanging from the garter belt that she had put on earlier dangled down over her arse and her legs. "Hook me up cj," she said as she stood and reached for some jewellery to put on, "and that'll be that I think."

"Apart from your dress Mistress," I remarked with my head just inches from her pussy as I pushed the button through the stocking top, "or does Master prefer you without it."

Or does master prefer you without it.

"Don't get sarky little cuckold," she said in admonishment while trying not to smile, "and pass me my new wrap. That nice silky black one."

She was ready and she looked beautiful. She looked just like any woman who has just got ready to meet her Lover - happy and radiant.

I stepped back and looked at the whole picture of loveliness. The wrap was sheer and - just like the dress from the night before - almost transparent. "Somebody has developed a taste for see-through dresses haven't they," I mischievously remarked.

Turning suddenly she put her face into my own, with her nose less than an inch from my own, "Yes! That's right! I do! Especially the ones that aren't used as bloody doormats."

It was just at that moment that the doorbell rang. 

"That will be our Master cj. Hurry and let him in while I tidy up in here." 'Our Master again? This is moving faster than I thought.

"Yes Mistress." I replied and left the room - naked except for my new plastic friend. 

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Chapter 15 - Date Night - Part Three

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