Saturday, 4 March 2017

My Cuckold Shorts

I always enjoy presenting my cuckold reflections - I hope you enjoy them too.

Its the look that every Cuckold knows, that tells him:

“He is what I want - not you! His cock is what I need
- not yours! And the child now growing inside me is
his - not yours!”

A True Cuckold accepts that this is the
way it is now and will always be for an inferior Husband.

When you watch your young Wife and her
Lover together you know that some things
are meant to be. And that there is no question
who is the father of the child that now grows
peacefully inside her, because that is all a
True Cuckold can expect.

Seeing his wife dressed in this way, ready
for a visit from her boyfriend is such a turn
on for a Cuckold.

As a True Cuckold, I will do anything to prove my devotion
to my lovely unfaithful wife, even if it means my total humiliation
to her wishes. And as that large black member erupts her
Lover’s seed into her tonight I shall know my worth and the
true meaning of being a submissive, cuckolded husband.

Someone once said that every white wife secretly
wants to be a black cock whore. 
And so does her
Cuckolded Husband! He instinctively knows that
she should belong to a better man than he, and used
in the finest traditions of interracial mating.

“I know that you like me being used like
a whore by him, but even me, slut that I am,
can see that I am not over dressed. Now stop
being a stupid Cuckold and let him in the
front door, and don’t forget to kneel before
him and beg him to fuck me as you always do!”

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