Saturday, 18 March 2017

It Would Be An Honour To Be Cuckolded By Wives Such As These

After a day's work, us cuckolds love to come home to Wives like these. Beautiful but salacious, kind but humiliating and true to one man - the one she is in bed with at the time.

When a handsome Black Man is in the room, 
my Wife just can't help herself. I am happy to report.

"I'm absolutely certain that Master
will like you in that Dear."

Its the confident look of a Wife who enjoys a
Black Master's attentions and a cuckold
husband's obedience.

The look that that tells her husband not to
interfere; she is going to spend the night in
her Lover's bed whether he likes it or not.

Pretty little Wife in 'Virgin' white underwear gives
the impression of purity, but her cuckold and
her string of Lovers will tell a different story.

A lovely suburban housewife, who would
guess that she cuckolds her husband
with a big black man.

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