Thursday, 30 March 2017

Daily Cuckold - While I Still Have My Figure

Does cucky know yet?

Txt: ‘You been training again babe?’

Txt: ‘Thought I would while I still have my figure.’

Txt: ‘Meaning?’

Txt: ‘You’ve put one in me you big stud.’

Txt: ‘Oh Heck! Does cucky know yet?’

Txt: ‘Told him just now. He knows its yours. There was no point lying really - him being a wimpy white boy and all. He would know when its born anyway. He’s cool though. He knows he’s a cuck.’

Txt: ‘Excellent. See you tonight? I promise I’ll be very gentle.’

Txt: ‘ Don’t make promises you can’t keep and I don’t want Master. XXXXX.

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