Thursday, 2 March 2017

Daily Cuckold - Look down cucky boy.

Your Wife loves to open her legs for me.

“So it’s like this Derek. There must be something you see here that makes you realize why you’re a cuckold. What do you think it could be?”
“The way my Jen tells it, it’s your personality, your intellect, your sense of humour, your strength and your stamina when you are both in bed together.”
“Nothing else springs to mind just why your Wife loves to open her legs for me?”
“None that I can think of Master?”
“Look down cucky boy. Look down.”


  1. Did he ask you to suck it or force you to?

    1. He didn't ask and he certainly did not force me to do anything April. I simply knelt before my Master and showed him exactly why i am happy to serve him as my Wife's Lover and the better man. And by the way, you never 'suck' a cock because that could cause pain and harm, you 'pleasure' it with your tongue, lips and gentle hands.