Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Daily Cuckold - I am just as happy as she is

She has a hard thrusting Black Lover

Whenever I see that new faraway look on my lovely Wife’s face I know exactly what is on her mind. His name is Onje and he is a big African stud who is built like a brick outhouse. It was only last Friday that she succumbed to his repeated requests for a date and went out into the night to enjoy his company. It was no surprise to me that she liked his company so much she thought she would try out his bed - my Wife liked that too, very much.
So this is where my Wife and me are at the moment. She has a hard thrusting Black Lover, so when I see her distant expression I know she is happily recalling those wonderful things her Lover has done to her.

And me? I am what I was born to be. A weak cuckold. And I am just as happy as she is.


  1. What a beautiful look on her face!

    1. That's the look of a Wife with a Lover Gary. Happy, peaceful and enchanting.