Saturday, 18 February 2017

Who wouldn't want to be cuckolded by her

As good cuckolds we all love to be cheated on by our Wives, but who of us would not want to be publically humiliated by famous Ladies such as these.

Beautiful Eva Green could come home
a thousand times from her Black Lover's
bed, let me soothe her swollen and
seeded pussy with my willing tongue and
I would never say a word against her. It would
be my pleasurable duty to be her willing and
devoted cuckold.

Mila, you could cheat on me
a million times and I would
still come back for more, because
your beauty deserves a Lover as
well as a faithful cuckold.

Kelly's beauty would be a magnet
for any well hung black stud.
Just imagine how wonderful it
would be to see her leave to be
with another man in his bed.

Emily, you deserve a Lover who can do
justice to your beauty in his bed as well
as a cuckold like me.

All cuckolds dream of serving
you and your Lovers Sharon.

Sweet Gwyneth's cuckold would need to
serve her and many handsome young
Lovers, and be glad that he can.

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