Saturday, 4 February 2017

My Cuckold Shorts

Please enjoy my reflections on what it is to be a cuckold.

She’s out ‘on the pull’, getting ready to cheat.
 And Hubby knows that she will be successful
because she always is, and he knows that he
won’t be seeing her again for a day or two.

After a long night of lust and pleasure with the
man she loves, a Happy Wife likes to shower
with him just to maintain that level of intimacy
that she has enjoyed all night. And when she
gets home to her Cuckold she will be nice
and fresh for the new day.

And so does her sissy white Cuckolded
Husband, because its the natural order of things.

"It doesn’t matter how much she loves you,
or what plans you’ve made for your life together.
When I want her, she’s Mine. You can have
her back when I’m done."

"Yes Master! And when she bears your child I shall be so grateful."

Watching them together in the pool, naked and free to
enjoy the feel of their bodies pressed together, unaware and
uncaring that I look on at my wife and her lover making promises
 with their kiss. Knowing that soon they will leave the pool
and go up to our bedroom to make the baby she has promised
him. These are the times a True Cuckold lives for.

Are you a Learning Cuckold little man?

I am far from a ‘Learning Cuckold’, because I have
 been one for over 20 years, and I can tell you that
watching my wife kiss her black lover like those
two above is wonderfully arousing for me. Its
because it is the prelude to a long night of giving
herself to him in our bed.Here’s to another 20 years
of Cuckoldry!

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