Saturday, 25 February 2017

How Would You React

Warning - this blog post includes content of a 'gay' nature.

You're a cuckold now 
and you know it. 

You are a cuckold! You know it now, because after just a few days at a Caribbean resort called Mandingo Palms your Wife has been seduced and fucked by a handsome Black Man called Charles. He had taken her on the beach and in your bed and each time you had stood by and watched the Woman you love penetrated by a far better man than you. 

You now call her lover 'Master' and have learned to pleasure him sexually; although you are not gay you have discovered total acceptance of the diminishing of your own manliness and the bliss of showing your devotion to the 'Alpha Male'. As a newly self discovered 'submissive' you had willingly allowed your Wife to place a little restraint over your tiny penis and lock it away. She had symbolically unmanned you, and you had embraced it.

You had gone out to the pool and had met another of the many white cuckolds at the resort who asked you if you had 'paraded' and you replied that you had not. Within minutes however, your Wife had removed your shorts leaving you naked by the pool, in view of everybody. It was then that Master told you to get some beer from the bar and your Wife told you to lift your knees up and prance so the movement of your little caged penis would amuse all the Black Men, the Wives and all of the cuckolds around the pool. You did so willingly and you were overjoyed when the Black Man at the bar told you to wear cuckold's antlers on your head.

Finally your new cuckold friend Ken, showed you a glass phial hanging from his neck - "It contains my Wife's pills," he told you, "her and Jerome are making another one." He then told you, "It's the custom here that all cuckies keep their Wives' pills inaccessible like this. It just adds to our humiliation and their fun. It'll be your turn next.

All of this, and more besides, can be read in the Previous Chapters page to 'How Would You React'.

Your elation at carrying out, what most people by the pool would agree, was one of the best 'parades' ever seen at Mandingo Palms was now tempered by Ken's revelation. 'Being a cuckold and having fun in this decadent hotel is one thing, but this news is momentous,' you thought to yourself as you followed Master and Mistress at a respectful distance back to your room, 'I guess that would make me a 'true cuckold' then.'

"I'm so proud of you," your Wife gushed as you entered your hotel room together, "not only did you show off your little restraint so daintily, you did it with style." You blushed as she continued, "and everybody there could see you were enjoying it."

It was true. You had loved it. You had felt a freedom at being humiliated in this way because all pretensions of manliness had been removed from you. You had nothing to hide so you had displayed your nakedness and your tiny penis and its demeaning cage with panache. And to cap it all (pun intended), the headgear that you were wearing still had been the ultimate, and most wonderful, cuckold shaming.

But you did not feel ashamed; you had instinctively understood that this was the natural order for a man like you. A man that would wear his cuckold horns and be happy, contented and without care of who knew or what they thought of you.

the natural order 
for a man like you

You stopped at the door of the room and decided to say something to clear the air so Master and Mistress understood how you felt about your new status, "I want to thank you," you said to them, "for my enlightenment. You both knew what I am, without me even realizing it."

Mistress turned around and approached you with her arms outstretched. Reaching up to straighten your cucky horns that had been dislodged as you had entered the room she then held your gaze prior to kissing you gently on the cheek. "You are on a journey My Darling. A journey that has only just begun."

You wondered at what she meant by 'journey' but nevertheless settled in the room where the three of you had a glass of beer and cooled down after a warm afternoon by the pool and chatted together as friends. You felt elated after your little triumph and happy to be part of the little trio sharing a drink.

"Come and join us little cuckold, and you can take your hat off now," said Master as he held Mistress's hand as they stood and moved across to the bed, "we have something new for you to try. You stood up, hatless this time, and followed the loving couple.

You stood to one side as the two began to kiss passionately and remove each others' clothing in the course of their arousal until they stood naked in each others' arms.

In the course of their arousal

It was clear that they were about to make love again and you prepared yourself to stand there and watch - but you were in for a surprise.

"Cucky boy!" Master had managed to remove his lips from your Wife's and was now looking at you, "I want you to lay across the bed, face up. It's time for some more of your training."

"Yes Master," you replied and obeyed immediately.

Within seconds you felt your Wife's legs place themselves either side of your head and her pretty pussy was within licking distance of your, now well used, tongue.

Within licking distance of
your, now well used, tongue.

You needed no further direction so you set about pleasuring Mistress in the way that you had done so many times before Master's arrival in your marriage. Unconcerned that his big manhood had ploughed her slick furrow earlier in the day, you did your highly personal duty to your Wife. You were being used again and the gradual tightening of your little cage was evidence of your delight at serving the woman you love.

You knew that Master was standing at the end of the bed and that your Wife was doing the same for him, as you were for her - pleasuring him with her tongue and her mouth - like a good Mistress should. And you knew what a good cuckold should do too; with one hand on your Wife's breast (well why not enjoy yourself) and, by feeling your way with the other, you made contact with her chin. You could feel her head moving on his big rod so you moved your exploring hand away from her face, gently with a light feminine-like touch along his big rod and finally with just a slight stretch of your arm you made contact with his heavy seed-filled balls.

With Mistress now sat upright on your face her anal sphincter came within reach of your searching tongue. You were now an instrument of depravity and willing subservience. As your tongue gave your Wife perverted pleasure, your hand - still out of sight - stroked and manipulated Master's heavy testicles. And the noises of appreciation from them both bore witness to your success as a man whose masculinity had been subjugated to that of intimate body slave.

In one unspoken movement, Master pulled his tumescent cock from your Wife's mouth while in the same instant she leaned forward and placed her head alongside your little penis cage. You were enjoying her sudden warm breath on your penis when you promptly felt Master's hard manhood slide down the side of your nose and across your lips. You knew where the big bulbous head was going, but it did not stop you enjoying the feel of it over your tongue, that is until it pushed her labia lips aside and eased into her vagina. His welcome invasion brought a loud, but happy groan from your Wife and a gust of hot air over your cage and the tiny shrimp within.

Master knew exactly how your Wife likes to be taken. With long, slow and deep strokes he ploughed her pretty body working expertly to build their pleasure and desire. In your humble and submissive position you watched as his massive manhood moved in and out of your Wife's vagina and inwardly rejoiced that a real man was pleasuring her in this way.

You also felt very strongly aroused as the smell of their sexual organs reached your nose; the heady aroma of perspiration, perfume and seminal fluid caused your little penis to strain at its little plastic cover. And you were not just idly watching their mating; your tongue, which was now proving to be your most used and most successful sexual organ, moved incessantly on Master's heavy balls, the shaft of his cock and Mistress's clitoris. You felt good - you felt happy - you felt part of it - you were in heaven.

Master took his good time with your Wife and as she squirmed and moaned on top of you and orgasmed heavily, regularly and very noisily. You were enjoying the rhythmic thrusting of the large rod when you became aware of the sudden increase in tempo, which was gradually accompanied by more vigorous powering into her lovely body.

You flicked your tongue onto Master's heavy balls that had been striking your nose and lips with each lunge, and found them to be tighter - harder even. You knew that his own orgasm was moments away, and you prepared yourself.

Faster and faster he powered 

- harder and harder he thrust

Faster and faster he powered - harder and harder he thrust - and louder and louder she screamed. At last, with a long and loud groan he slammed his cock into your Wife and erupted his seed deep within her. 

Your Wife shuddered above you, her body trembling with the after shocks of repeated sexual release and her hot breath on your groin had left a damp layer of moisture on your little penis cage. Master, who had clearly enjoyed the heavy release of his seed, remained upright enjoying the feel of her soft vagina pulsing on his thick manhood. The room fell silent, each of you enjoying the pleasure of the moment and the understanding of who belonged where in the order of things - you were there to serve them, and you knew it.

You felt a trickle of semen that had escaped from your Wife's pussy out past Master's now softening manhood drip onto your chin. The warm, almost hot, fluid smelt musty and when you licked it from where it had landed on your face you could taste the now familiar salty pungent flavour. You relished the taste of the real man's essence and positioned your open mouth underneath your Wife's pussy in readiness for the flood.

Slowly, and stopping occasionally to savour the feeling on his cock, the dark rod moved out of her warm tunnel causing your Wife to gasp with each small movement. Such movement turned the trickle into a small stream of jism that you now greadily allowed to drip into your mouth and lapped up from the tight lips still in contact with his cock.

With a small 'plop', Master's wet manhood fell out of your Wife's vagina and onto your face, closely followed by a flow of semen from her into your mouth. There you were, on your back like a supine slave with another man's fluids pouring into your mouth and that same man's heavy, sticky and now flacid member resting gently on your forehead and down one side of your nose. It was time to show your cuckold credentials and you didn't delay in doing so.

Like a greedy little pig, you slurped at the salty nectar emanating from the musty, warm and sticky labia lips above your head. Each globule of semen you devoured like a starving man and then went back for more.

Slowly your Wife roused herself from her post coital langour and raised herself upright, looking round behind for Master. The result was an outpouring of semen that filled your mouth up to your front teeth. Manfully you swallowed it all down in one go and was just congratulating yourself on your expertise when another great globule fell onto your teeth and into the back of your throat - again you consumed Master's essence. 

This cleaning of your Wife's pussy continued for some considerable time and you barely noticed Master pull his big cock away and sit on the bed next to her. They started kissing and talking quietly together, but you could not hear what they were saying because your Wife's arse was now back down over your face and her legs were either side of your ears. 'Is this on purpose?' you thought.

At last, the warm wet well ran dry and your Wife rose from the bed and tripped her way into the bathroom closely followed by Master, leaving you lying on the bed with the after taste of his sperm in your mouth.

"Darling," your Wife called from the bathroom, "I want you to look in the bedside table. There is a present in there for you."

Intrigued, you sat up and stretched your back muscles that had bunched together while you had supported your Wife's body.

Opening the drawer, you found a small round parcel wrapped in pink tissue paper that you lifted out and placed on the bed. With shaking fingers, you folded back the delicate paper. 

'Oh My God! It's the phial. She's put all her pills in a phial. She and him have put her pills in a phial. Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Whatmigonnado????'

The trembling in your hands transmitted itself to your whole body as you opened the unusually large package containing the present. 'Is it one of those cruel tricks when a small present is camouflaged in a series of different size boxes.?' you wondered as the tissue wrapping was removed to reveal a medium size bag with a drawstring.

You pulled on the string and turned the bag upside down to empty the contents onto the bed, and what you saw there caused you to gasp in shear relief.

The leather collar and its matching lead was a pretty pink colour. It was a further humiliating indication of your cuckoldry, your subservience and the diminution of your manliness.


A further humiliating indication of your cuckoldry

'They mean to control me! To enslave me,' you thought to yourself as the panic receded, 'so Master is not going to impregnate Mistress like Ken's Wife had been. But they are going to make me their submissive.'  

Although the idea of openly wearing this declaration of your servile cuckoldry was not offensive to you, you suddenly realised that, if you put this pretty collar around your neck, then you will have crossed yet another line that takes you even further away from the masculinity that you had always assumed you possessed.

So, in such a circumstance as this, what would you do next fellow cuckolds?


  1. The thought of prancing was so arousing!

    1. Prancing and mincing, fully (almost) naked, in front of others is a little wish of mine Gary.