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Cuckold Counsellor - Melanie - Part Two

Cuckold Counsellor - Melanie - Part Two

Previous Cuckold Counsellor reports:

So 'little' Jonathan had asked Nat for his phone number had he? He had watched from the sidelines as a big black man had moved in on his Wife and did nothing - no that's wrong - he did nothing as they got very friendly and then obtained his phone number for his Wife. Without her asking or Nat's offering. Veeery interestink!

"Let's have some lunch Derek, and it's time for 'Chuckles' here to have hers too," Melanie said smiling down at Julie, who greeted her with a gummy smile and the noise of her nappy filling. "I may be a while as I sort her out. I have laid out some lunch in the kitchen so just help yourself and we'll join you in a few minutes."

Like the brisk ex business woman she was, she efficiently dealt with Julie's smelly bottom and then joined me at the table where I was enjoying a slice of pork pie and some salad. "I didn't fancy wine because I am driving home later so I'll stick with Diet Coke if that's alright," I said to Mel as she settled on a stool opposite from me across the breakfast bar.

"Me neither, but I shall just have water. You don't mind if I feed Julie - au naturale," she said as she undone her blouse and released a full, but very pretty left breast.

It wasn't a request so I just lifted my eyebrows, smiled in reply and then concentrated on my salad as Julie fastened onto Mel's teat and started to refuel.

"Can you talk while you are feeding the baby?" I asked her, "It's okay if you can't; we can pick up after we have eaten?"

"No Derek, she is no problem at all, "in fact, she has never, ever been a problem to any of us. As I said, my only problem is Jon's acceptance of Julie."

"And that's why I'm here," I replied.


"So! Nat's number! Jon brought it back with him from the party. Can we take it from there please?" From the look on her face, I had just brought about an amusing moment in her life, "And when did you get to know?"

"When I knew that Jon had Nat's number, do you mean?" She asked, and I nodded yes.

"It was on the way home." She continued, "We had both been drinking so we walked the couple of miles to here. He asked me if I liked Nat and I replied that I did. It was then that he told me that he had asked for Nat's phone number."

Instinctively I felt that something was missing from this little tale, "Is that exactly how Jon phrased his revelation about Nat's contact details?" I asked.

Mel gave me another of her - 'you clever bugger' - smiles that I was now getting used to, "Not quite Derek. He actually asked me if I fancied Nat; him being a Black Man and all. I truthfully answered yes - very much so."

"I take it that he wasn't surprised by your answer," she shook her head with another smile,"and I assume that he gave you the number and let you get on with it." I remarked.

She laughed quietly so as not to disturb Julie, "Oh dear me no! Not my Jonathan," she replied clearly enjoying herself, "nothing as simple as that - not him - oh no! My 'Jonny Boy' rings big Black Nathaniel the next day, tells him straight out that he cannot satisfy me and that I need a strong Lover. Not only that, but would he consider dating me."

"Your shitting me!"

"I kid you not! My husband set me up with a date with a Black Stud. Does it get any more 'cuckold' than that?"

"Hardly!" I lied - 'It can get much more cucky than that my darling', "I take it that Nat was keen on meeting up with you again."

'It can get much more cucky than that my darling'

"Yes he was, and so was I."

"And Jonathan?" I asked, "did the idea still appeal?"

"The dye was cast. It was out of his control once the day and time was agreed between them," she answered, "but I think the idea of me having a Black Lover did draw out a side of him that I had never seen before."

"And that was?"

Mel looked thoughtful, "Contented, happy, or happier maybe and a little more humble! Accepting of his role in my life - in our marriage."

"If I used the word 'submissive' instead of 'humble', would that be a more accurate description of Jon's demeanor?"

"Yes! I think it would Derek," Mel replied thoughtfully. 

"That is curious!" I said thinking aloud, "totally accepting that his Wife has a Lover, but not the baby."

"Oh he accepts her alright!" she said suddenly serious. "But he doesn't love her."

Tears sprang to her eyes and little Julie took her head away from Mel's teat and looked up at her face sensing the sadness.

"I'm sure he does," I swiftly interjected, "but I guess he doesn't know how to express it. He is a very confused young man I think?"

Her tears stopped and the capable young woman was back again. "Do you have some thoughts on why Derek?" she asked as Julie reattached herself to the teat.

"Yes! But I am keeping it to myself for the moment. Sorry Mel, but I need to hear everybody's story first." She nodded in agreement, but I could tell that she was desperately wanting to know my impressions. 

'Can't blame her really. There's a lot at stake.' I thought to myself.

"Now Mel. Tell me about your first date." I asked wanting to move things on.

"Nat agreed to come to the house and pick me up that very evening. It was a Sunday, so I didn't think that we would be going anywhere spectacular. Nevertheless I prettied myself up and was ready when he rang the door bell." Something seemed amiss with that part of the story but I stayed quiet and continued to listen. "Jon opened the door to him and invited him inside. They shook hands like old friends."

"Wait a minute Mel! Wind back a little," I interupted her but she used the intervention to ease Julie away from her breast and up onto her shoulder, "I would like to know what you wore for the date and how long it took you."

While patting Julie's back to wind her, she stopped for a moment until the necessary explosion of air ensued from the baby. She tidied herself up, put away her breast and held Julie close to let her drift off to sleep.

"A black knee length dress and red shoes. That's it I guess. Nothing outrageous. Just smart 'first date' attire," she replied. "Why! Is it important?"

"Yes and no!" I answered, "it all depends how you dressed. For example, did Jon help you get ready?"

"Jon? No! He just stayed out of the way and let me get on with it. Just like he used to with Robert. Is this significant?"

I ignored her question. "And your underwear?"

She laughed in response to my query, and I smiled with her. "You know, there are names for guys who ask questions like that."

"Bear with me. It may be important," I said without feeling any embarrassment at her mild taunt.

"Suspenders and fishnet stockings - all black," she replied while trying to think back to that night.

"Bra and knickers?"

"Bra and knickers?"

She blushed prettily, "No!"

"Okay Mel. Let's move on to the date. How did it go?" I asked my red faced friend who was looking down at a now slumbering baby.

"He was lovely,"she replied, "we went for a drive up to Westerham and found a nice old pub and talked for most of the time over a couple of drinks. After closing time we parked up at a beauty spot looking out over Kent. At the end of that evening we both knew we were going to be Lovers."

"It sounds very romantic Mel. Did you go to bed with him that night?" I asked.

"No Derek. We kissed and did a little petting in the car, which was nice. He was, and still is, a fabulous kisser but, although it was unspoken, we both knew that I would soon be in his bed. To have done so that night would have seemed cheap."

'Wow! Her husband arranges for his Wife to meet a man as a prospective Lover. But she doesn't want to be cheap. Wonderful.'

"The big question is, how did it feel being with and getting personal with a Black Man. Presumably for the very first time," I asked, knowing that this was an important question.

"It was wonderful then, just as it is still," she affirmed.

We stopped our talk for approximately ten minutes as she took Julie upstairs to her little crib and settled her down to continue sleeping.

"That night," she continued as she walked back in the room, "Nat dropped me off here and we agreed to meet the following day - the Monday. It was then that Jonathan suggested that I make dinner for Nat at home instead of going out."

"Jon again!" I commented, "he seems to be pushing you towards having a Lover. This is all very odd!"

"Not really Derek. If you think about it what should he do? If you understand that his biggest nightmare would be me leaving him for another man, then encouraging me to become an older man's Mistress makes sense. It's a gamble that, in his mind, makes perfect sense. Remember - a well fucked Wife is a happy Wife!" Mel looked amused at my startled look at her sudden and unexpected swearing.

"Point taken," I replied, "but he does come across as being somewhat enthusiastic. Maybe my chat with him will enlighten me."

I continued with the interview. "So! You had a date the next night. How did that go?"

"I made him a light supper, we had a glass of wine and then I took him upstairs to bed."

"Oh come on Mel," I exclaimed, "you can give me more than that can't you?"

"That was it really Derek. I cooked a light supper of lamb chops and we talked intimately to each other. I left the dishes for Jon to put in the washer when I took Nat upstairs."

The important factor in all of this was Jonathan, so my next question was logical, "And where was Jon when you cooked supper, had a quiet meal with your potential Lover and then took him upstairs to bed?"

Her response confirmed a growing suspicion I had, "Jon helped me make supper and then served us as Nat and I ate and chatted."

"Did he pour the wine?" I asked.

"Yes! Of course!"

'Of course? Is this the norm for these three people?'

"And where was he when you took Nat upstairs," was my seemingly innocent but significant question.

"All I can say is that everything was tidied away and the dish washer was empty when I saw Nat off in the morning," she replied with her face reddening as she realised the reason for my question. "I guess he did what he always did when I was upstairs with Robert."

"You know this?"

Her face grew even more red as she admitted that she had never asked Jon what he did that night, or had ever asked him before or since.

Tears welled in her eyes again, "He must hate me. He must feel that I abandon him. Oh poor Jon!" she started to sniffle

"There's no need to get too fussed about this Mel," I replied, "I shall find out when I talk to him. And as for hating you and feeling abandoned, I think you would have heard from him by now."

I decided to change tack and ask a question about her and Nat, "Am I correct to understand that your first night with Nat was what you had expected?"

"No!" She replied, "It was far better than I had ever expected. He was a wonderful Lover. He has a manhood that is far bigger than Rob's and he knows how to use it."

"So we've established that Nat is a good Lover (something I already knew from what Jen, my Wife, had told me) and you spent the night with him while Jon was elsewhere in the house," she nodded at this statement, "so he may have heard your lovemaking. And still does when you and Nat make love upstairs."

"Heard us downstairs?" she remarked, "They could have heard us in France, for heaven's sake."

"They could have heard us in France, for heaven's sake."

We both laughed at this and she then smiled oddly when I unwisely remarked that he used to make my Jen scream too.

I was almost at an end but I had just one more question to ask, "When Nat and you decided to make a baby, was Jon involved in this decision? Was his opinion sought? Was he involved in any way?"

Mel now looked pensive as she recalled the way the decision was made. "We had been Lovers for almost a year," she said, "when Nat and me decided that it was time to cement our commitment to each other. We talked to Jon about it, and he knew that we were making love without protection."

"His reaction? Or attitude?"

"I can't remember. Derek, I can't remember!" She was clearly disconcerted at this sudden realisation and guilt showed on her pretty face.

I had heard enough. I needed to meet and discuss the history and situation with Jonathan.

"Mel! I think I have heard everything that I need from you today," I said while getting up to leave, "but I do want to talk to Jonathan. As soon as possible please. If you can discuss matters with him and then call me to arrange a meeting - with him alone."

"Can't you just meet up in a pub or at your place Derek," she suggested, "he could get off the train at Bromley without inconveniencing you."

"Sorry Mel, but I need him in his normal environment. At home. Can I suggest that you and Nat go out and leave Jon and I alone. He is okay with being on his own with Julie, isn't he?" My suggestion seemed to steady her emotions.

She walked me to the door and spoke as she opened it, "Of course he is. I'll ring you tomorrow Derek and set something up with Nat as well."

As I walked down the path I turned around and spoke some words that I hoped would calm her. "He's still your husband Mel and, given your present situation, he knows that he's a cuckold too. I think that it just hasn't sunk in yet. Don't worry, we shall sort him out - it might take a while - but he'll be okay. I promise!"

As I got in the car I also said,"Oh yes! I think Julie is a lovely baby. Give her a tickle under the chin for me."

Mel laughed at this and replied,"She's a baby Derek. Not a Cocker Spaniel!"

I laughed with her and apologised, and she was still smiling as I drove away.

To follow:

Jonathan - Part One 

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