Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - Is that a problem for you cucky?

"Can I wear ‘pinky’ tonight with a pair of your black hold-ups.”

“Oh yes please! Can I wear ‘pinky’ tonight with a pair of your black hold-ups.”
“Yes Dear. Now hurry up and go and get them. I want to see you caged up and looking pretty by the time I leave for Winston’s place.”
“How long will I be wearing them? Are you going to spend all night with your Lover?”
“All of tonight and pretty much all of tomorrow. Is that a problem for you cucky?”
“None at all Mistress. None at all.”

Monday, 27 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - “I’m going to need a bigger doohickey.”

A real man like you could never comprehend.

“Master, a real man like you could never comprehend just how arousing it is for a husband like me to know that my Wife opens her pretty thighs for better men than me.”
“She told me that you wear a small doohickey on your ‘little man’ to keep it locked away. Is this true Derek?”
“Yes Master. It’s my permanent reminder of just what I am. It also restricts my erections which can only be a good thing for a cuckold. How did you know I had one?”
“She told me about it in your bed this afternoon. She mentioned it just as I put her legs over my shoulders and slid my big black cock deep into her body. It was just after she begged me to plant my seed in her and give her my child.”
“Oh God!”
"Is there something wrong cucky?”
“Er! I think I’m going to need a bigger doohickey.”

Sunday, 26 February 2017

In Your Imagination

In my imagination I see happy Wife just about to fit the last piece of her cuckold's permanent penis cage. She is smiling because she knows that he will never bother her again with his 'little twig' and that he now knows that his place will be at her feet for ever more.

What do you see in yours?

Saturday, 25 February 2017

How Would You React

Warning - this blog post includes content of a 'gay' nature.

You're a cuckold now 
and you know it. 

You are a cuckold! You know it now, because after just a few days at a Caribbean resort called Mandingo Palms your Wife has been seduced and fucked by a handsome Black Man called Charles. He had taken her on the beach and in your bed and each time you had stood by and watched the Woman you love penetrated by a far better man than you. 

You now call her lover 'Master' and have learned to pleasure him sexually; although you are not gay you have discovered total acceptance of the diminishing of your own manliness and the bliss of showing your devotion to the 'Alpha Male'. As a newly self discovered 'submissive' you had willingly allowed your Wife to place a little restraint over your tiny penis and lock it away. She had symbolically unmanned you, and you had embraced it.

You had gone out to the pool and had met another of the many white cuckolds at the resort who asked you if you had 'paraded' and you replied that you had not. Within minutes however, your Wife had removed your shorts leaving you naked by the pool, in view of everybody. It was then that Master told you to get some beer from the bar and your Wife told you to lift your knees up and prance so the movement of your little caged penis would amuse all the Black Men, the Wives and all of the cuckolds around the pool. You did so willingly and you were overjoyed when the Black Man at the bar told you to wear cuckold's antlers on your head.

Finally your new cuckold friend Ken, showed you a glass phial hanging from his neck - "It contains my Wife's pills," he told you, "her and Jerome are making another one." He then told you, "It's the custom here that all cuckies keep their Wives' pills inaccessible like this. It just adds to our humiliation and their fun. It'll be your turn next.

All of this, and more besides, can be read in the Previous Chapters page to 'How Would You React'.

Your elation at carrying out, what most people by the pool would agree, was one of the best 'parades' ever seen at Mandingo Palms was now tempered by Ken's revelation. 'Being a cuckold and having fun in this decadent hotel is one thing, but this news is momentous,' you thought to yourself as you followed Master and Mistress at a respectful distance back to your room, 'I guess that would make me a 'true cuckold' then.'

"I'm so proud of you," your Wife gushed as you entered your hotel room together, "not only did you show off your little restraint so daintily, you did it with style." You blushed as she continued, "and everybody there could see you were enjoying it."

It was true. You had loved it. You had felt a freedom at being humiliated in this way because all pretensions of manliness had been removed from you. You had nothing to hide so you had displayed your nakedness and your tiny penis and its demeaning cage with panache. And to cap it all (pun intended), the headgear that you were wearing still had been the ultimate, and most wonderful, cuckold shaming.

But you did not feel ashamed; you had instinctively understood that this was the natural order for a man like you. A man that would wear his cuckold horns and be happy, contented and without care of who knew or what they thought of you.

the natural order 
for a man like you

You stopped at the door of the room and decided to say something to clear the air so Master and Mistress understood how you felt about your new status, "I want to thank you," you said to them, "for my enlightenment. You both knew what I am, without me even realizing it."

Mistress turned around and approached you with her arms outstretched. Reaching up to straighten your cucky horns that had been dislodged as you had entered the room she then held your gaze prior to kissing you gently on the cheek. "You are on a journey My Darling. A journey that has only just begun."

You wondered at what she meant by 'journey' but nevertheless settled in the room where the three of you had a glass of beer and cooled down after a warm afternoon by the pool and chatted together as friends. You felt elated after your little triumph and happy to be part of the little trio sharing a drink.

"Come and join us little cuckold, and you can take your hat off now," said Master as he held Mistress's hand as they stood and moved across to the bed, "we have something new for you to try. You stood up, hatless this time, and followed the loving couple.

You stood to one side as the two began to kiss passionately and remove each others' clothing in the course of their arousal until they stood naked in each others' arms.

In the course of their arousal

It was clear that they were about to make love again and you prepared yourself to stand there and watch - but you were in for a surprise.

"Cucky boy!" Master had managed to remove his lips from your Wife's and was now looking at you, "I want you to lay across the bed, face up. It's time for some more of your training."

"Yes Master," you replied and obeyed immediately.

Within seconds you felt your Wife's legs place themselves either side of your head and her pretty pussy was within licking distance of your, now well used, tongue.

Within licking distance of
your, now well used, tongue.

You needed no further direction so you set about pleasuring Mistress in the way that you had done so many times before Master's arrival in your marriage. Unconcerned that his big manhood had ploughed her slick furrow earlier in the day, you did your highly personal duty to your Wife. You were being used again and the gradual tightening of your little cage was evidence of your delight at serving the woman you love.

You knew that Master was standing at the end of the bed and that your Wife was doing the same for him, as you were for her - pleasuring him with her tongue and her mouth - like a good Mistress should. And you knew what a good cuckold should do too; with one hand on your Wife's breast (well why not enjoy yourself) and, by feeling your way with the other, you made contact with her chin. You could feel her head moving on his big rod so you moved your exploring hand away from her face, gently with a light feminine-like touch along his big rod and finally with just a slight stretch of your arm you made contact with his heavy seed-filled balls.

With Mistress now sat upright on your face her anal sphincter came within reach of your searching tongue. You were now an instrument of depravity and willing subservience. As your tongue gave your Wife perverted pleasure, your hand - still out of sight - stroked and manipulated Master's heavy testicles. And the noises of appreciation from them both bore witness to your success as a man whose masculinity had been subjugated to that of intimate body slave.

In one unspoken movement, Master pulled his tumescent cock from your Wife's mouth while in the same instant she leaned forward and placed her head alongside your little penis cage. You were enjoying her sudden warm breath on your penis when you promptly felt Master's hard manhood slide down the side of your nose and across your lips. You knew where the big bulbous head was going, but it did not stop you enjoying the feel of it over your tongue, that is until it pushed her labia lips aside and eased into her vagina. His welcome invasion brought a loud, but happy groan from your Wife and a gust of hot air over your cage and the tiny shrimp within.

Master knew exactly how your Wife likes to be taken. With long, slow and deep strokes he ploughed her pretty body working expertly to build their pleasure and desire. In your humble and submissive position you watched as his massive manhood moved in and out of your Wife's vagina and inwardly rejoiced that a real man was pleasuring her in this way.

You also felt very strongly aroused as the smell of their sexual organs reached your nose; the heady aroma of perspiration, perfume and seminal fluid caused your little penis to strain at its little plastic cover. And you were not just idly watching their mating; your tongue, which was now proving to be your most used and most successful sexual organ, moved incessantly on Master's heavy balls, the shaft of his cock and Mistress's clitoris. You felt good - you felt happy - you felt part of it - you were in heaven.

Master took his good time with your Wife and as she squirmed and moaned on top of you and orgasmed heavily, regularly and very noisily. You were enjoying the rhythmic thrusting of the large rod when you became aware of the sudden increase in tempo, which was gradually accompanied by more vigorous powering into her lovely body.

You flicked your tongue onto Master's heavy balls that had been striking your nose and lips with each lunge, and found them to be tighter - harder even. You knew that his own orgasm was moments away, and you prepared yourself.

Faster and faster he powered 

- harder and harder he thrust

Faster and faster he powered - harder and harder he thrust - and louder and louder she screamed. At last, with a long and loud groan he slammed his cock into your Wife and erupted his seed deep within her. 

Your Wife shuddered above you, her body trembling with the after shocks of repeated sexual release and her hot breath on your groin had left a damp layer of moisture on your little penis cage. Master, who had clearly enjoyed the heavy release of his seed, remained upright enjoying the feel of her soft vagina pulsing on his thick manhood. The room fell silent, each of you enjoying the pleasure of the moment and the understanding of who belonged where in the order of things - you were there to serve them, and you knew it.

You felt a trickle of semen that had escaped from your Wife's pussy out past Master's now softening manhood drip onto your chin. The warm, almost hot, fluid smelt musty and when you licked it from where it had landed on your face you could taste the now familiar salty pungent flavour. You relished the taste of the real man's essence and positioned your open mouth underneath your Wife's pussy in readiness for the flood.

Slowly, and stopping occasionally to savour the feeling on his cock, the dark rod moved out of her warm tunnel causing your Wife to gasp with each small movement. Such movement turned the trickle into a small stream of jism that you now greadily allowed to drip into your mouth and lapped up from the tight lips still in contact with his cock.

With a small 'plop', Master's wet manhood fell out of your Wife's vagina and onto your face, closely followed by a flow of semen from her into your mouth. There you were, on your back like a supine slave with another man's fluids pouring into your mouth and that same man's heavy, sticky and now flacid member resting gently on your forehead and down one side of your nose. It was time to show your cuckold credentials and you didn't delay in doing so.

Like a greedy little pig, you slurped at the salty nectar emanating from the musty, warm and sticky labia lips above your head. Each globule of semen you devoured like a starving man and then went back for more.

Slowly your Wife roused herself from her post coital langour and raised herself upright, looking round behind for Master. The result was an outpouring of semen that filled your mouth up to your front teeth. Manfully you swallowed it all down in one go and was just congratulating yourself on your expertise when another great globule fell onto your teeth and into the back of your throat - again you consumed Master's essence. 

This cleaning of your Wife's pussy continued for some considerable time and you barely noticed Master pull his big cock away and sit on the bed next to her. They started kissing and talking quietly together, but you could not hear what they were saying because your Wife's arse was now back down over your face and her legs were either side of your ears. 'Is this on purpose?' you thought.

At last, the warm wet well ran dry and your Wife rose from the bed and tripped her way into the bathroom closely followed by Master, leaving you lying on the bed with the after taste of his sperm in your mouth.

"Darling," your Wife called from the bathroom, "I want you to look in the bedside table. There is a present in there for you."

Intrigued, you sat up and stretched your back muscles that had bunched together while you had supported your Wife's body.

Opening the drawer, you found a small round parcel wrapped in pink tissue paper that you lifted out and placed on the bed. With shaking fingers, you folded back the delicate paper. 

'Oh My God! It's the phial. She's put all her pills in a phial. She and him have put her pills in a phial. Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Whatmigonnado????'

The trembling in your hands transmitted itself to your whole body as you opened the unusually large package containing the present. 'Is it one of those cruel tricks when a small present is camouflaged in a series of different size boxes.?' you wondered as the tissue wrapping was removed to reveal a medium size bag with a drawstring.

You pulled on the string and turned the bag upside down to empty the contents onto the bed, and what you saw there caused you to gasp in shear relief.

The leather collar and its matching lead was a pretty pink colour. It was a further humiliating indication of your cuckoldry, your subservience and the diminution of your manliness.


A further humiliating indication of your cuckoldry

'They mean to control me! To enslave me,' you thought to yourself as the panic receded, 'so Master is not going to impregnate Mistress like Ken's Wife had been. But they are going to make me their submissive.'  

Although the idea of openly wearing this declaration of your servile cuckoldry was not offensive to you, you suddenly realised that, if you put this pretty collar around your neck, then you will have crossed yet another line that takes you even further away from the masculinity that you had always assumed you possessed.

So, in such a circumstance as this, what would you do next fellow cuckolds?

Friday, 24 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - Hubby has made a special effort

"Hubby seems to have made a special effort
to get you ready for our night together.”

“It’s nice to watch you undress for me Baby. Hubby seems to have made a special effort to get you ready for our night together.”

“Some husbands have hobbies like DIY or stamp collecting My Darling. My little feller’s hobby is getting me ready for dates with you. He knows my size in everything and loves to go out and spend a lot of money on nice things for me to wear - for your appreciation.”

“Is he aware that the pretty things he buys you encourages me to fuck you like a wild animal?”

“Oh yes Master! He knows alright. He knows because I told him so.”

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - Or your Lover’s hard black cock

 "I want Master to know I have you secured for good.”

“Anything would look between your tits Dear. My restraint key or your Lover’s hard black cock; it doesn’t matter, your beauty transcends everything.”
“Oh Baby! That’s so sweet. You get more and more of a cuckold every time I meet him for a date.”
“Well I am getting used to the idea of being a wimpy husband, and I am trying to be a very good cucky boy.”
“That is so nice to hear Sweety. Now give me your key; I want Master to know I have you secured for good.”
“Of course My Angel.”

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - Behind the dunes for some fun.

  An older Black Man will take her up behind the dunes for some fun. 

No matter how old she gets my Wife still likes to show her body off on the beach, in the hope that an older Black Man will take a fancy to her and take her up behind the dunes for some fun. And no matter how old I get I still like to take to that beach as often as I can.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - “I thought I had been discrete.”

“Are they getting bigger Dear?”

“Are they getting bigger Dear?”
“No! Why do you ask?”
“You know damn well why I ask. You have been seeing Adejola again, you have been sick every morning recently and you haven’t been taking your pill.”
“How did you know. I thought I had been discrete.”
“Discrete? You come home at two in the morning with your knickers full of his semen. You say his name in your sleep and you phone him every night from the house phone upstairs. If that’s discrete then I’m not a wimpy cuckold.”
“Yes tiny dick. You are quite correct, and that is exactly what you are.”

Monday, 20 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - I have never said a word of complaint

“I shall come upstairs with you and
watch the two of you fuck like rabbits.”

"Is that my whisky you’re taking upstairs?”
“Yes! What of it?”
“You know that is one of the few things that I enjoy in life now. I accept that my Wife has a Black Lover. I turn a blind eye when you spend the night with him. I pretend not to hear the noise you both make when he shoots his seed in you and I have never said a word of complaint. So for pity’s sake let me at least keep some vestige of pride and let me keep my whisky.”
“In that case I shall come upstairs with you and drink it while I watch the two of you fuck like rabbits." 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

A Cuckold's Life

You know another man is going to enjoy her young body tonight but still you follow her. And when she humiliates you in front of others you love even more.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Who wouldn't want to be cuckolded by her

As good cuckolds we all love to be cheated on by our Wives, but who of us would not want to be publically humiliated by famous Ladies such as these.

Beautiful Eva Green could come home
a thousand times from her Black Lover's
bed, let me soothe her swollen and
seeded pussy with my willing tongue and
I would never say a word against her. It would
be my pleasurable duty to be her willing and
devoted cuckold.

Mila, you could cheat on me
a million times and I would
still come back for more, because
your beauty deserves a Lover as
well as a faithful cuckold.

Kelly's beauty would be a magnet
for any well hung black stud.
Just imagine how wonderful it
would be to see her leave to be
with another man in his bed.

Emily, you deserve a Lover who can do
justice to your beauty in his bed as well
as a cuckold like me.

All cuckolds dream of serving
you and your Lovers Sharon.

Sweet Gwyneth's cuckold would need to
serve her and many handsome young
Lovers, and be glad that he can.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - I shall try to do it as slowly as possible.

I shall try to do it as slowly as possible to tease him.
“Of course my Love. I shall try to do it as slowly as possible to tease him. Will you be wanting me to take your top off too; it will be a nice touch if I show your pretty breasts off as well.”
“What a good idea my little wimpy hubby. But don’t forget to tell him that I belong to him will you?”
“It will be stating the obvious but we all know that I get a kick out of saying so.”
“O.K. then. In we go but before we do, I want you to know that I am so proud of you my sweet little cuckold.”
“And I am so proud that you, my beautiful Wife, belongs to a well hung Black Master.”

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - “Yes Master. Of course Master!”

"Get over here now and help Master."
“Arnold! Get over here now and help Master. You need to take your duties seriously.”
"I’m sorry Mistress. I thought he was O.K. with just me watching. Does he need me to offer some lubrication?”
“Why don’t you ask him yourself Dear.”
“Do you Master?”
“Get your head on my cock and let’s make it nice and slippery for our lady. And when you’ve finished that get your tongue up her arse.”
“Yes Master. Of course Master. I’m so happy to please you Master ………”
“Well stop prattling and get on with it cuckold.”

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - Get him up here now

“You get off on stripping me for my Lover don’t you .”

"I have left the rest of your clothes on the chair Dear. If you’re happy and comfortable I shall bring him upstairs to spend the afternoon with you, as arranged.”
“You get off on stripping me for my Lover don’t you .”
“I should say. As your husband I have to be involved in your affair with your Black Master. It fulfills my emotional needs as your cuckold.”
“Then why don’t you stop waffling, attend to my needs and get him up here now?”
“Yes my Love. Straight away my Love!”

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - I might take him up on his offer again.

“So you want me to take a Lover?”

“Please don’t look at me like that Dear. I have been thinking about this for a long time.”
“Are you saying that you think you aren’t doing the best by me? Bed wise.”
“Exactly my Love. I love you dearly but I think its about time we admitted that our love life is not enough for you.”
“So you want me to take a Lover?”
“Yes! Sadly I think it would be best. Why are you looking like that again?”
“Oh sorry! I was suddenly just thinking of Big Black Marcus in our office. He has asked me out on a date. I might take him up on his offer again.”
“O.K. What do you mean ‘AGAIN’?”

Monday, 13 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - Now what could that word be?

That sounds like you Dear.

“The clue is - ‘Man whose Wife is unfaithful.’ That sounds like you Dear.“
“That sounds exactly like me my Darling. What letters do you have so far.”
“I’ve got a letter ‘C’, a space, another ‘C’, two spaces and then letters ‘L’ and ‘D’. What do you think it could be?”
“I shall try and think Darling. What time is your Boyfriend arriving to take you out?”
“In about ten minutes cucky. Now what could that word be?”

Sunday, 12 February 2017

What Do You See In Your Imagination

In my imagination I see a cuckold who has displeased his Wife because he forgot to bring a cup for her Lover. Cucky should know that Master always likes his morning coffee after having a good time all night with her.

What do you see in yours fellow cuckold?

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Cuckold Counsellor - Melanie - Part Two

Cuckold Counsellor - Melanie - Part Two

Previous Cuckold Counsellor reports:

So 'little' Jonathan had asked Nat for his phone number had he? He had watched from the sidelines as a big black man had moved in on his Wife and did nothing - no that's wrong - he did nothing as they got very friendly and then obtained his phone number for his Wife. Without her asking or Nat's offering. Veeery interestink!

"Let's have some lunch Derek, and it's time for 'Chuckles' here to have hers too," Melanie said smiling down at Julie, who greeted her with a gummy smile and the noise of her nappy filling. "I may be a while as I sort her out. I have laid out some lunch in the kitchen so just help yourself and we'll join you in a few minutes."

Like the brisk ex business woman she was, she efficiently dealt with Julie's smelly bottom and then joined me at the table where I was enjoying a slice of pork pie and some salad. "I didn't fancy wine because I am driving home later so I'll stick with Diet Coke if that's alright," I said to Mel as she settled on a stool opposite from me across the breakfast bar.

"Me neither, but I shall just have water. You don't mind if I feed Julie - au naturale," she said as she undone her blouse and released a full, but very pretty left breast.

It wasn't a request so I just lifted my eyebrows, smiled in reply and then concentrated on my salad as Julie fastened onto Mel's teat and started to refuel.

"Can you talk while you are feeding the baby?" I asked her, "It's okay if you can't; we can pick up after we have eaten?"

"No Derek, she is no problem at all, "in fact, she has never, ever been a problem to any of us. As I said, my only problem is Jon's acceptance of Julie."

"And that's why I'm here," I replied.


"So! Nat's number! Jon brought it back with him from the party. Can we take it from there please?" From the look on her face, I had just brought about an amusing moment in her life, "And when did you get to know?"

"When I knew that Jon had Nat's number, do you mean?" She asked, and I nodded yes.

"It was on the way home." She continued, "We had both been drinking so we walked the couple of miles to here. He asked me if I liked Nat and I replied that I did. It was then that he told me that he had asked for Nat's phone number."

Instinctively I felt that something was missing from this little tale, "Is that exactly how Jon phrased his revelation about Nat's contact details?" I asked.

Mel gave me another of her - 'you clever bugger' - smiles that I was now getting used to, "Not quite Derek. He actually asked me if I fancied Nat; him being a Black Man and all. I truthfully answered yes - very much so."

"I take it that he wasn't surprised by your answer," she shook her head with another smile,"and I assume that he gave you the number and let you get on with it." I remarked.

She laughed quietly so as not to disturb Julie, "Oh dear me no! Not my Jonathan," she replied clearly enjoying herself, "nothing as simple as that - not him - oh no! My 'Jonny Boy' rings big Black Nathaniel the next day, tells him straight out that he cannot satisfy me and that I need a strong Lover. Not only that, but would he consider dating me."

"Your shitting me!"

"I kid you not! My husband set me up with a date with a Black Stud. Does it get any more 'cuckold' than that?"

"Hardly!" I lied - 'It can get much more cucky than that my darling', "I take it that Nat was keen on meeting up with you again."

'It can get much more cucky than that my darling'

"Yes he was, and so was I."

"And Jonathan?" I asked, "did the idea still appeal?"

"The dye was cast. It was out of his control once the day and time was agreed between them," she answered, "but I think the idea of me having a Black Lover did draw out a side of him that I had never seen before."

"And that was?"

Mel looked thoughtful, "Contented, happy, or happier maybe and a little more humble! Accepting of his role in my life - in our marriage."

"If I used the word 'submissive' instead of 'humble', would that be a more accurate description of Jon's demeanor?"

"Yes! I think it would Derek," Mel replied thoughtfully. 

"That is curious!" I said thinking aloud, "totally accepting that his Wife has a Lover, but not the baby."

"Oh he accepts her alright!" she said suddenly serious. "But he doesn't love her."

Tears sprang to her eyes and little Julie took her head away from Mel's teat and looked up at her face sensing the sadness.

"I'm sure he does," I swiftly interjected, "but I guess he doesn't know how to express it. He is a very confused young man I think?"

Her tears stopped and the capable young woman was back again. "Do you have some thoughts on why Derek?" she asked as Julie reattached herself to the teat.

"Yes! But I am keeping it to myself for the moment. Sorry Mel, but I need to hear everybody's story first." She nodded in agreement, but I could tell that she was desperately wanting to know my impressions. 

'Can't blame her really. There's a lot at stake.' I thought to myself.

"Now Mel. Tell me about your first date." I asked wanting to move things on.

"Nat agreed to come to the house and pick me up that very evening. It was a Sunday, so I didn't think that we would be going anywhere spectacular. Nevertheless I prettied myself up and was ready when he rang the door bell." Something seemed amiss with that part of the story but I stayed quiet and continued to listen. "Jon opened the door to him and invited him inside. They shook hands like old friends."

"Wait a minute Mel! Wind back a little," I interupted her but she used the intervention to ease Julie away from her breast and up onto her shoulder, "I would like to know what you wore for the date and how long it took you."

While patting Julie's back to wind her, she stopped for a moment until the necessary explosion of air ensued from the baby. She tidied herself up, put away her breast and held Julie close to let her drift off to sleep.

"A black knee length dress and red shoes. That's it I guess. Nothing outrageous. Just smart 'first date' attire," she replied. "Why! Is it important?"

"Yes and no!" I answered, "it all depends how you dressed. For example, did Jon help you get ready?"

"Jon? No! He just stayed out of the way and let me get on with it. Just like he used to with Robert. Is this significant?"

I ignored her question. "And your underwear?"

She laughed in response to my query, and I smiled with her. "You know, there are names for guys who ask questions like that."

"Bear with me. It may be important," I said without feeling any embarrassment at her mild taunt.

"Suspenders and fishnet stockings - all black," she replied while trying to think back to that night.

"Bra and knickers?"

"Bra and knickers?"

She blushed prettily, "No!"

"Okay Mel. Let's move on to the date. How did it go?" I asked my red faced friend who was looking down at a now slumbering baby.

"He was lovely,"she replied, "we went for a drive up to Westerham and found a nice old pub and talked for most of the time over a couple of drinks. After closing time we parked up at a beauty spot looking out over Kent. At the end of that evening we both knew we were going to be Lovers."

"It sounds very romantic Mel. Did you go to bed with him that night?" I asked.

"No Derek. We kissed and did a little petting in the car, which was nice. He was, and still is, a fabulous kisser but, although it was unspoken, we both knew that I would soon be in his bed. To have done so that night would have seemed cheap."

'Wow! Her husband arranges for his Wife to meet a man as a prospective Lover. But she doesn't want to be cheap. Wonderful.'

"The big question is, how did it feel being with and getting personal with a Black Man. Presumably for the very first time," I asked, knowing that this was an important question.

"It was wonderful then, just as it is still," she affirmed.

We stopped our talk for approximately ten minutes as she took Julie upstairs to her little crib and settled her down to continue sleeping.

"That night," she continued as she walked back in the room, "Nat dropped me off here and we agreed to meet the following day - the Monday. It was then that Jonathan suggested that I make dinner for Nat at home instead of going out."

"Jon again!" I commented, "he seems to be pushing you towards having a Lover. This is all very odd!"

"Not really Derek. If you think about it what should he do? If you understand that his biggest nightmare would be me leaving him for another man, then encouraging me to become an older man's Mistress makes sense. It's a gamble that, in his mind, makes perfect sense. Remember - a well fucked Wife is a happy Wife!" Mel looked amused at my startled look at her sudden and unexpected swearing.

"Point taken," I replied, "but he does come across as being somewhat enthusiastic. Maybe my chat with him will enlighten me."

I continued with the interview. "So! You had a date the next night. How did that go?"

"I made him a light supper, we had a glass of wine and then I took him upstairs to bed."

"Oh come on Mel," I exclaimed, "you can give me more than that can't you?"

"That was it really Derek. I cooked a light supper of lamb chops and we talked intimately to each other. I left the dishes for Jon to put in the washer when I took Nat upstairs."

The important factor in all of this was Jonathan, so my next question was logical, "And where was Jon when you cooked supper, had a quiet meal with your potential Lover and then took him upstairs to bed?"

Her response confirmed a growing suspicion I had, "Jon helped me make supper and then served us as Nat and I ate and chatted."

"Did he pour the wine?" I asked.

"Yes! Of course!"

'Of course? Is this the norm for these three people?'

"And where was he when you took Nat upstairs," was my seemingly innocent but significant question.

"All I can say is that everything was tidied away and the dish washer was empty when I saw Nat off in the morning," she replied with her face reddening as she realised the reason for my question. "I guess he did what he always did when I was upstairs with Robert."

"You know this?"

Her face grew even more red as she admitted that she had never asked Jon what he did that night, or had ever asked him before or since.

Tears welled in her eyes again, "He must hate me. He must feel that I abandon him. Oh poor Jon!" she started to sniffle

"There's no need to get too fussed about this Mel," I replied, "I shall find out when I talk to him. And as for hating you and feeling abandoned, I think you would have heard from him by now."

I decided to change tack and ask a question about her and Nat, "Am I correct to understand that your first night with Nat was what you had expected?"

"No!" She replied, "It was far better than I had ever expected. He was a wonderful Lover. He has a manhood that is far bigger than Rob's and he knows how to use it."

"So we've established that Nat is a good Lover (something I already knew from what Jen, my Wife, had told me) and you spent the night with him while Jon was elsewhere in the house," she nodded at this statement, "so he may have heard your lovemaking. And still does when you and Nat make love upstairs."

"Heard us downstairs?" she remarked, "They could have heard us in France, for heaven's sake."

"They could have heard us in France, for heaven's sake."

We both laughed at this and she then smiled oddly when I unwisely remarked that he used to make my Jen scream too.

I was almost at an end but I had just one more question to ask, "When Nat and you decided to make a baby, was Jon involved in this decision? Was his opinion sought? Was he involved in any way?"

Mel now looked pensive as she recalled the way the decision was made. "We had been Lovers for almost a year," she said, "when Nat and me decided that it was time to cement our commitment to each other. We talked to Jon about it, and he knew that we were making love without protection."

"His reaction? Or attitude?"

"I can't remember. Derek, I can't remember!" She was clearly disconcerted at this sudden realisation and guilt showed on her pretty face.

I had heard enough. I needed to meet and discuss the history and situation with Jonathan.

"Mel! I think I have heard everything that I need from you today," I said while getting up to leave, "but I do want to talk to Jonathan. As soon as possible please. If you can discuss matters with him and then call me to arrange a meeting - with him alone."

"Can't you just meet up in a pub or at your place Derek," she suggested, "he could get off the train at Bromley without inconveniencing you."

"Sorry Mel, but I need him in his normal environment. At home. Can I suggest that you and Nat go out and leave Jon and I alone. He is okay with being on his own with Julie, isn't he?" My suggestion seemed to steady her emotions.

She walked me to the door and spoke as she opened it, "Of course he is. I'll ring you tomorrow Derek and set something up with Nat as well."

As I walked down the path I turned around and spoke some words that I hoped would calm her. "He's still your husband Mel and, given your present situation, he knows that he's a cuckold too. I think that it just hasn't sunk in yet. Don't worry, we shall sort him out - it might take a while - but he'll be okay. I promise!"

As I got in the car I also said,"Oh yes! I think Julie is a lovely baby. Give her a tickle under the chin for me."

Mel laughed at this and replied,"She's a baby Derek. Not a Cocker Spaniel!"

I laughed with her and apologised, and she was still smiling as I drove away.

To follow:

Jonathan - Part One 

Friday, 10 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - I am comfortable in my sissy cuckold skin.

I like to remind myself of what I truly am.

Those special nights when I prepare my Wife for dates with her Black Master generate powerful emotions for me. I know, as her husband, that I should present to the world the appearance of manliness and in most respects I am successful.

But when I have seen her go out of the door and I know that she is spending the night in his arms and in his bed I like to remind myself of what I truly am. And my friends, I am comfortable in my sissy cuckold skin.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - It still won’t get as big as Michael’s

“You can drink as much of that stuff as you like."

“You can drink as much of that stuff as you like Philip, your willy will never be as big as Michael’s. And it won’t turn his lovely dark brown colour either.”
“Do you think I am wasting my money then?”
“If he’s happy to do the business and fuck me four nights a week, why bother? Maybe we should just accept reality and lock your ‘little man’ away from now on. If it does nothing else, at least it will save you a few pounds.”
“If you say so my Angel.”
“I do Philip. And so does Michael.”

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - “I have missed your gentle touch.”

“Is Guy - your hubby with you?"

“How long has it been Daphne? You have to know that I have missed your gentle touch.”
“And I’ve missed you, and that lovely big thing I used to enjoy so much.”

“Is Guy, your hubby with you? He didn’t seem to be around much when we had our affair all those years ago.”

“Guy is downstairs. He knows I am up here with you so he’s cool about us being together like this.”

“He knows he’s going to be cuckolded tonight then?”

“Of course he knows. He knew it then too. He has always liked the idea of me being with other men.”

“Well in that case. Shall we?”

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - Only Then Will You Know

“It all looks very flimsy My Love."

“It all looks very flimsy My Love. Is that deliberate?”
“Yes! Master said, that now we are trying for a baby, he would like easy access to my body.”
“That’s good to know that my money has bought something to excite another man enough to want to plant his seed in my Wife. It doesn’t get more ‘cucky’ than that I suppose.”
“Oh I don’t know. Wait until my body swells with his little brown baby. Only then will you know what it is to be true cuckold.”

Monday, 6 February 2017

Daily Cuckold - “Well let’s do it anyway.”

My bloody husband has just hired a Jet-ski to come over here.

“Oh for Christ’s sake. My bloody husband has just hired a Jet-ski to come over here. I told him I was spending the afternoon with you on your boat.”
“He does know that you and me are an ‘item’ doesn’t he?”

“I told him yesterday, but I don’t think it has sunk in yet.”

“Then I suggest that we fuck like rabbits right here so he can see us. He’ll get the message then. Won’t he?”

“Maybe. That’s if he realizes what we are doing. He thinks sex doesn’t last for more than three seconds.”

“Well let’s do it anyway.”