Saturday, 21 January 2017

How Would You React

Warning - this blog post includes content of a 'gay' nature.

Your Wife met Charles.

Within a few days of your arrival at a resort in the Caribbean you had watched as your pretty Wife had met a handsome Black Man called Charles. In front of your eyes he had seduced her [Seduction], mounted her like a whore on the beach [Deep Inside Her] and then fucked her in your hotel room as you had stood beside the bed and did nothing [In Your Bed].

Charles made you strip naked and call him 'Master' and then made you clean his semen from your Wife's pussy with your tongue [The Good Cuckold]. 'Master' then made you kneel before him and take his large brown cock in your hands and between your 'effeminate' lips [Cleaning Her]. 

You willingly pleasured Master and was rewarded with his essence erupting into your mouth. As he got back into bed with your Wife, Master told you that you were going to be fitted for a penis restraint and collar the following day [Showing Devotion]. 

The next morning your Wife cut and then shaved off the downy hairs around your tiny penis and balls.  Master, who had been in the shower, squatted over your face and you willingly pleasured Master's manhood, testicles and anal sphincter [Preparation]. 

Your Wife finished the pruning of your pubic fur and then pulled Master onto the bed in order to mount his rock hard cock. After showering, you wrapped a towel around your waist and walked back into the bedroom just as your Wife and Master orgasmed. Your Wife told you to clean the semen from Master's groin and stomach. You were naked, on a bed with another man - a big Black Man - your Master.

Master placed his massive organ alongside your own tiny penis and commented that it was the reason you are his cuckold and why your Wife is now his property. Whereupon your Wife came back into the room from her shower and told you to get off the bed and she knelt before you. 

"I have a little present for you," she said holding a small penis restraint, "but we have to make sure it fits." [Lascivious Cuckold]

After some deliberation and trying out different sizes, your Wife fitted the restraint to your little penis and locked you up. She then took a photo of you  naked and restrained, "Now you really are my little cuckold," she exclaimed triumphantly.

"Now you really are my little cuckold,"

Master and Mistress looked on in appreciation as you walked naked around the room with your penis and balls restrained. You then pranced making the restraint jiggle much to their, and your delight. 

It was lunchtime and as you walked to the dining room you saw that other white husbands were locked away just like you. You recalled that your Wife had booked the holiday and had done all of the payments and tickets herself. You asked her the name of the hotel.

"It's called Mandingo Palms," she replied.

Lunchtime was self service and you suddenly understood that it was your duty to serve them, as it was for all the other white cuckolds in the Dining Room. 

You finished your meal and followed Master and Mistress out to the pool. You noticed that all of the umbrellas and beds were the same and were occupied by a white girl, a Black Stud and  a white man who maintained a respectful demeanour. 

Wives and Black Studs engrossed with each other.

You met a fellow cuckold, a Yorkshireman called Ken, in the toilet in whom you confided that you were a newbie. Ken commented,"I guess that means you haven't paraded yet."

Back at your sunbed your Wife told you to lower your shorts to check your restraint and then confiscated them, leaving you naked. All eyes were now turned on you.

While you were standing unclothed in front of everybody, your Master told you to go to the bar and get a couple of beers.

So that was it. You had to walk naked around the pool in front of everybody. Suddenly you remembered what Ken had said about parading and you understood what was required of you. [Caged Cuckold.]

You stood naked under the umbrella trying to pick up the courage to walk around the pool to the bar. You became aware that your sunbeds were the furthest away and, although located in a crowded area, had been left empty by the other holiday makers. Hence the sense of anticipation you had felt when all eyes had been upon you as you had returned after having a pee. It was a 'set up'.

"Darling," your Wife said sweetly, "as you walk to the bar I want you to put your hands behind your head and keep them there. If you take them down you will spend the rest of the holiday walking naked around the edge of this pool. Oh yes! When you come back you must walk around the opposite side."

"Is this some kind of initiation?" You asked.

"Don't talk! Just do it!" She snapped back. "Now get those hands behind your head and start walking."

You stepped out from underneath the sun umbrella and onto the edge of the pool. With your hands where you had been told to put them, there was no hiding; you were standing humiliated, naked and with a caged little penis before at least a hundred other people. And they were all looking, smiling and nudging each other. You started to walk.

"Don't go so fast," your Wife shouted after you had gone a few paces, "let everybody see their new addition to the ...... cuckold ....... fraternity." She finished the sentence in a fit of laughter. Mistress was laughing at you, so was Master and so were a few Wives and the Black Men near to you.

"Hey cucky!" Shouted Master, "Why don't you prance like you did in the room earlier. And take your time. We are all enjoying the show."

Your heart flipped as you started to lift your knees up like a dancer and you realised that your little plastic covered penis was flicking fetchingly from side to side. But you knew that this was what was expected of you by Master, Mistress and everybody else at the pool, including all of the other white cuckolds. It was your 'parade' and all of a sudden you felt that you wanted to do it well - with enthusiasm.

You paraded naked in front of total strangers who clapped, jeered and cheered loudly all the way around the edge of the pool. The Black Men laughed at your meagre size and either crooked their little finger or made the two finger cuckold sign in front of your face as you passed - or they did both. Either way you continued slowly around the pool with your 'tiny equipment' wobbling and jumping daintily with each step.

The women looked on with grim amusement at the spectacle of another cuckold, just like their own, marching on his 'graduation parade.' Some of the less refined put their fingers to their mouth and whistled the international double note of attraction that is heard emanating from building sites throughout the world.

The faces of the cuckolds were a mix of sympathy, empathy, envy and wistfulness; all except Ken who smiled and gave you a 'thumbs up' sign. "Show em how its done ...... (he used your name). Let's see how a newbie can do it." He shouted above the din.

You could have made it to the pool bar in less than a minute if you had wanted to but it took you nearly ten. Although some enthusiastic members of your audience impeded your progress by standing before you to take a photo, you did as you were told - you took your time. And you did so because of the humiliation, you felt an arousal that filled your little cage. You were loving your new submissive status. You were having a ball!

You were waved to the front of the queue at the bar where you were met at the counter by a big Black bar tender. He glowered down at you and said, "What'll it be cuck?"

You replied, "Three beers please." He glared at you without moving and you felt you had insulted him somehow.

"Three beers please what? I'm a Black Man, so how should you address me cuckold?" He replied.

You realised that you had made a gaffe so you took steps to correct it immediately. "Three beers please - Master?" You answered, which was immediately greeted by a big gold toothed smile.

You watched the bar man cracking open three bottles of ice cold beer and as he turned and picked up a tray he spoke. "Cucky, I shall bring these over to your beds but there is something I want you to do for me."

You said nothing but looked up at him in some trepidation.

With a smile he reached under the counter and brought out a small head piece with plastic antlers that he gave to you. "Wear this on your way back to your sunbed little man. Its yours to wear until the next Cucky Parade. You know what the antlers mean don't you?"

"Yes Master. It tells symbolises my status of a the newly cuckolded husband," was your meek automatic reply. 'I am even speaking the language now.' You thought to yourself.

"Good boy. Now put it on firmly because we don't want it falling off do we, and take your hands off your head and put them on your hips. And when you walk I want you to swing those hips like the 'girly boy' that you are." It was not a request and you complied immediately.

The noise level increased as you moved away from the bar and the clapping and whistling grew louder as you slowly minced around the other side of the pool. Once again the crowds by the pool enjoyed seeing your outing as a cuckold, and the total obliteration of your pride and manliness.

A small gathering of gay Black Men gazed at you with undisguised stares of lust and desire. A week ago you may have felt discomfited by such looks but you knew that, although you were not gay, man on man intimacy was no longer a stranger to you. Even so, you speeded up past them.

You felt a warm glow of happiness
at seeing your Wife loving another man.

As you approached the sun beds and umbrella where Master and Mistress were located you could see her leaning in to him and kissing him passionately on the lips. A week ago such intimacy would have made you feel outraged but now you felt a warm glow of happiness at seeing your Wife loving another man. Such was the transition you had made in your manliness and sexuality.

"Oh hi Babe! " Mistress exclaimed as you approached, "I'm so proud of you doing all that. And I do like your cucky hat." She paused as if considering something. "Did you enjoy your little stroll?"

You knew that it was a moment for an honest answer, so you played for time to gather your thoughts. "Yes Mistress. I did. But all this prancing and mincing has made me thirsty and tired."

Mistress beckoned you over to check your little cage for security and was pleased with her handiwork.

Mistress was pleased with her handiwork.

Your lovely Wife looked at you kindly, and with some pride before she replied. "You rest up little man. But don't take the head piece off. It's your badge of office."

You wondered what the hell your 'office' was, but didn't care so you just drank your cold beer slowly while looking at the rest of the people by the pool. Master and Mistress were in a world of their own and spent the afternoon stroking each other and fucking each other with their eyes.

"Hey up fella," it was Ken, who had strolled over to your sunbed leaving his Wife and her Lover asleep in the shade, "top parading by the way. Loved the high stepping too. Very classy!"

You liked Ken's directness and conversed long into the afternoon. He, like you, was a cuckold of course but this was his second holiday at Mandingo Palms. "I was the newbie last year but I've gotta say that you took parading to a new level. Very impressive!"

Master and Mistress were preparing to go so Ken and yourself stood up to leave. It was then that you noticed that what you had originally thought to be a piece of jewellery was actually a small silver encrusted glass phial hanging from Ken's neck.

'What's that little thing about?" You asked pointing to the phial. "Is it ornamental, or is it significant?"

Ken stopped what he was doing and met your eyes and you could see that he was confused. "You don't know do you mate."

You shook your head, causing the antlers on your hat to wobble slightly.

"It contains my Wife's pills," he replied, "her and Jerome are making another one."

"Another one? Do you mean a baby?"

"Yeah! They made one last year. A little boy. He's with her Sister and her kids while we're on holiday."

"Oh God! I'm so sorry Ken. I had no idea," you said.

"Why sorry? I'm a cuckold like you. We are all wearing one. It's the custom here that all cuckies keep their Wives' pills inaccessible like this. It just adds to our humiliation and their fun. It'll be your turn next. Now that you've graduated." 

He looked at my horrified face and grinned. "Get real mate! Did you really think that mincing around the pool with your little willy hanging out was all it took to be a cuck?"

Your knees went and you had to sit down. It was a total shock after the fun you had been having. 

And if it was you fellow cuckold, how would you react to this news?

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