Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Daily Cuckold - You keep calling him ‘cucky’.

"Perhaps we should tell him
about your baby growing inside me.”

“Do you think your fat little hubby will mind that you and me have been swimming together in the nude.”

“No not at all. But he might not want to hear that we fucked like rabbits as well.”

“Oh I don’t know. He did suggest that we went off for a swim together. I think he wanted us to make out. He did ask me to ‘do the business’ after all.”

“Did he now. Its not as if its the first time he has encouraged us to get together. Perhaps we should tell him about your baby growing inside me.”

“Somehow I think it will not be a big surprise. Especially now that you keep calling him ‘cucky’.”

Monday, 30 January 2017

Daily Cuckold - What am I going to tell him?

 I told him months ago that I was going to have you.

“Oh God! What am I going to tell him? He knows I’ve spent weekends and nights with you, but I told him you’re gay. He thinks we are working on the accounts.”

“Don’t sweat on it Girl. He knows I’m not gay. And I told him months ago that I was going to have you.”

“He knows? Why has he never said anything I wonder.”

“Because I’m his boss and he knows his place.”

“I guess that I shall have to tell him tonight about the baby. Maybe then it won’t be too much of a shock.”

“Maybe you should. But I think you will find that it will not be a shock. Especially to a cuckold like him.”

Sunday, 29 January 2017

What do you see?

In my imagination I see a beautiful young Wife making out with her new Lover at a party while her humiliated cuckold watches from the other side of the room.

"Let him watch us My Love, he 
knows he can't compete with you."

What do you see in your imagination fellow cuckolds?

Saturday, 28 January 2017

The Story of Elaine, Jackson and cuckold james

Chapter 13 - Date Night - Part One

Date Night

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“Well, Jackson and me spoke, but you were particularly quiet,” I said to my pretty Wife, although she was not at her best after having cleared up the mess I had made in the house, “Don’t you think that we should have a long talk?”

We had closed the front door just as Jackson’s big Mercedes had turned out of the road and were returning to the kitchen when I raised the subject with Elaine.

“What is there to discuss James? I’ve been unfaithful to you. I’ve cuckolded you. And I now have a Lover. End of!”

“Not all of that is true. Is it!” I replied.

She looked evasive but still held my stare. “In what way?”

“Why don’t you call him by his name? Why ‘Master’?”

She smiled at my question but still looked down at her shoes resting on the bar of the kitchen stool where she perched prettily. “I thought you already knew the answer to that question. You heard most of it,” she looked directly into my eyes and paused for effect, “from my Master.”

Her blatant confirmation of his status struck me like a fist. “Say that again,” I asked.

“Jackson is my Master!" She continued. "Even though I am married to you, I belong to him. You may be my husband James, but he is my mate. I am his Woman even though I am your Wife. Whatever he wants from me, in or out of bed, I see it as my duty to say ‘yes’ and provide it, if it is in my power to do so. I have already said that I love you haven’t I.” I nodded in agreement, “So please do not ever make me choose between you because my devotion to him is just as strong.”

I sat open mouthed at this revelation into our life together. My emotion was a mix of shock and arousal at her words. “Is that it? And where do I fit in this menage a trois?” I asked with just a hint of sarcasm.

The tone of my question went over her head, and her smile was warm and loving as she paused yet again to consider her words. “Right in the middle of it all cj – that’s your role now. Serving us. Being his devoted intimate friend, being the other half of me and, last but not least, being part of us both as our attentive and submissive cuckold." ‘So I am 'cuckold james' to you now am I. And - Attentive? Intimate?  Devoted? Submissive? - what are the implications of those emotive words?' I thought.

“Is that it?” I repeated. “In the corner. Out of the way, while you two thrash around like randy teenagers.”

“No James! You heard what Master said didn’t you? We shall become ‘owned’ in a cuckold marriage.”

“And do you,” I emphasised the ‘you’, “know what that means?”

Elaine wrinkled her nose in the sweet little way that she had. “No not really. But I can’t wait to find out.”

Elaine could tell me little more, so I changed tack. “Tell me! How did you and Jackson – sorry 'Master' – get together. I suppose I might as well know it all now we have it all out in the open.”

“Oh! How we met etcetera?”

“Exactly. Especially the etcetera.” I replied, and settled down on a stool facing my Wife so as to hear just how she met and was seduced by her Black Master. And if my ‘little man’ felt tight in my restraint before it was positively painful in anticipation of her explanation.

My 'little man' felt tight.

"It's all Maddie's fault," Elaine replied, "so if you are looking to blame someone, it's her - the slut that she is?" She smiled back at me. "No surprise for you there I think cj." 

"Maddie and me ........"

"Don't you mean 'Slut Madeleine', I interjected. But with a smile.

"Slut Madeleine and me," she continued after an arch of her eyebrows, " were driving to work one day about eighteen months ago when she told me that she had been having an affair with another man. I wasn't particularly surprised because she had often said that Alan was - shall we say - 'not doing the business' in bed." She saw my alarmed expression and smiled. "And yes! I did discuss your performances too. It's what all slutty wives do."

She got off the stool and stood up, "I am going to have a quick shower before we go out. I'm a little sticky from clearing up your mess. Why don't you come and sit with me in the Shower Room and I shall continue with the story of, shall we say, my 'seduction'."

"Why do I have the impression that your resistance may have been minimal." I said as I followed her up the stairs while at the same time marvelling at the undulations of her bouncy little arse. Her response was a deliciously light laugh.

"Do you want me to shower with you?" I asked more in hope than expectation.

"No! Not this time cj. Nice thought though," was her disappointing reply, "but you are right. My resistance was less than minimal. Maddie said it was almost non existent."

I watched in appreciation of her naked beauty as she stripped off her working clothes and stepped into the shower leaving me to ponder her weak opposition to Jackson's manoeuvring.

As Elaine soaped her naked body she continued with the story. "It was a set up really. Not quite in the same league as the one on Sunday, but a set up nonetheless. Maddie knew that I was in need of a Lover so she invited me out for an afternoon. You heard Master mention Mede Manor just now; it was there that she took me to meet him while you and Alan were at the football one afternoon."

'Mede Manor again. What and where is this place?'

She remained quiet for a few seconds as the water streamed down her naked body washing the soap away. "Was that the Saturday that you didn't get home until eight o'clock," I remarked, remembering how worried I had been that night over a year ago.

"Mmmm! That's right," she replied as she stepped out of the shower and started to dry herself with the towel I had proffered. "Mede Manor is the large manor house that is set back from the beach we were at on Sunday by the way. It's a beautiful old place with quite a story behind it."

I took the towel from her and dried her back, her arse cheeks and legs as she removed her shower cap and rearranged her hair. "I didn't notice it." I said. "I didn't see very much at all after you went off with him."

"I know Dear," she replied, "but we need to get a move on. We are going up to the Mayfair for some nice things for me. Aren't we?"

"Yes! Of course. I just thought you were going to tell me about the great seduction."

"I shall tell you as we go. Now let's get ready." She replied.

We were about to leave when there was a ring on the doorbell. On the step stood a young man who looked familiar but I couldn't recall where or when we had met. "Hi! My name is Terry. Are you cj? Master Jackson has asked me to bring you this for you. You are him I presume?"

He handed me a small jewellery box that was bound in leather and embossed with the letters 'cj'. "You presume correctly Terry. And thank you! Was there any message?"

He looked slightly embarrassed and avoided my eyes as he turned to return to Jackson's Mercedes. "He said to wear it with pride and put it on before you go out. It'll help." And with that he started the car and drove away up the road for the second time in as many hours.

"Was that Terry? Did he bring you something?" Was Elaine's mischievous question.

"Do you know what it is?" I asked. "I'm a bit suspicious."

"Well you won't know unless you open it cj." She was more excited than I was.

Elaine stood next to me smelling fresh and clean from her shower as I flicked the catch and opened the lid. Inside there was a small felt pocket and a note, which I set aside to undo the drawstring. Tipping the contents out onto my hand I examined the piece of jewellery that he had sent me. It was a small gold chain with a pendant attached.

"Another man has just given me jewellery. Should I be grateful or worried?" I said to Elaine.

She blushed with barely contained excitement and leaned over to look closer. "Turn it over. See what is on the medallion," she purred. 

 It wasn't subtle, its message was unmistakable. I knew immediattely that the letter 'J' did not represent my name 'James' - why would it? The letter 'J' meant Jackson. My Wife's Lover wanted me to have a daily reminder of who is the Master, who is the cuckold and who owns who. As pretty as it was, its symbology was obvious.

I picked up the note to read,

cj,  we spoke earlier of the necessity for cuckolds like you to wear a small attachment in place of their restraint when it is inappropriate to do so. I had this little token made in the expectation of your acquiescence to our new way of life to which, if I may say, you seem to be an enthusiastic novice. I hope that you will wear this in the spirit in which it is meant and yes, the letter J does mean 'Jackson' - you can work out the symbolism for yourself.
Just for interest's sake, the chain is made from some of Elaine's bikini top that I removed from her beautiful breasts on the beach on Sunday. I still have a little of it left which I am going to turn into something interesting at a later date - for you of course my dear cuckold.
I hope you will wear my gift this afternoon to try out when you take my Mistress up to Bond Street this afternoon.
Fondly yours,
Master J

"It's to wear on my penis," I said to Elaine, "in place of my restraint. For going out, and for work."

"Well your had better put it on cj," she replied impatiently, "we have to get going in a minute."

"Okay! Okay! I have to go to the shower room. I have left the key to my cage up there." Was my testy reply.

"Don't be silly. I have the spare key here around my neck. Just drop your trousers and pants and let me see to it," she said in a business like manner. I complied immediately.

I stood like a little boy with my trousers and underpants down around my feet as she unfastened the small padlock and gently pulled my little restraint from my penis. With some dexterity she also removed the bridge, the locating pins and the 'under testicles' cock ring.

With a little smile playing on her lips Elaine took the chain and its medallion from my open hand and offered it up to my private parts. "Breathe in cj," she said as her cool fingers closed around my balls and penis, "now let's see if it will fit."

"Oh! It has a small elastic piece on it. I guess the tension will keep it in place." She observed as she hooked the flexible part under my small testicles and then the medallion and chain over my 'cotton reel'. "Perfect! Just tight enough to keep you aware and not too tight as to be uncomfortable. How does it feel to you cj?"

As I looked down I felt a mix of humiliation, shame and pride (yes - that's right - pride) as the black and white medallion caught the light from the window as if to remind me of my capitulation and the unmanly path I was travelling. Jackson had put his first physical claim on me and I had accepted it without a word of complaint or defiance; I looked at the note again and re-read the words - '.....you seem to be an enthusiastic novice.'  It was true. I was exactly that, and I needed to sit down alone and have a good long think about where I was going in my life - our lives.

The little chain felt intimate without feeling intrusive or uncomfortable, and as I pulled up my pants and trousers Elaine smiled sympathetically, "You will get used to all this you know James. I know you better than you know yourself. Believe me when I tell you that this is the best for us both." 'James now. Not cj? And best for us both; you more than me I think."

I remained quiet and tried to hide my discomfort as we made our way out into the warm but sweaty summer morning to the car. Being a Londoner I knew the best and least known places to park so as Elaine and me drove through the traffic to Mayfair we had plenty of time to talk.

"Mede Manor then," I said as we approached Tower Bridge, "what happened. All the etceteras as you promised."

"Okay! If you insist. That's if you are ready to hear how your Wife was seduced so quickly and so easily by a big handsome well equipped Black Man?" She replied with an amused twinkle in her eye.

"I do," was my immediate response. 'Didn't I say that at a wedding once?'

Elaine took a deep breath and continued, "Mede Manor, as well as being close to the sea and having its own private beach has two swimming pools; one inside and the other outside. As the weather was chilly the pool party was held in the inside pool. And ......"

I interupted her, "Pool party? You didn't mention that."

"Didn't I? Oh, well! Maddie and me were sat by the pool with Bruno when in walked Jackson who came to sit with us after being introduced to me. The attraction between us was immediate and he clearly liked my breasts and my body. His naked body just seemed to pulse with power and ......"

"Hang on!" I interrupted again. "His naked body? Do you mean - fully naked - unclothed - balls and all hanging out?"

"What did you think I meant Love?" she replied with a little laugh. "We were all starkers. Not just us four but all the others too. It's a private pool so one can do as one wishes."

"Oh, one can. Can one!" I replied sarcastically. "So this total stranger took one look and enjoyed a good view of all of my Wife's little treasures. At least he knew what he was going to have. How very ladylike!" The very picture of her lying naked on a bed by a pool chatting to a stranger caused me to lose concentration and nearly cause an accident on the bridge.

"Be careful cj," She said. But I did not really know if she was referring to my driving or my sarcasm.

"So what was his opening line to you Elaine?" I asked sarcastically again, "Nice pussy Missus. What's your name by the way?"

"No! 'jealous jeremy'. He was the perfect gentleman. Even when I was sat on his shoulders having a play fight with Maddie and Bruno he didn't try anything, or say anything that could be construed as tasteless. There was no oblique innuendo or suggestive looks or anythinglike that. He was a wonderful companion that day, just as he still is." She looked wistful as she recalled the fun in the pool.

He was a wonderful companion.

"So when did it dawn on you that he was going to take you on as his Lover? You must have had some clue." I asked, trying to keep my attention on the road and slow moving traffic.

"Immediately! There was no question of 'if'. It was a matter of when." she replied, "He just took me over as his own lady friend that day. We were naked and alone when Bruno, Maddie and all the others in the pool left and went for a drink in the bar. We swam, we talked and I fell in love with the big black hunk who we both knew was going to be my Lover very soon." She stopped for a moment as if to think about what she was about to say, "James, I have to tell you that, if he had held his hand out and took me to one of the beds and kissed me, I would have opened my legs for him and welcomed him inside me that very afternoon."

"I see," I said,"so Master (I emphasised the word for sarcasm yet again) was the perfect gentleman, in spite of being bollock naked and happy to seduce another man's Wife."

Elaine's lips were thin with suppressed amusement (or was it irritation) but she did not reply and just sat waiting for my next question. The obvious one!

"So then Elaine. The question is - just when did 'Gentleman Jackson' get into your knickers, that's if he didn't that afternoon?"

"Okay! I shall tell you. But no more sarky comments from you please cuckold. Are we clear?"

I had been put in my place and I knew it. "Promise!" was my meek reply.

She took a deep breath and started with the tale - finally. "During the afternoon I had told him all about myself, my job, where we live and you - of course. Unlike many men, he was genuinely interested in me and you - and not just my tits, which was a welcome change by the way. It was just before we were all about to leave when he asked me to meet him on the Monday - for a date. He said he would send a car for me at twelve o'clock at the bank front entrance and that he would like to continue our friendship. I just answered 'Yes please,' and we all knew what the next thing would be."

"And there was me thinking he was a fast worker," I commented, but received no reply from Elaine.

"Do you remember cj? You helped me get ready that morning. I told you that I felt like being a little racy that morning, so you helped me to get into a pretty basque thing and stockings. Do you remember?" she said.

"Oh God yes! It was white and blue-ish," I replied. I remembered it clearly because it was an odd set of underwear for a workday morning.

An odd set of underwear for a workday morning.

"The car arrived spot on twelve and he was sat in the back. He asked me if it was okay if we went to his flat near Tower Bridge - I said yes. In truth it would have taken me just ten minutes to walk but a car drive on that day, and all the other days since, was such a touch of class don't you think?"

'Yeah! Real classy to send a car so he can fuck my Wife.' I thought.

Elaine continued," To cut a long story short, when we arrived at his flat he showed me the view of the bridge and the while we were standing there he kissed my for the first time. I had no intention of being coy and we both knew why I was there, so I just asked him to take me to the bedroom. He had already seen me naked, so the white virginal underwear hit just the right note because his lovely big manhood suddenly became very interested indeed. We both knew that there would be more steamy encounters between us at another time but that lunchtime tryst was my initiation."

She stopped talking for a moment as we approached Trafalgar Square. She was clearly thinking about what to say next.

"In very crude terms, I lay on my back and opened my legs for him. I was offering him my already married body and he readily accepted the gift. It had been a long time since a cock that big had been inside me because over the years I had been used to your little thing, but once the initial discomfort had subsided it felt so wonderful in me. I was his and he knew it. I was an adultress and you were a cuckold. This is not getting too much for you is it cj?"

I was his and he knew it.

"No!" I lied as we slowly moved through the Regent Street traffic.

"After our lovemaking, he made me a light lunch and then had Terry take me back to work in his big car. I felt like a kept woman - it was very erotic. I received a mild telling off from Deirdre, my Line Manager for being late but she knew the score, having a Lover of her own. That has pretty much been how our affair has been carried out; Deirdre and me came to an agreement that I could have an extra hour for lunch and leave work an hour later. Most weekdays since then I have been spending lunchtimes in Master's bed."

"That's not all of it though is it," I commented, "there have been other times. Haven't there!"

"What do you mean cj?"

"Jackson knew where everything was in our house last night. He didn't have to ask where the toilet or shower room are. He helped you clear away things after I left and he knew exactly where to put them. So he has been to our house when I am at work. Am I right?" I asked.

"Not when you are at work cj, I wouldn't have taken that chance. When you have been on night cover and when you attended the trader's convention in Oslo he spent those nights with me in Blackheath. I'm sorry - really I am, but you must understand that he was my Lover and I wanted to sleep and wake up with him." She replied.

I remained silent for about five minutes but as I turned into Bourdon Street from New Bond Street I spoke again. "Lover eh? So when and how did he become your Master. I can't wait for that little tale."

"It wasn't a moment," Elaine replied, clearly choosing her words, "it was a gradual strengthening of devotion to him until one afternoon I found that all that I wanted to do was please him. I discovered a part of me wanted to obey him completely and to be totally dominated by him; I think much of that emotion was the result of his temperament. His strength and power that is complimented by his tenderness and kindness makes you want to obey him and, if I am honest, his big manhood is very sweet icing on the cake. What I am trying to say is that he is very easy to love."

I found the parking slot that I knew would be there and that I had used when I had cause to visit Mayfair before. We left the car and made our way out onto New Bond Street, turned left and made our way to an upmarket Ladies Lingerie shop.

It was if Elaine was born to it. The Wife I love, unfaithful as she may be, suddenly changed from the gentle caring sometimes scatty girl into an all business professional shopper as we entered through the discrete glass doors. Within seconds she had two of the assistants attending to her as she sat imperiously in the red velvet upholstered chair reserved for customers. I felt out of place, ignored, sorry for myself and suddenly I was scared and out of my depth - again. 

I nodded and tried to make enthusiastic noises as she showed my different basques, suspenders, bras, matching sets and all the panoply of pretty things that women love to wear to excite their man, noticing that very little went back to the racks and drawers but remained around her feet. Suddenly my head and my wallet felt very light indeed.

Was it my imagination or did they know Elaine; the smiles were genuine but the look in their eyes was that of intimacy, gentle mischief and amusement. Muffled laughter when the two were out of sight aroused my suspicions. 'Do they know?' I thought, 'Can they see me for what I am? How much is this bloody lot going to cost?' 

"Now for a dress for tonight," said Elaine as we left the shop without noticing my struggle with the bags and boxes that I was attempting to balance, "what do you think would go well with black underwear."

"Any of this bloody lot, I would have thought," was my muffled repy from the pile of boxes, "you have enough choice."

The implied criticism went over her head as she tripped along happily towards the next shop. "Did those girls in the last shop know?" I asked, "Did they know you and our situation?"

"Oh, God yes," she laughed as she replied, "Master has taken me there many times to buy me pretty things. They know us both well; he tells them that I am his Married Mistress. I thought Tina and Sophie behaved themselves perfectly."

"They laughed at me," I replied grumpily, "I didn't know what to do."

"I know cj, but the little you did was accomplished perfectly."

"You mean I paid for it all." Me - grumpy again!

"Exactly!" She replied. 'Smug cow!'

The dress shop was not one of Elaine and Master's usual haunts and it was only a thin black wrap that she needed for her date that night and we were back in our house within the hour of leaving our parking slot in Bourdon Street.

Elaine had become increasingly thoughtful on our way home and as I closed our front door she turned to me with a serious face, "Tonight is a big night for all three of us cj, you understand that don't you. As far as I am concerned this is the start of a new phase in our lives."

"Yes Mistress," I replied meaning it to be sarcastic, but my Wife didn't see it that way.

"Yes cj, you are the cuckold and I am the Mistress," she answered kindly but firmly, "now you are beginning to understand what you are going to be."

Upon hearing those words, I felt bereft of all of my manliness and felt a sudden emotional attachment to my penis restraint and started to look around for it. I wanted it back on me. I suddenly felt naked without it - even after just a few hours.

"cj! Drop the bags and boxes in the bedroom and then come and help me get ready for my date."

"Yes Dear!"

"Yes what???"

"Yes Mistress!"

To follow:

Chapter 14 - Date Night - Part Two

Friday, 27 January 2017

Daily Cuckold - Oh what it is to be a cuckold.

I shall see you later - maybe.

“Bye Love. I shall see you later - maybe.”
“Where on earth are you going in such a hurry Dear?”
“Geraldine just told me that there are some big Black Men sunbathing nude up the other end of the beach.”
“Does this mean that I shall be spending the night alone again without my loving Wife?”
“Oh what it is to be a cuckold.”

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Daily Cuckold - I do so want to be Black Owned.

Do you think he will want to take me
out on a date once he sees this picture?

“I need you to lower the top down a little more Dear. I want Kenzo to see your beautiful breasts.”
“Are you sure this will do the trick? Do you think he will want to take me out on a date once he sees this picture?”
“Of course he will my Love. I would be really upset if he rejected my Wife as his Girlfriend. “
“Oh surely he wouldn’t. I do so want to be Black Owned.”
“You will be my Darling. It is the natural order of things that a Black Man like him has a white boy’s Wife as his Woman. I honestly think that his big cock will be inside you before the end of tonight.”

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Daily Cuckold - Did Frank buy it for you?

Am I the only married woman on this
beach who isn’t a Black Man’s Mistress?

“New bikini Theresa? Did Frank buy it for you?”

“My husband? Hell no! He wouldn’t have a clue. It was somebody else.”

“Who do you know who would buy you something this intimate?”

“Jess! My Master. He owns me now and he likes me to look pretty.”

“Not you too. Am I the only married woman on this beach who isn’t a Black Man’s Mistress?”

“Yes! But we’ve arranged for you to meet Big Samuel. One date with him and you will want to be ‘Black Owned’ for the rest of your life.”

“Mmmm? Well O.K. but Jerry my husband won’t be happy.”

“No worries Dear. It was cuckold Jerry’s idea.”

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Daily Cuckold - Are you sure Love?

"You don’t mind if we go and have a little bit of private fun?”

“Why don’t you and Jerry go back to the tent for a while Dear”
“Are you sure Love? You don’t mind if we go and have a little bit of private fun?”
“We both know that you need more than I can give you. So why not? And we also know that Jerry has had you before so let us stop pretending that I don’t know.”
“Oh! Well seeing that you know, you won’t mind staying in another tent tonight. Or even for the rest of the holiday.”
“Of course not Dear. This is what a cuckold like me accepts without question.”

Monday, 23 January 2017

Daily Cuckold - Did hubby buy that?

Did hubby buy that nice ‘see through’ set for you?

“You’re so damn pretty my sweet little Whore. Did hubby buy that nice ‘see through’ set for you?”

“Yes Master. He said it was to make me even more desirable.”

“Desirable Eh! Was that for his benefit or mine.”

“Yours of course. He knows I am your Woman now so he likes to make sure that I am properly presented to you.”

“A true cuckold then. When you see him tomorrow morning you can tell him he has good taste.”

“That’s what he says about you My Love!”

Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Cuckold's Life

When i became a new cuckold i often found that it helped with my apprehension to assist my Wife to get ready for a date. The quiet togetherness we shared as i prepared her for another man's pleasure had a calming effect on me as a young cucky boy.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

How Would You React

Warning - this blog post includes content of a 'gay' nature.

Your Wife met Charles.

Within a few days of your arrival at a resort in the Caribbean you had watched as your pretty Wife had met a handsome Black Man called Charles. In front of your eyes he had seduced her [Seduction], mounted her like a whore on the beach [Deep Inside Her] and then fucked her in your hotel room as you had stood beside the bed and did nothing [In Your Bed].

Charles made you strip naked and call him 'Master' and then made you clean his semen from your Wife's pussy with your tongue [The Good Cuckold]. 'Master' then made you kneel before him and take his large brown cock in your hands and between your 'effeminate' lips [Cleaning Her]. 

You willingly pleasured Master and was rewarded with his essence erupting into your mouth. As he got back into bed with your Wife, Master told you that you were going to be fitted for a penis restraint and collar the following day [Showing Devotion]. 

The next morning your Wife cut and then shaved off the downy hairs around your tiny penis and balls.  Master, who had been in the shower, squatted over your face and you willingly pleasured Master's manhood, testicles and anal sphincter [Preparation]. 

Your Wife finished the pruning of your pubic fur and then pulled Master onto the bed in order to mount his rock hard cock. After showering, you wrapped a towel around your waist and walked back into the bedroom just as your Wife and Master orgasmed. Your Wife told you to clean the semen from Master's groin and stomach. You were naked, on a bed with another man - a big Black Man - your Master.

Master placed his massive organ alongside your own tiny penis and commented that it was the reason you are his cuckold and why your Wife is now his property. Whereupon your Wife came back into the room from her shower and told you to get off the bed and she knelt before you. 

"I have a little present for you," she said holding a small penis restraint, "but we have to make sure it fits." [Lascivious Cuckold]

After some deliberation and trying out different sizes, your Wife fitted the restraint to your little penis and locked you up. She then took a photo of you  naked and restrained, "Now you really are my little cuckold," she exclaimed triumphantly.

"Now you really are my little cuckold,"

Master and Mistress looked on in appreciation as you walked naked around the room with your penis and balls restrained. You then pranced making the restraint jiggle much to their, and your delight. 

It was lunchtime and as you walked to the dining room you saw that other white husbands were locked away just like you. You recalled that your Wife had booked the holiday and had done all of the payments and tickets herself. You asked her the name of the hotel.

"It's called Mandingo Palms," she replied.

Lunchtime was self service and you suddenly understood that it was your duty to serve them, as it was for all the other white cuckolds in the Dining Room. 

You finished your meal and followed Master and Mistress out to the pool. You noticed that all of the umbrellas and beds were the same and were occupied by a white girl, a Black Stud and  a white man who maintained a respectful demeanour. 

Wives and Black Studs engrossed with each other.

You met a fellow cuckold, a Yorkshireman called Ken, in the toilet in whom you confided that you were a newbie. Ken commented,"I guess that means you haven't paraded yet."

Back at your sunbed your Wife told you to lower your shorts to check your restraint and then confiscated them, leaving you naked. All eyes were now turned on you.

While you were standing unclothed in front of everybody, your Master told you to go to the bar and get a couple of beers.

So that was it. You had to walk naked around the pool in front of everybody. Suddenly you remembered what Ken had said about parading and you understood what was required of you. [Caged Cuckold.]

You stood naked under the umbrella trying to pick up the courage to walk around the pool to the bar. You became aware that your sunbeds were the furthest away and, although located in a crowded area, had been left empty by the other holiday makers. Hence the sense of anticipation you had felt when all eyes had been upon you as you had returned after having a pee. It was a 'set up'.

"Darling," your Wife said sweetly, "as you walk to the bar I want you to put your hands behind your head and keep them there. If you take them down you will spend the rest of the holiday walking naked around the edge of this pool. Oh yes! When you come back you must walk around the opposite side."

"Is this some kind of initiation?" You asked.

"Don't talk! Just do it!" She snapped back. "Now get those hands behind your head and start walking."

You stepped out from underneath the sun umbrella and onto the edge of the pool. With your hands where you had been told to put them, there was no hiding; you were standing humiliated, naked and with a caged little penis before at least a hundred other people. And they were all looking, smiling and nudging each other. You started to walk.

"Don't go so fast," your Wife shouted after you had gone a few paces, "let everybody see their new addition to the ...... cuckold ....... fraternity." She finished the sentence in a fit of laughter. Mistress was laughing at you, so was Master and so were a few Wives and the Black Men near to you.

"Hey cucky!" Shouted Master, "Why don't you prance like you did in the room earlier. And take your time. We are all enjoying the show."

Your heart flipped as you started to lift your knees up like a dancer and you realised that your little plastic covered penis was flicking fetchingly from side to side. But you knew that this was what was expected of you by Master, Mistress and everybody else at the pool, including all of the other white cuckolds. It was your 'parade' and all of a sudden you felt that you wanted to do it well - with enthusiasm.

You paraded naked in front of total strangers who clapped, jeered and cheered loudly all the way around the edge of the pool. The Black Men laughed at your meagre size and either crooked their little finger or made the two finger cuckold sign in front of your face as you passed - or they did both. Either way you continued slowly around the pool with your 'tiny equipment' wobbling and jumping daintily with each step.

The women looked on with grim amusement at the spectacle of another cuckold, just like their own, marching on his 'graduation parade.' Some of the less refined put their fingers to their mouth and whistled the international double note of attraction that is heard emanating from building sites throughout the world.

The faces of the cuckolds were a mix of sympathy, empathy, envy and wistfulness; all except Ken who smiled and gave you a 'thumbs up' sign. "Show em how its done ...... (he used your name). Let's see how a newbie can do it." He shouted above the din.

You could have made it to the pool bar in less than a minute if you had wanted to but it took you nearly ten. Although some enthusiastic members of your audience impeded your progress by standing before you to take a photo, you did as you were told - you took your time. And you did so because of the humiliation, you felt an arousal that filled your little cage. You were loving your new submissive status. You were having a ball!

You were waved to the front of the queue at the bar where you were met at the counter by a big Black bar tender. He glowered down at you and said, "What'll it be cuck?"

You replied, "Three beers please." He glared at you without moving and you felt you had insulted him somehow.

"Three beers please what? I'm a Black Man, so how should you address me cuckold?" He replied.

You realised that you had made a gaffe so you took steps to correct it immediately. "Three beers please - Master?" You answered, which was immediately greeted by a big gold toothed smile.

You watched the bar man cracking open three bottles of ice cold beer and as he turned and picked up a tray he spoke. "Cucky, I shall bring these over to your beds but there is something I want you to do for me."

You said nothing but looked up at him in some trepidation.

With a smile he reached under the counter and brought out a small head piece with plastic antlers that he gave to you. "Wear this on your way back to your sunbed little man. Its yours to wear until the next Cucky Parade. You know what the antlers mean don't you?"

"Yes Master. It tells symbolises my status of a the newly cuckolded husband," was your meek automatic reply. 'I am even speaking the language now.' You thought to yourself.

"Good boy. Now put it on firmly because we don't want it falling off do we, and take your hands off your head and put them on your hips. And when you walk I want you to swing those hips like the 'girly boy' that you are." It was not a request and you complied immediately.

The noise level increased as you moved away from the bar and the clapping and whistling grew louder as you slowly minced around the other side of the pool. Once again the crowds by the pool enjoyed seeing your outing as a cuckold, and the total obliteration of your pride and manliness.

A small gathering of gay Black Men gazed at you with undisguised stares of lust and desire. A week ago you may have felt discomfited by such looks but you knew that, although you were not gay, man on man intimacy was no longer a stranger to you. Even so, you speeded up past them.

You felt a warm glow of happiness
at seeing your Wife loving another man.

As you approached the sun beds and umbrella where Master and Mistress were located you could see her leaning in to him and kissing him passionately on the lips. A week ago such intimacy would have made you feel outraged but now you felt a warm glow of happiness at seeing your Wife loving another man. Such was the transition you had made in your manliness and sexuality.

"Oh hi Babe! " Mistress exclaimed as you approached, "I'm so proud of you doing all that. And I do like your cucky hat." She paused as if considering something. "Did you enjoy your little stroll?"

You knew that it was a moment for an honest answer, so you played for time to gather your thoughts. "Yes Mistress. I did. But all this prancing and mincing has made me thirsty and tired."

Mistress beckoned you over to check your little cage for security and was pleased with her handiwork.

Mistress was pleased with her handiwork.

Your lovely Wife looked at you kindly, and with some pride before she replied. "You rest up little man. But don't take the head piece off. It's your badge of office."

You wondered what the hell your 'office' was, but didn't care so you just drank your cold beer slowly while looking at the rest of the people by the pool. Master and Mistress were in a world of their own and spent the afternoon stroking each other and fucking each other with their eyes.

"Hey up fella," it was Ken, who had strolled over to your sunbed leaving his Wife and her Lover asleep in the shade, "top parading by the way. Loved the high stepping too. Very classy!"

You liked Ken's directness and conversed long into the afternoon. He, like you, was a cuckold of course but this was his second holiday at Mandingo Palms. "I was the newbie last year but I've gotta say that you took parading to a new level. Very impressive!"

Master and Mistress were preparing to go so Ken and yourself stood up to leave. It was then that you noticed that what you had originally thought to be a piece of jewellery was actually a small silver encrusted glass phial hanging from Ken's neck.

'What's that little thing about?" You asked pointing to the phial. "Is it ornamental, or is it significant?"

Ken stopped what he was doing and met your eyes and you could see that he was confused. "You don't know do you mate."

You shook your head, causing the antlers on your hat to wobble slightly.

"It contains my Wife's pills," he replied, "her and Jerome are making another one."

"Another one? Do you mean a baby?"

"Yeah! They made one last year. A little boy. He's with her Sister and her kids while we're on holiday."

"Oh God! I'm so sorry Ken. I had no idea," you said.

"Why sorry? I'm a cuckold like you. We are all wearing one. It's the custom here that all cuckies keep their Wives' pills inaccessible like this. It just adds to our humiliation and their fun. It'll be your turn next. Now that you've graduated." 

He looked at my horrified face and grinned. "Get real mate! Did you really think that mincing around the pool with your little willy hanging out was all it took to be a cuck?"

Your knees went and you had to sit down. It was a total shock after the fun you had been having. 

And if it was you fellow cuckold, how would you react to this news?